Dadonequus Discord Part 219

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  1. >The morning sun rose once more above Equestria.
  2. >"Anon....oh Anon...time to get up you little sleepy head. Time for breakfast."
  3. >You could feel the gentle rubbing of Fluttershy, she was gently pressing along your side.
  4. >You open a single eye and look at her, moan, then shift to the other side of her bed.
  5. >Although the seventh day was over. And Twilight was satisfied with how everything went. You opted not to go home. You wanted to spend the night with your aunt. And avoid Discord and his shit for as long as possible.
  6. >"Oh no no, not today Anon" Fluttershy giggled and pulled the blanket off of you "You have school again, so no oversleeping"
  7. >You roll to your other side to look at her. You yawn, and slowly get out of bed.
  8. "Ok...good morning Aunt Fluttershy, how are you?"
  9. >"I'm feeling great! Which you should be too, You had the same amount if sleep as any kind of colt. And you should be all better by now. Cooooommeee onnnnn, wakey wakey, school will be starting soon"
  10. >You giggle at that. That was too adorable. You slowly get out of bed, and follow Fluttershy to grab breakfast after getting your saddle bag.
  11. >mnnn, you still haven't gotten your horn back yet. It definitely must hinge on the report that Twilight would give to Celestia about the week. You just had to wait.
  12. >Breakfast was the basic cereal and milk. Not bad, it was healthy. Fluttershy was asking if you still had everything you needed for school. She did this as she packed you a bagged lunch for later. mmmm, hay sammichs and a juice box.
  13. >you checked in your saddle bag. The grappling hook was a little much...and your cash? it was...getting kinda low now....hmmnnn. But it's fine, you had this. you had everything you needed.
  14. "Yeah, I'm good for school"
  16. >"Good! you should always be prepared. I bet all your friends are going to be surprised to see you. I know you had some problems actually staying in class due to...well..everything going on around you. But now, everything should be fine! And you'll learn so many new things. You won't know what to do with yourself!"
  17. >probably only in Equestrian studies. You had everything else in the bag.
  18. >With everything ready to go and breakfast eaten. Fluttershy gives you a little kiss on the nose. And bids you couldn't go without a hug though. You hugged onto her, rubbing your head under hers. It made her tear up, but she hid it. She didn't want to give you a reason to stay any longer. You had school afterall.
  19. >It was time again...time for school.
  20. You take the roads back into town. You could already see the other foals heading to Cheerilee's class. Ahh, it's been awhile since you've done this. And now? You had new hope. It wasn't about showing them up, it was just being part of a group....though still, you couldn't help but feel arrogant should you come across anything you can easily solve.
  21. >"Heeeeeey! Anon!" You hear a familiar voice.
  22. >You turn....hey, it's Sweetie Belle...and no one else...and she had..a badge?
  23. "Sweetie Belle? Hey..uh..what's up?"
  24. >"Tch, I should be asking you that. You know how long it's been since you've been in school?"
  25. "Over a week?"
  26. >"Yeah! You're not gonna explode or anything this time, right?"
  27. >...hopefully
  28. "No, pretty sure everything is going to go normal this time. In fact, you can count on's with the badge? Where's Scootaloo and Applebloom?"
  29. >"Oh, they are probably still getting to school. I wanted to get a head start so everypony can see this.." She points to the badge "Before class actually starts"
  30. >....ok...what did it mean?
  31. "What kind of badge is that? It looks fancy"
  33. >"This is an official badge of royal honor from her highness, Princess Cadance! ....That's what I'm going to say when I show it to everypony"
  34. " that what it is though?"
  35. >"Duh, I got it for helping you. Isn't it shiny? and neat?"
  36. >It did sparkle...but wait..
  37. "yeah..but, helping me? Does that really warrant a badge?"
  38. >"...yes were that hopeless without me"
  39. >.......wut?
  40. "What?! She was already deeply into me. I could have done it without your help"
  41. >Sweetie Belle chuckles and shakes her head "tsk,tsk. Anon, there you go being all high and mighty and into yourself again. That would have ruined the date for sure."
