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Jun 10th, 2012
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  1. 1 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:05:04 AM
  2. Alas, you have died! However, you may continue to participate as a Guardian Angel; Angels get to observe all game events (watch the game log) and may vote by plurality to protect a target from the Witches each Night.
  4. Keep in mind that the Angels may only protect each player once per game, so wield the power wisely! A tie vote will protect all the tied target, though wasting so many protections may be ill-advised. Witches may participate as Angels, but can elect at any time to permanently convert to a Demon; Demons may block one target a Night from enjoying protection the *next* Night.
  6. Please remember that under no circumstances may dead players discuss the game with living players in any way.
  8. 2 chocolatepi Thu May 24 2012 12:34:02 AM
  9. StrikerLee has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  11. 3 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 05:43:41 AM
  12. Uncle Stojil has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  14. 4 StrikerLee Sat May 26 2012 05:49:52 AM
  15. haha, so they got 1 elder and a junior
  16. not bad for town so far.
  18. 5 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 12:29:59 PM
  19. KaiDASH has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  21. 6 KaiDASH Sat May 26 2012 12:35:44 PM
  22. hi guys
  24. 7 Uncle Stojil Sat May 26 2012 01:07:18 PM
  25. Poor guljons. No one trusts him.
  27. Hi, Kai.
  29. 8 StrikerLee Sat May 26 2012 02:36:44 PM
  30. lol
  32. 9 KaiDASH Sat May 26 2012 04:31:32 PM
  33. So, mind sharing from the logs who is in the coven striker?
  35. Or Stojil, i guess.
  37. I'll be finding out once the coming night ends anyway.
  39. 10 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 10:08:42 PM
  40. An issue was preventing the second Angel protection (on Moridin) from displaying. This has been resolved.
  42. 11 StrikerLee Sat May 26 2012 11:53:47 PM
  43. The Witch Coven currently includes jwlk, Uncle Stojil, and Klackerz.
  45. Menace the King selected Sesc, Moridin, Eidolonic, and Uncle Stojil to join his Court.
  47. 12 StrikerLee Sat May 26 2012 11:54:17 PM
  48. So now its just jwlk and Klackerz since Stojil has joined us here lmao.
  50. 13 Uncle Stojil Sun May 27 2012 05:36:00 AM
  51. That's no fun, Striker. :-(
  53. You should have tried to guess, Kai. Now, even if I ask you who you thought was scum, you could say whatever you want, unless there's proof of it in your personal QT.
  55. 14 StrikerLee Sun May 27 2012 02:18:47 PM
  56. yeah lol, Oh well. question is whos going to die next lmao.
  58. 15 KaiDASH Sun May 27 2012 02:21:59 PM
  59. i think it would be funny if you were the judge stojil and moridin is the town gravedigger again.
  61. and now he wants to lynch klackerz because shenanigans
  63. 16 Uncle Stojil Sun May 27 2012 02:39:29 PM
  64. I think it would be funny if Eido turned out to be town and would be targeted and killed immediately by my buddies. But... what do I know? ;-P
  66. 17 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 10:08:43 AM
  67. man wtf geabe
  69. report strikerlee as the spy. that would have been awesome success!
  71. 18 StrikerLee Mon May 28 2012 10:17:27 AM
  72. lmao, yeah bunch of shit going on. But hey. I WAS RIGHT about Ash lmao. Despite everyone using that against me or whatever.
  74. 19 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 10:48:49 AM
  75. is geabe your jw buddy?
  77. because then him reporting you as dead to the coven makes sense
  79. (i assume previously stojil, that strikerlee was assumed to be a spy)
  81. 20 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 11:52:31 AM
  82. because if not then that's terrible. giving coven super important information FOR FREE
  84. 21 chocolatepi Mon May 28 2012 01:19:35 PM
  85. guljons has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  87. 22 StrikerLee Mon May 28 2012 01:26:00 PM
  88. no geabe is not. kalas is actually the other JW
  90. 23 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 02:06:47 PM
  91. Striker, my goodness... You're playing like a spy. You need to learn when to shut up. The game isn't over, not even for us, and Mafia is about info. You can't just give it away when it can still affect things. Now, I could have wined it up a little, but I prefer giving you an explanation now so you can be better in your next games (and so you can stop messing up now).
