All The Rage

Aug 3rd, 2016
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  1. “Rarity, Rarity, Rarity!” A small white filly stormed into the room, sliding and tumbling about on the floor.
  2. “What, what, what?” A cream white pony lept from her sewing desk and took off her glasses.
  3. From on the floor on her back, Sweetie Belle playfully answered, “I just wanna play a game with you.”
  4. “Sweetie Belle, not right now! Can't you see I am busy? Besides, you just gave me quite a fright! I thought something serious had happened.”
  5. The filly, still on her back listened as her older sister went on a rant about how she should act older for her age, and that she needs to be more prim and proper sometimes. Sweetie Belle patiently waited for her to finish.
  6. “You finished?”
  7. Rarity thought a moment then nodded.
  8. “You want to play a game with me now?”
  9. Rarity's eyebrows showed frustration. “Did you not just hear a word I said to you, Sweetie Belle?”
  10. “I heard, I listened, I retained it.” Sweetie Belle, nodded reassuringly, “Plus this game is really quick. It will be just five minutes, ten minutes at the most!”
  11. “We can play hide and seek.” Rarity said, her eyes glowing.
  12. Sweetie Belle knew what that meant. “But then you will just never come and find me.”
  13. “That is preposterous! I would never . . . “ Rarity thought of all the times she said she would look for her, then just continued her work instead.
  14. Rarity thought a few more moments then begrudgingly continued, “I guess I owe you one short game. But then you have to promise you will leave me alone the rest of the afternoon. Promise?”
  15. Sweetie Belle nodded here head up and down really fast.
  16. “Do you really promise?” Rarity moved in closer to her sister's face.
  17. “I promise, I promise!” The filly exclaimed, jumping up and down.
  18. “Okay, so what is this game you want to play?”
  19. “It is this game that everyone is playing at school and online.”
  20. “Ohhhh . . . one of these games? Is it something your parents would approve of . . . would I approve of it?” Rarity paused, “Your not going to pour more ice from buckets on me are you?”
  21. “No, no, it is nothing like that!” Sweetie Belle laughed as she continued, “It is just a challenge we do and we post it on one of our school group pages. Every pony is doing it!”
  22. Rarity grumbled, “And every pony was wearing stockings, fashioning perms, and wrapping sweat bands around their heads, but not me!”
  23. “Rarity, come on, you promised!”
  24. “I did promise. So lets play your 'hip and happening' new game.” Rarity said awkwardly.
  25. Sweetie Belle ran around the corner and drug out a camera and a box of tissues. She placed it the items beside Rarity as she grabbed the camera and pieced together a tripod.
  26. “Is the camera necessary, dear?
  27. “Are all those diamonds on that dress you making over there necessary?” Sweetie Belle pointed to a turquoise dress, bejeweled in varying colors of diamond.
  28. “Definitely.” Rarity stopped, and realized she answered her own question then hushed, before poking the box of tissues.
  29. “What are you doing with my tissues, Sweetie Belle?”
  30. “We need them.” Sweetie Belle placed the camera atop her tripod then aimed it at Rarity, measuring in her head how she could have both her and her sister in frame.
  31. “Well I kind of need my tissues too. I don't want to waste too many.” Rarity said in a worried tone.
  32. Sweetie Belle ran over and plunked herself down beside her sister.
  33. “So far I hold the record of eight, the most between Apple Bloom, I, and Scootaloo.” Sweetie Belle said proudly.
  34. “Eight what?” Rarity said lifting her eyebrow.
  35. “Sneezes! I sneezed eight times in a row.”
  36. “Horrid! Does this game expect us to be grotesque and dirty? I don't want to sneeze unless my nose damn well needs too!” Rarity's tone changed as she became disgusted.
  37. “Don't get your tail in a bunch, sis! It is just for fun! That is why we have tissues! Watch me!”
  38. “No, no! Don't.” Rarity pleaded, but Sweetie Belle rolled up a tissue and put it to her tiny white snout. Sweetie's Belle's nostrils flared and pleaded with her to stop the tickling torture. Rarity gave an expression of disapproval as Sweetie Belle reared her head back, and fired out three messy sneezes in a row, the last she attempted to cover.
  39. “Attschoo! Apppfflpphhloo! Ahhhhhh . . . Aschooffllph!”
  40. “Oh goodness me! Sweetie Belle, that was positively disgusting!” Rarity whined as she handed Sweetie Belle a tissue to wipe up.
  41. Wiping her nose and hoof clean, Sweetie Belle laughed as her nose continued to tickle. “You should try it anyway! I did it, you should too!” The filly giggled some more as she let out another messy sneeze into the tissue.
