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  1. Privacy Policy
  3. The FJR app is a free app created by a Redmond student named Benjamin Giannis. This app has no ads, and therefore no profit. Because the FJR app is more of a "tool" than something like a social network, there is not much data collected. The little data I collect is to provide a better user experience.
  5. Each user has a corresponding group of data that I’ll refer to from this point on as a “profile”. Please note that your profile is anonymous. Nothing you do in the FJR app is associated with your name, student ID, etc. You are anonymous.
  7. This is all the data I collect:
  9. Last time you made a change
  10. Each time you open the FJR app and change the settings, these are saved to the cloud, and the “modified date” of your profile gets updated. (Are you really still reading this privacy policy? You’re really this bored?)
  12. Time Zone
  13. Your time zone and city are also reflected on your profile. This is associated with the time, as explained above. This value is only updated if you open the app and make some change (for example, updating your notification preferences). Nothing is collected in the background. For example, unless you open the FJR app on a summer vacation (why would you do this), this value is usually just “Toronto”.
  15. Others
  16. The creation date of your profile is also stored, along with a unique ID that you can view at the bottom of the Settings page in the app (by tapping the gear in the top right corner). Your preferred notifications are saved so that you’ll only receive the announcements you like. I also save the current app version you’re on, just so I can see if people are updating.
  18. On iOS, us developers don’t get access to sensitive information unless the user taps “Allow” on one of those alerts. For example, Snapchat asks for permission to use your Camera the first time you open it. As you may have noticed, the only thing the FJR app asks for is permission to send notifications. This means we never have access to your precise location, your microphone, camera, etc. You can use the FJR app feeling safe that you’re not being tracked, unlike some other apps you may have installed.
  20. Thanks for your attention! Now stop reading this and pay attention to your teacher
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