  42. >You know you didn't really NEED her help...
  43. >You sigh..whatever..let her have her glory.
  44. "Sorry...thanks for the help Sweetie Belle"
  45. >"Nooooooooo problem" Sweetie Belle says near squeakily, and starts to step up her pace. "Now come on, the quicker we get to class. The more time we'll have to talk and show around my badge!"
  46. >....sigh
  47. "ok..."
  49. >You follow her to the classroom. There were already foals getting to their seats. Socializing with one another in the corners. some talking with Cheerilee. No sign of DT,SS, or the rest of the CMC yet.
  50. "So, when are you going to bring out the badge?"
  51. >"Juuust wait. Gotta wait for at least Scootaloo and Applebloom. They haven't seen it wait..that's Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon..shoot. Come on, Come on.....before class starts..." Sweetie Belle was getting pretty anxious.
  52. >Diamond Tiara huh? hmm, well. She should be pretty happy to see you. Haha, she should be.
  53. "Well, while you wait. I'm going to go talk to Diamond Tiara..see how things a-..wait..."
  54. >You look around before stepping forward. You didn't notice it before, but some of the other foals were looking at you and whispering with one another. Some looked at you with admiration. others? They didn't seem to look at you mockingly...they...sorta seemed afraid to.
  55. >"Anon!" Diamond Tiara rushes up to you and immediately rubs her head under yours. "You came!"
  56. "Well..y-yeah, it's school."
  57. >"I know. But we were afraid you weren't going to show because of your dad...or something"
  58. >Silver Spoon adjusts her glasses she notices something off about you, then giggles "Diamond Tiara, do you notice anything different about Anon?"
  59. >"Different?" Diamond Tiara looks to her friend, confused.
  60. >"Look at his's so cute!" Silver Spoon gushed
  61. >Wut?
  63. >"Anon.....your's all red" Diamond Tiara started to blush "is it because of me?"
  64. >...WUT?!
  65. >You tap your face...shit, why are you doing that nigga? You can't feel color.
  66. "U-uhhhh..."
  67. >She gives you a kiss on the nose..IN FRONT OF EVERYONE "You're right Silver Spoon...that is cute..." She looks at you dreamily, which just makes you more red.
  68. "........"
  69. >you look around the class, now they were giggling...And as soon as Diamond Tiara heard that. She looked around with an angry expression. "What's so funny?! Hmmm? Because I kissed him? You better not be laughing at my prince! He's the hero colt, remember? If you laugh, and suddenly you get in trouble, he's not going to save you like he saved me! Got it?! Foalnapping ISN'T FUNNY!" Diamond Tiara says in anger. Looking around at the entire class. Was she keeping them in check after the whole club incident?
  70. >"ooookkk..." Cheerilee steps in after that little rant. "Class...can we not start a ruckus, please? No yelling, no making fun of anypony, no making faces. If anypony makes fun of anypony else, it'll be straight to the corner...understand?"
  71. >They all look to her and nod with frowns on their faces "Yes Miss Cheerilee"
  72. >Diamond Tiara raised her head up high "Thank you miss Cheerilee for putting them in their places.I don't want you yelling at anypony like that, just come to me if their's a problem"
  73. >"That means you too Diamond Tiara..."
  74. >"O-oh...ok...mnn" She backs down,
  75. >"And Anon...welcome back. erm...there's not going to be any exploding, right?" Cheerilee asks.
  76. "...oh..umm no. Trust me, I got it"
  77. >"Good...carry on. Class will start soon..I wonder where Applebloom and Scootaloo are. They are going to be late" Cheerilee heads back to her desk.
  79. >Sweetie Belle jumps in the middle of you,DT, and SS and shows off her badge. "Hey everypony...guess what I got!"
  80. >Silver Spoon immediatly notices the shine of the badge coming off through her glasses "ohhh...what is that? That actually looks...totally neat and official."