  42. “There better be something in this for me darling.” Rarity negotiated as she watched her little sister wipe up. “And don't get any of that nasal sludge on my nice pure carpets, dear.”
  43. “I will clean the dishes tonight?” Sweetie Belle said quickly.
  44. Rarity made a thinking noise, “You need to do better then that.”
  45. “I will clean the dishes and clean the carpet if we make a mess.”
  46. Determined, Rarity responded, “We won't make a mess.”
  47. “Incase we do.”
  48. “And you won't bother me anymore today.”
  49. “Done!” Rarity concealed the deal as the filly jumped up and down with joy.
  50. Rarity nodded in approval as she grabbed an already pre-rolled tissue and looked at it in a fascinated way. Using her magic she delicately placed it up her left nostril. Rarity's nose was already super sensitive, and she was worried that if she did too much, it would release a powerful sneezing fit from the rather proper mare.
  51. Sweetie Belle turned the camera on to record as she ran back of and plopped her rump right beside Rarity. There rumps touched, as Sweetie Belle wrapped her tail around her sister's lower back.
  52. “Okay, here we go!” Sweetie Belle looked directly to the camera as she began to speak, “Hi, I am Sweetie Belle, and this is my older sister, Rarity! We are gonna do the sneezing challenge today and . . . “
  53. As Sweetie Belle kept talking, Rarity did her best not to tempt her nose too much. She carefully maneuvered the tissue from one side of her nostril to the next, but made sure to not touch the inside walls of her nose. She knew she could trick her little sister into thinking she was trying to legitimately sneeze, without actually tickling her nose. Rarity thought to herself how ingenious her plan was.
  54. Sweetie Belle had finished her monologue and smiled right at Rarity with the biggest grin you could imagine. She then grabbed herself a tissue and stuck it up her white filly nose. She immediately began to feel the tickle as her nostrils flared. Rarity watched in horror as her little sister was still looking up at her in this entire process. She lightly shoved Sweetie Belle, but it didn't work. She was still getting that pre-sneezy look, looking right at her sister.
  55. “Sweetie Belle, turn away. Don't... don't you dare.... SWEETIE BELLE!”
  56. The small filly reared her head back as she let out a powerful sneeze, routing most of the air through her mouth so it sounded similar to a cough. The spray misted Rarity's entire tummy and chest region. Rarity squeezed her eyes as she lightly bopped her small sister one. The filly lifted her head back again then pressed her face into her sisters soft fur and sneezed again, muffled, but wet.
  57. Rarity couldn't believe it and groaned as she pushed her sister from her stomach. A slimy mucus string ran from Sweetie Belle's nose to a splatter on Rarity's stomach.
  58. “What in the... Sweetie Belle!” Rarity was as grossed out as she was flustered. “Don't sneeze on me!”
  59. “Oops. Sorry, I wasn't thinking!” The small filly said sniffling as mucus ran down her nose and chin.
  60. “That is evident!” Rarity said in hast as she grabbed many layers of tissues and wiped her stomach and chest. Rarity looked over to see the pitiful mess of a sister beside her. She rolled her eyes and wiped her snout.
  61. “Okay, blow.”
  62. Sweetie Belle blew into the wad of tissue, as Rarity sed her magic to pick slightly inside her nostrils, then wipe around the edges, then pulled away. She swiftly rolled the tissues up, and threw them in a waste basket.
  63. “Sneeze into a tissue, darling.” Rarity said kindly as she demonstrated with a tissue how to sneeze for her younger sister.
  64. Nodding, Sweetie Belle grabbed a few tissues using her magic and held them up to her as she rolled up more tissues to continue the fun.
  65. “You haven't sneezed yet.” Sweetie Belle said while rolling a tissue.
  66. “I guess this isn't working for me.”
  67. Sweetie Belle squinted. “That is nonsense! You sneeze at the most simple of things!”
  68. Sweetie Belle put her leg on Rarity and reached her hoof out as she crawled up onto her.
  69. “Here, let me try making you sneeze.”
  70. Flustered again, Rarity shook her head no. “No, no darling! Don't be silly. Stop it.” Rarity struggled with her sister but Sweetie Belle sneakily snuck a tissue up her sisters nose.
  71. “Success!” The small filly tumbled off her sister but continued to use magic to move the tissue back and forth.
  72. Rarity jerked her head back and forth but to no avail as her nostrils swelled and reddened immediately.
  73. “Sweetie Belle, stouuhp.... stu.....uhhhh....”
