Kitsune Youkai's furfaggotry

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  1. [NOTE: The following was written by Kitsune Youkai himself]
  3. (ok from the very beginning!)
  4. kitsune yiffs twilight
  6. Zero begs Kitsune if he can yiff him, and finally kitsune gives it to stop the begging.
  8. Kitsune and Foxon get together.
  10. zero confesses he loves firecat.
  12. Firecat and Zero get together.
  14. Swiftpaw says shes in love with zero (swiftpaw is a fan of kitsune)
  16. Zero leaves firecat to yiff Swiftpaw, but says he loves firecat more then just sex, and refusses to yiff her.
  18. Foxon askes Firecat to join, kitsune and himself, as a 3some, and firecat agrees (but is still trying to get back with Zero)
  20. Zero says hes tricking swiftpaw into not yiffing him and is going back to firecat.
  22. Foxon asks kitsune if its alright if he yiffs nopast. much to kitsune's displeasure, foxon yiffs nopast anyway.
  24. Zero over time gets over emotional, and threatens to kill himself. Firecat tries to leave Zero.
  26. Kitsune leaves on trip to see foxon.
  28. Kitsune arrives at Foxon's home. foxon soon hacks his way onto Kitsune's messager, and finds out that kitsune was talking to Zero, and that firecat was still yiffing him. kitsune and Firecat try to asure foxon that nothing will happen farther and that they will stop talking to him not that hes been made aware of whats happening.
  30. Kitsune departs for home. durring that time Foxon contacts Zero to confront him and get possibly more info. over the next 4 days while kitsune is returning home, Zero gives Foxon "pity" yiffs to foxon as foxon suggests he will kill himself.
  32. Kitsune arrives home. Foxon confesses he talked to Zero, then that hes yiffed Zero a number of times while kitsune was coming home.
  34. Kitsune and Firecat ignore Foxon till he agrees he will not talk to Zero anymore.
  36. Months later Firecat and Kitsune travel to Foxon's again. Foxon yiffs Twilight unknown to the two.
  38. Firecat and Kitsune arrive at Foxon's. Kitsune gets into Foxon's messager and finds out that he's yiffed twilight, and is also talking to Zero. Foxon agrees that he wont talk to Zero again and wont yiff anyone else.
  40. Foxon  Firecat and Kitsune were a 3some. during which time Foxon goes to many lenghts to have all the yiffing only happen to him. luckly nothing could stop kitsune and Firecat from yiffing in real life long as foxon never knew.
  42. Finally, in about Mid June of 2009, during one of the many heating complaining sessions foxon confesses hes been talking to Zero, and that he's been yiffing him aswell. Kitsune and Firecat are very much happy to hear it infact and have been waiting for a good reason to leave him. they take the excuse, and break off messager contact with him.
  44. since then Firecat and Kitsune are a happy couple =3.
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