  93. 24 StrikerLee Mon May 28 2012 02:36:50 PM
  94. yeah, honestly I dont think its going to matter. They seem to go after me everytime now. so I doubt it will matter in future games..they will just go after me just to do it
  96. 25 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 05:30:46 PM @guljons
  97. @guljons
  99. It's really easy to say 'All I needed to do, was get night killed from scum to throw away their kill' but really you won't just wake up and find yourself nk'd without actively working for it.
  101. Like, on day one you attack me, then strikerlee. And that's pretty much your entire day 1. If I was Stojil, you'd pretty much be the last person I'd nk based on that day 1.
  103. Day 2: talk about the possibility i could be scum. scumread on aekiel and kalas. Townreads on Sesc, Geabe, Ash. The scumreads and townreads are good... but you don't do anything with them. People who don't Make Stuff Happen are not threats to the coven. As it stood, you were never going to pick up a scum nk until ultra-late game, and a town based kill (lynch or otherwise) was more likely because your posts and actions are so weak.
  105. Scum will always kill the most threatening player to them, with slight variations to avoid protection mechanics. So to draw a scum night kill as a villager survivalist, you have to make yourself threatening to scum.
  107. Otherwise, why would they kill you? Why would they want to?
  109. 26 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 05:33:24 PM
  110. (to be clear though, this isn't something that's exclusive to you - lots of people have their goals and actions misaligned)
  112. 27 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 05:44:15 PM
  113. Stojil, if you have anything to add to that (specifics or in general) that'd be cool too.
  115. 28 guljons Mon May 28 2012 06:39:28 PM
  116. Well, yeah I admit that I probably didnt do the best job for scum to kill me. But given my role I tried to play more agressive, I was just barking up the wrong trees.
  117. So StrikerLee, you really protected KaiDash night 1?
  118. I guess you tried to throw away his protection for when town players got in, so if he was alive then, he couldnt get protected.
  120. 29 guljons Mon May 28 2012 06:46:44 PM
  121. So if Kalas really is a Junior is he intentionally fucking up his pagan powers?
  122. And seeing that it doesn't look like he will activate, then who do we protect?
  123. I guess Geabe, Sesc or Eido?
  125. 30 guljons Mon May 28 2012 06:53:02 PM
  126. Ah yeah Eido has the extra life, so no need to protect him, I guess.
  128. 31 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:20:45 PM @StrikerLee
  129. @StrikerLee
  131. If you're here, post so.
  133. 32 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:25:29 PM
  134. I had incredible huge loss aversion and didn't check eido yesterday.
  136. (in an unrelated incident, I checked you instead).
  138. And you really weren't playing aggressively guljons.
  140. Look back to day 1 and see how everything got started. Basically EVERYTHING can be traced back to me lynch voting bob99. Because I played aggressively.
  142. You (and many others) did not even do so much as cast a lynch vote during day 1. How is scum supposed to view you as a threat if you're so obviously unwilling to use the ONLY tool universally available to town (the lynch vote).
  144. Hi Stojil ;)
  146. Not going to pitch in for the supreme betterment of all mankind?
  148. 33 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:26:56 PM @StrikerLee
  149. @Kai: I help mine, you help yours. :-P
  151. @StrikerLee, are you saying that there were no reasons to go after you, either in this or in last game? If that's what you're saying, then you're wrong. Are you saying that there were other people that could/should have been targeted before you? That's more reasonable, and it's also possible that you were the one who got picked instead of those because of your last game. This means that to be safe(r) you just have to give town (and at times scum) less excuses to go after you. There are always going to be excuses, for everyone, sometimes they're even out of your power, but it's your job to try and minimize them.
  153. In this case, you died also because scum wanted you to. We thought you were the spy (I still have trouble believing you're a junior), otherwise we would have made sure bob99 would have died despite his claim (DOB is a town claim... really Kai?) or at least we would have tried to save you, pointing in another direction etc. Which brings me to another point: you saw how we spies were revealed as such in last game. It was because the juniors managed to send good signals to the witches. Because of the number of them compared to this game, that was harder than what should have been here.