  81. >Diamond Tiara's attention on you is taken from a moment as she also notices the badge "Hey yeah! That does look really good. It's shiny at least and has crystal edgings. the type of crystals you'd see....are those..."
  82. >"Yeeep! Crystals from the Crystal Empire! This is a badge of honor from your highness, Princess fact.." Sweeite Belle leans in close to Diamond Tiara "I'm the reason you got that date with Anon to go so well"
  83. >Diamond Tiara's mouth goes agape "woooooah...really?...y-you're the one who got Anon to dress nice and stuff?...wait...what does that have to do with the Crystal Empire?"
  84. >" was upon special request...from Princess Cadance herself mind you...that I get Anon all set up for you. I did a good job, didn't I?" Sweetie Belle was loving the attention.
  85. >"Yeah...T-thank you Sweetie Belle. You really did..." Diamond Tiara looked to you, with another one of those dreamy smiles "Did a good job.."
  86. >....agh..this was getting uncomfy now.
  87. >And then the bell rang..and as it rang...
  88. >"Waaaaaiiitt for us!" Applebloom and Scootaloo come crashing in.
  89. >there was a few laughs from the class as they stumble in.
  90. >"Almost late I see...What took you two so long" Cheerilee says as she hurries the students into their seats.
  91. >"Errrrr..." Scootaloo was at a loss
  92. >"We errr...was just dealing with somethin'. But we hurried along when we were done" Applebloom says with a smile that would suggest a huge lie.
  93. >" both barely made it...but still made it. Take your seats, and we'll start the math quiz."
  95. >Math Quiz..already? seemed everyone else agreed. They all whined as they sat. Sweetie Belle looked upset that she didn't get to show off her badge in a larger group. You hear them whispering to one another. It seemed Applebloom and Scootaloo were actually late because they woke up late...apparently from diving into their "Friendship" candy for most of the was a candy you all got a bag from from the sugarcube corner during the festival. It was pretty good...but...eating enough to lose sleep over it?..christ.
  96. >"If you all didn't study, that isn't my fault. I told you all the day before the festival that'd we'd be having a three hundred question quiz to cover not only how well you retained the lessons, but to make sure you're all attentive enough to actually complete it. The first hundred questions are all very very easy and should be gotten through very quickly. And then the difficulty will ramp all have until recess. Not come up and take a sheet and get started. Remember, this is worth ten grades...I know you all can do it. You just need to apply yourself." Cheerilee places a stack of papers on her desk. And let each classmate come up to take one...all except for you.
  97. >"No no Anon, you haven't been here to learn all the material. So you should actually feel relieved. I have this little activity math paper you can do. It's not much. But this side here will teach you some of the more advanced material, and the other side is where the questions are. If you need help, just come up here and we can learn it all together" Cheerilee gave you a gentle smile.
  98. >And there...right felt a little twinge in your head. Was she treating you....that a baby thing.
  99. "Woah woah woah, hold on Miss Cheerilee. I can take that test."
  101. >"Anon" Cheerilee shakes her head at you, nearly giggling from your bravado "You haven't learned the material from the..well..much of anything really. I know you're smart. But you can't complete what you haven't learned"
  102. >You take a sheet anyway
  103. "Watch me"
  104. >"Anon....No, give me back the sheet please. And take the activity book"
  105. > knew you could do it! You didn't need a damn activity book. Dammit, you didn't need that much babying. You'd show you could do atleast that much. You weren't dumb.
  106. "Miss Cheerilee. I promise I can do this. Can't you just let me have a chance? I'll even take the grade hit if I don't do well"
  107. >" you know what your saying? Your grade is very important. You can't just throw it away because of your pride. You don't need to show you can do as much as the other students. I promise you'll catch up eventually" She was doing her best to dissuade you
  108. "Please...I really want to be part of the class, I want to show that despite everything that happens. That I can keep up"
  109. >Cheerilee can see the determination in your eyes. She sighs. She'd let you have your way...but if you screwed up. She'd still go light on you. She just wouldn't let you know that she would. "If you think you can do it...take a sheet, and then take your seat....good luck."