  74. Sweetie Belle pulled out the tissue as she snuggled up close beside her sister and watched. Her face contorted to several silly faces as her nose battled with her pride. The tickle teased and pricked Rarity's sensitive nasal passage, and her will quickly gave up. Rarity's chest began to swell as she fanned her face with her hooves.
  75. “Heeehhhhhh . . . Eyyyeeeh . . . Yeeeeeh . . . “
  76. Reaching climax, Rarity shot her head down away from her sister and belted out two swift, hurricane gale sneezes, complete with rain.
  77. “Iiiyyyeeessshhhhhhhhh!!! Hhheeeeiiiiiyyeeeessssshhh!”
  78. Clapping her hooves, Sweetie Belle squeezed a big hug around her sister, but her sister didn't even notice as her nose was swelling up for a third sneeze from such a minor tickle.
  79. “Stay baa-hhaaaa-eeehhhhhhaaaaaa . . . Iiiieeesssyyyeessshhhooooh!”
  80. Rarity swayed her head from side to side as she sneezed in a similar fashion to a sprinkle, misting an elated Sweetie Belle who didn't seem to care she was just sneezed on.
  81. “What a great sneeze!” Sweetie Belle squeaked.
  82. “Iieeeeyyysssshhhhhhh! Heeeeyyiiiiieeessshhhhhhehhhh!” Two more sneezes sprayed out of Rarity as she aimed down, unfortunately right onto her sister who was still hugging her frontside.
  83. Rarity opened her dripping eyes and could feel liquid rushing inside her nostrils. She peered down to realize her sister still squeezing her, and using magic, quickly pried her off and placed her beside her.”
  84. “Sweetie Belle, stay out of my line of fire! Please!” Rarity said sniffing heavily every few words.
  85. “I like it when you sneeze! Do it some more!”
  86. Rarity shook her head no, but inside she knew still more was coming. It was just a delayed reaction. Even a simple tickle in her nose, could draw out for some time causing her to sneeze for a ridiculously long time.
  87. Fanning her face again, Rarity leaned back and opened her mouth. The tickling fired up in her nose. “Heeeyynnhhh . . . Hheeeeehhiii . . . “ She could feel the sneeze coming, but it suddenly ventured away, and she was left with her mouth open.
  88. Sweetie Belle giggled as she practically rolled around on the floor with joy.
  89. Rather bittersweet about the lack of sneezing, Rarity blew out her nose strongly a puff of air, hoping to clear her sinuses. Instead it sparked whatever the tickle was inside her nose once again.
  90. “Hyyeeeehhhh . . . Ehhhh . . .” Rarity lifted her hooves and squeezed both sides of her snout, making a pressure point in her nose. It was forcing the oncoming sneeze, to funnel into a smaller pathway, and possibly attempting to curb or stifle the sneeze all together.
  91. “Hhhaaaapppsshiipphhhffttt!” Rarity fired off a partially stifled sneeze, but instead of blocking air, tons of mucus splurged out of her nostrils and glopped onto her lap. Sweetie Belle actually scooted away from that sight.
  92. That stifled sneeze did not make Rarity's nose feel any better as she prepped for a few more sneezes. She pressed her tongue down inside her mouth as her nostrils flared to their widest position. Her head motioned back as she then shot forward with a lurch, sneezing several explosions forward with mighty force.
  93. “Iieeesshhhhooooo! Iiiieeeyyyeeessshhhhhhh! Ieeeyysshhhhhhhoooh! HyyyeeeeiiiiiEESSHHHOOOOOH!
  94. Mist followed each sneeze as she fell backward with near pleasure.
  95. “Woooo . . . Those were some powerful sneezes.” Rarity rubbed her nose with a clean tissue and shook her head.
  96. Sweetie Belle, who was laughing her tail off, finally got up and spoke to the camera. “Thank you for watching this presentation.” She sprinted to the camera and shut it off.
  97. “That was amazing, Rarity! Thank you so much for doing this with me! You are gonna be famous! I'm pretty sure you broke a record for most sneezes in a row.”
  98. Concern quickly covered Rarity's face as she got up from laying down on her back.
  99. “Oh goodness. I don't want others to see that video.”
  100. “But you said!” Sweetie Belle began to whine.
  101. Rarity lowered her head and closed her eyes. “Go ahead.” Defeated, Rarity got up and went back to her work desk. She placed her glasses on and looked back at Sweetie Belle, “And remember, no more bothering me for awhile. Oh, and clean up this mess.”
  102. Sweetie Belle nodded.
  103. Rarity began to sow when she was interrupted.
  104. “Rarity, thanks for being the best sister a little sister could ever ask for.” Sweetie Belle said sincerely as she picked up her things.
  105. Rarity paused from her sewing and smiled, then went back to work.
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