  155. On day 1, the real spy in the game had more of a connection with Kalas than you did (yes, that's a clue to who he/she is, but it's also more than a bit obvious that this was the case). The connection you and Kalas shared instead was you saying you would kill him hypothetically and him voicing his suspicions of you and then voting to lynch you. Do I need to point out how impractical and head-scratching a method that is?
  157. Now, why did you protect Kai? If he's scum, he's not going to be targeted obviously and you can hope there's a chance to protect him later on (even by townies). If he's town, why doing what he asked you to do and protect such a likely target? As I said, we thought you were the spy and we targeted him because you didn't seem to have any intention of "obeying" him anyway (you also mentioned him in the list of names you wanted the Priest to check - which by the way could have been used to distance yourself from Kalas, hope to make the Priest waste a check, send a signal to us and a number of other things).
  159. Now it seems like the night won't be skipped, whether because of Moscone or because Kalas is trying something, I don't know. I'm going to sacrifice a couple of possible strategies so that I can explain to you what should and hopefully will happen tonight. There are two dead scum and two dead townies at the moment. What does that mean? That we choose who is going to be protected tonight, (if you're here). Theoretically, we could have waited for guljons and Kai to vote for their preferred target, and then voted ourselves for ours to try and waste two targets at once. But le's make this a little simpler. If you're here, please post (either an answer to this or simply to tell me you're here) and I'll place my vote on who I want to waste protection on. I won't say it until you show up because I don't want to reveal a townie and possible future target to guljons and Kai, while there's the risk that my vote won't be enough.
  161. Who do you think scum will target tonight and why? If you think about it, there are very few possibilities for very few reasons.
  163. 34 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:29:57 PM
  164. They're going to shoot Moridin. I figure that's why you protected him last night
  166. 35 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:30:30 PM
  167. That's not going to help him, Kai. Let him work things out himself.
  169. 36 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:32:18 PM
  170. And yeah, DoB is a towny-seeming claim?
  172. Like, I had other reasons for not wanting to go through with it (primarily being nobody even tried to lynch anyone else), but if bob was scum dob, he just goes down without claiming and takes out his obvious town of choice? Like me, or Eido or sesc or whatever.
  174. 37 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:33:33 PM @guljons
  175. @guljons
  177. protect klackerz if you're around.
  179. 38 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:42:36 PM
  180. If you think you can save yourself by roleclaiming DOB, then you're going to do it whether you're town or scum. I really don't see much difference, Kai.
  182. And here's the reason why revealing who was scum was bad, Striker (and continued to leave no doubt in my mind that you were the spy). At this point in time, Kai and guljons wouldn't have known the identity of the other witches, not for certain until the end of night. They would have never known about Kalas, either. You'll see how much messing up the dead townies will be in the position to do, now.
  184. 39 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:46:38 PM
  185. but in any case, most terrible play of the day award goes to geabe for giving witches game changing info for free
  187. 40 guljons Mon May 28 2012 07:48:56 PM
  188. I am around. Why protect klackerz over Jwlk?
  189. If klackerz is lynced today, then going into next night it will be 3vs3, when court gets a kill. At that point scum could try to tie the vote to protect Jwlk from kill, who at that point could have had become a target. If he was already protected today, then they could not do this.
  190. This is if Klackerz is lynced.
  191. If not then yeah it is better to protect him tonight, so that he can not get protection tommorow, because he would be likely target for court.
  193. 41 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:50:04 PM
  194. jwlk isn't getting court killed tomorrow
  196. 42 guljons Mon May 28 2012 07:52:08 PM
  197. Well yeah. At how things stand now he isn't, but theoretically he could be.
  199. 43 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:54:53 PM
  200. Kai, if I had been alive and hadn't seen Striker reveal his junior buddy, I would be sure that that was Geabe lying to convince us elders to try and kill one of the other possible spies. I mean like... 99% sure. I don't know what jwlk and Klackerz think but I'm not optimist about any of it.
  202. 44 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:57:18 PM
  203. oh, I see Stojil.
  205. Like, Striker is so obviously a spy and the other two in the jw/jw/spy trio so obviously JW's that this seems like a gambit by geabe to get witches to kill one of the juniors?