  110. >...good....because you do just that.
  111. >You take a quick peek at the questions as you ready your pencil into your mouth. Holy shit...this was all easy. the first hundred were baby tier...the rest was gradeschool. the last fifty was a little more complicated....atleast for them.
  112. >You snicker to yourself as you speed through the test. You didn't even need to work out your answers until the last fifty. And even then, it didn't take you long. You were well past your classmates.
  113. >With a smile on your face. You put the paper on Cheerilee's desk...and wait.
  115. >Cheerilee didn't say a word. She didn't want to make a disturbance of any kind. Even though she noticed some of the other students looking at you as if you were was least to her....theres no way your answers could be right.
  116. >....and she looked at them. She was once again amazed by your intelligence. It was just as sharp before as it is now. even could you know all this? Maybe...when you were with Twilight...well damn. She thought this was beyond regular level..she wondered if she should even be teaching you anymore...perhaps getting you into advanced classes somewhere in Canterlot?
  117. >You just sat there. You could tell as you look around. You were way ahead of the other students.
  118. >Good stuff..
  119. >This actually felt really nice. Until you just remembered once again..Diamond Tiara had to tell the others to stop laughing at you. You look around...was being mentally superior even something to be proud of?...or would they make fun of it?
  120. >...why did you feel so anxious..
  121. >...dammit.
  122. >sometime passes as you ponder on what others might be thinking.
  123. >...and then......all of a sudden...the door opens...
  125. >The entire class looks back
  126. >Cheerilee looks forward...
  127. >You look back....
  128. >...A mare
  129. >A teenaged mare....matching your eye color, coat, and mane color stood at the doors. She had tears in her eyes. She looked like she was in distress.
  130. >....and she of the most beautiful creatures you ever seen.
  131. >"Excuse me..Can I help you?" Cheerilee speaks in a calm manner, but she was staying cautious. It wasn't everyday a mare just busts into her classroom.
  132. >"Anon...Anon...a-are you here?" She stepped forward, looking around, some of the students were getting worried. Though the colts...they were looking at her in a different sort of way..a near lusty sort of way.
  133. >Wait a second..
  135. "...w-wut?"
  136. >Diamond Tiara was already near standing up. Some sense in her was flaring something fierce.
  137. >And along with her, Applebloom was shaking...why was she shaking?...come on...was she still not over you?
  138. >Wait..why were you even thinking that..holy shit the MARE RUSHING YOU!
  139. "GYAAGH!"
  140. >The mare just jumps onto you. Hugging you tightly. Even Cheerilee barely had time to react.
  142. >"MY ANON?!" Diamond Tiara hopped out of her chair and approached, her nose nearly letting flames out "LISTEN HERE....WHOEVER YOU ARE! HE'S MY ANON! NOT YOURS! NOW BACK OFF BEFORE I MAKE YOU UGLY! YOU HEAR ME!"
  143. >Applebloom also stands, followed by Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo "Yeah! If ya don't back off him him right now, yer gonna be in a load of trouble!"
  144. >"ENOUGH! EVERYPONY STEP BACK!" Cheerilee let's out. Pushing the Mare off of you "Everypony behind me! Now!" Cheerilee stands on guard. She didn't know who she was. But to her, it looked like she was attacking you.
  146. >"Mph!" The mare lets out..and holy shit...she must have been weak because she smacked into the tables and fell over to her side. Cheerilee winced, it looked like she didn't mean to do that.
  147. >..who..the hell was that mare?
  148. >Cheerilee didn't know what to say. She just stood at the ready to defend her students from any attack. That mare's movement was too sudden. She didn't like it.
  149. >"Anon...Are you alright?" Diamond Tiara asks as she pulls you back.
  150. >"Yeah...what happened?! How does that mare know ya? What did she mean by "it's been so long" That sounds like ya met her before" Applebloom asks. She looked deeply concerned.
