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  1. How to install the Watchtower Library on your Android Device
  2. Recommend Install Method:
  4.     Install iSilo, Adobe Reader, and Moon+ Reader from the Play Store.
  5.     Using your browser on your Android device visit www.box.com/meekspace and log in with the password John17:17 (J is caps and no spaces)
  6.     Now click on iSilo > English > Watchtower Library
  7.     You should see these 4 files: WTPub-EN-DX-2011.pdb, WTPub-EN-Full-2011.pdb, Rbi8.pdb, NWT-Rbi8.pdb
  8.     Click on each file one at a time and then choose Download. This files should be found in a Download folder on your device.
  9.     Now open iSilo on your Android device and browse to the Download folder where you saved the files. Open the WTPub-EN-Full-2011.pdb and you should now have the Watchtower Library on your Android Device.
  10.     You will also find other theocratic files on the Box share under both the iSilo folder and the PDF folder. We recommend the Weekly Study Material found in both PDF and PDB formats.
  12. If you just can't make the method work for you and you need to have the same experience as the box app was giving you then you can use the method below:
  14.     Install iSilo, Adobe Reader, Moon+ Reader, and AjaXplorer from the Play Store.
  15.     Open AjaXplorer on your device and click the menu button and choose Add a Server.
  16.     Now for the Server Name enter myfiles, for the Server URL chose http:// and www.meekspace.com/webftp, for User enter myfiles, for Password enter John17:17, Now Click OK.
  17.     You should now have a myfiles server. Click on that and you should see a theocratic folder.
  18.     You can now browse to the files you want and hold your finger on the file and chose Download in background. The files will be save to your sdcard under a folder called AjaXplorer.
  19.     Now open iSilo and browser to the AjaxPlorer folder and open your file.
  20.     You can also use AjaXplorer to download other theocratic files.
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