  207. 45 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 07:57:50 PM
  208. I guess that has merits too.
  210. 46 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 07:59:40 PM
  211. Yeah. I honestly don't see that happening, though.
  213. 47 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 08:17:04 PM
  214. I'll tell you how certain I was that Striker was the spy: after his lynch, on night 1, I didn't Oracle-check you, Kai... you, our night-kill target and a sure return-check. That's how certain I was. I decided that I preferred trying to guess the Angel/Inquisitor/Priest target for shenanigans than to avoid the risk of not learning if the guy who had just died was a junior.
  216. And of course, I guessed wrong.
  218. Rofl.
  220. 48 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 08:33:23 PM
  221. I probably oracle check me in that spot and nk someone else.
  223. I'm the obvious protect for a townie after all.
  225. 49 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 08:36:26 PM
  226. Reread your interaction with Striker and get back to me.
  228. 50 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 08:40:04 PM
  229. WINE
  231. Like, if you don't think he's going to protect anyone, then the obvious kill target is me. So then he protects me.
  233. 51 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 08:40:52 PM
  234. At least you didn't have to wait long to find out who the priest checked. =p
  236. 52 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:08:57 PM
  237. You said "I'm the obvious protect for a townie". What I'm saying is that if Striker had been town (and day 1 had gone exactly like it has gone in this world in which he's not town, as mind-blowing as this still is), he wouldn't have protected you because he thought you were scum (hence why he urged the Priest to check you) and you were one of the causes of his death.
  239. Like... here's what I wrote in the Coven log:
  241. "StrikerLee, post #251:
  243. "Priest check into Bill Door, KaiDash, Geabe but not in that order, just make sure you get all 3 of them."
  245. I don't think I'm underestimating him when I say this isn't a trick. He clearly doesn't trust KaiDASH and he's not going to protect him. So I'm going to #vote KaiDASHh"
  247. Famous last words. ;_;
  249. 53 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:13:44 PM @StrikerLee
  250. @StrikerLee
  252. If you get in here, post immediately to let me know you are and stay ready. You can read the other posts later on. We're strapped for time.
  254. 54 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:13:56 PM @StrikerLee
  255. @StrikerLee
  257. If you get in here, post immediately to let me know you are and stay ready. You can read the other posts later on. We're strapped for time.
  259. 55 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:14:49 PM @StrikerLee
  260. @StrikerLee
  262. If you get in here, post immediately to let me know you are and stay ready. You can read the other posts later on. We're strapped for time.
  264. /spamspamspamspamspam
  266. 56 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:15:11 PM @StrikerLee
  267. @StrikerLee
  269. If you get in here, post immediately to let me know you are and stay ready. You can read the other posts later on. We're strapped for time.
  271. Last one, I promise...
  273. 57 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 09:16:21 PM @StrikerLee
  274. @StrikerLee
  276. If you get in here, post immediately to let me know you are and stay ready. You can read the other posts later on. We're strapped for time.
  278. ...
  280. 58 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 10:00:44 PM
  281. lol'd
  283. 59 guljons Mon May 28 2012 10:01:35 PM
  284. nice one moridin!
  286. 60 Uncle Stojil Mon May 28 2012 10:11:07 PM
  287. My goodness, this game... If something can go wrong, it will. Fucking Murphy has a hand on this.
  289. 61 KaiDASH Mon May 28 2012 10:24:06 PM
  290. lol
  292. 62 KaiDASH Tue May 29 2012 08:09:26 AM
  293. man wtf
  295. aekiel isn't handling this well.. but klackerz roleclaimed judge when he had like 2 votes on him.
  297. ._______________________.
  299. 63 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 04:32:49 PM
  300. Regardless of what they are and what I was, I would love to see town kill off either Eido or Sesc, from a purely less-affirmed-townie-kills-the-leader point of view. I would see it as a definite sign of improvement from the players starting it (Bill Door, at the moment), even if it's town lynching town. Sesc isn't exactly a leader, though, more like a lone fighter who doesn't follow, and if he gets lynched it will mostly be because of Eido, probably.
  302. Anyway, both look scummy all things considered. Lol at Eido saying multiple times that there was no way to decide whether Striker was spy or junior that soon.