  151. "I....uhh..I dunno..."
  152. >You didn't.
  153. >And while the confusion was growing. Nobody noticed a certain tiny colt rush up to the fallen mare. It was Pipsqueak.
  154. >"Are you ok Miss..." Pipsqueak looked deep into her eyes, deeply worried for her. He then looked back "Miss Cheerilee, I don't think she meant any harm. I think she was giving Anon a hug.." Pip gave her a small nuzzle "...Miss...please be alright. You aren't hurt are you?"
  155. >"Pipsqueak! Get back here! You don't know what you're doing" Cheerilee steps forward. But the Mare looked to Pipsqueak. Then huddled into a ball and cried "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..I didn't mean to cause any trouble again. I..I just wanted to see my brother"
  156. >Brother?
  157. >Now everyone was confused. They were all talking amongst themselves.
  158. >...except for you...your pupils shrunk to tiny little couldn't CAN'T BE
  160. >"Brother?! have a sister?!" the entire CMC and DT and SS say at the same time. Looking towards you...but you don't say anything.
  161. > fucking didn't....he did not...
  162. >"Brother?" Cheerilee carefully approached her, moving to Pip to atleast keep him at a close distance. "I've never heard of Anon having a you have any proof? If you don't. Then you're going to be dealing with the proper authorities."
  163. >"I-I my saddle's everything..p-please..I came so far...I don't want to lose him again..." She whined. This mysterious mare...
  164. >She was wearing a saddle bag. It was rather large. Cheerilee carefully..very carefully moved Pip back as she opened the bag and looked inside. Making sure the mare, if she should suddenly stand, would be put back to the ground. She was taking no chances.
  165. >And the contents..
  166. >It was of you, a younger colt you..with a female filly. pictures of various ages of you and her. One as you as a baby foal as a younger version of the mare stood by "parents". And there was a drawn picture that looked like it was done by two foals that said "Anon & Nymous. Family forever". Then Cheerilee finds a document. It's from the orphanage. It mentions a "Anon and Nymous" Adoptees taken from a home upon parents death. It seemed you were very very young when it happened. "....oh my.."
  168. >The known to Cheerilee as Nymous, just looked at you with sad eyes. "we were young when it happened. I tried to take care of him...but I was very young myself. They took us away. And then...they separated us. a Family took me...I didn't want to go. But the orphanage told me Anon would have a better chance of being adopted by a nice family if he was on his own. Instead of trying to give us to a family as a pair...The family I got turned out to be cruel...but I stayed so Anon would have more of that chance....After I learned he was adopted, and became the hero colt. I ran away..I wanted to look for him...I came so far...please...please...he may not even remember who I am...But I remember him..he's my little brother"
  169. >To Cheerilee...this was all real. She even saw tear stains on the drawing. And these documents....
  170. >"I'm so sorry..I..I didn't know" Cheerilee started to tear up.
  171. >She looked back at her class. They all started to tear up..all except for looked like you were in pure shock.
  172. >"Let me help you up.." Cheerilee helped Nymous back to her feet.
  173. Pip then looked to Nymous with worry "Excuse me miss, could I get you some water?"
  174. >"T-that would be nice" Nymous said, as she shook.
  175. >The other colts started nearing first. very interested.
  176. >"Can I get you some first aid?" one says
  177. >"And can I give you a hug? My mom says hugs make anypony feel better" Said another colt in a rather excited fashion.
  178. >"oh me too, me too!" Another says
  179. >"It would be an honor to hug the sister of the great hero colt Anon!" Snips says
  180. >.....oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  181. >Nymous just blushed and looked shy "Oh my...I didn't think I'd suddenly get so many little ponies who you all want a hug..I'd like to give one...i-if you don't mind miss.." She looks to Cheerilee with broken, sad eyes.
  182. >"I...I don't see why not." Cheerilee was looking her over, feeling bad for what she had done. She seemed long traveled, and despite her beautiful coat, seemed to have some old injuries.From her travels?...or her old home?...the poor thing.
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