  304. 64 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 04:56:46 PM
  305. Rofl. That's jwlk mad at Striker, I bet. He's channeling his rage towards everyone else.
  307. 65 KaiDASH Tue May 29 2012 04:57:44 PM
  308. lol at you guys deciding at being wrong?
  310. =p
  312. Leaders (or as I'd prefer to call it, aggressive players) are always pretty close to being lynched at dlp because voting is scummy or some such shit.
  314. Like, voting is demonstratively a net positive to the game (like on day 1, LOOK AT ALL THAT HAPPENED) yet this day is almost half done and there have been barely 4 votes total. (btw klackerz panic judgeclaim which focused only on how towny he would seem is still scummiest thing to happen)
  316. 66 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 05:05:39 PM
  317. On DLP almost no one is assertive enough to start a vote on a leader for fear of repercussions, but if someone gets the ball rolling, then yes, the wagoning mob will be all too glad to lynch him/her to a bloody death.
  319. 67 KaiDASH Tue May 29 2012 07:25:25 PM
  320. no one is 'assertive' enough to start a vote on anyone.
  322. Like, I don't even know - is it a fear of being wrong? A fear of being seen as scummy? Both? Some other issue?
  324. It's just completely mind blowing.
  326. 68 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 07:57:29 PM
  327. Nah. You see townie voting and starting wagons on derps all the time. It's because doing that is defendable and justifiable even if they turn out to be town, IMO. With leaders, especially when they have clout and push back, they seem to be scared to do it for fear of having the vote turned against them.
  329. 69 KaiDASH Tue May 29 2012 08:13:09 PM
  330. putting a lynch vote on a 'derp' is easy and justifiable.
  332. People are even avoiding putting lynch votes on 'scummy' people like klackerz or aekiel or geabe.
  334. I still can't believe klackerz spilled his guts after 1 vote btw.
  336. 70 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 08:29:45 PM
  337. It's more unbelievable that that vote went off him after he did. Rofl.
  339. 71 Uncle Stojil Tue May 29 2012 09:34:23 PM
  340. Now, a Judge claim is much more town than DOB claim. After you do it, you're pretty much forced to select town's favourite target or you're lynched the next day. After you DOB claim, instead, if you're in the selecting-target phase, it means you're already dead.
  342. 72 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 09:09:52 AM
  343. it's all about context
  345. in the bob99 context, he was either turbo bussed (since strikerlee was the only alternative lynch who had like 1 vote) or town, so i figured he was probably town.
  347. also manstincts
  349. in klackerz context, he... spills his guts after one vote? klackerz could be claiming gold here and it's still scummy as fuck
  351. 73 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 11:40:51 AM
  352. Geabe has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  354. 74 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 12:38:14 PM
  355. hi geabe.
  357. i'd like to officially express disapproval at you needing to tell everyone that strikerlee is a JW
  359. Who does that help?
  361. Town: Nope! If town thinks strikerlee is town and he is actually scum, then town is far better off than it thinks.
  363. Coven: Yep! Coven obviously thought strikerlee was a spy, so allowing them to continue thinking this will let the real spy get to the nokill night unhindered
  365. JW: Nope! they already knew this
  367. Spy: Very nope! You've just told the coven that the spy is still alive. I'm sure the spy is very happy about this turn of events.
  369. 75 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 01:15:58 PM
  370. let's protect sesc
  372. 76 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 01:30:58 PM
  373. for full disclosure: i think moridin is very likely to be shot tonight unless scum think they can pull a lynch on him.
  375. If moridin isn't getting shot, then sesc seems somewhat likely?
  377. 77 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 01:41:10 PM
  378. like i don't think eido is getting shot because scum don't want to be even further behind on kills, and he's also on completely the wrong track so even if scum thought he would die, they still probably aren't shooting him?
  380. 78 Uncle Stojil Wed May 30 2012 03:56:29 PM
  381. Okay, guys. It is finally time for me to embrace my real nature, discard these aberrant Angel wings and turn myself into what I was supposed to be in the first place: a formidable (and meddlesome) demon.
  383. The real fun begins now. Fear my awesome powers! Quiver in front of my majestic intellect! Kneel before-
  385. *insert the rest of the villainous speech and the evil laugh*
  387. :-P
  389. 79 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 03:57:50 PM
  390. Uncle Stojil was a Witch and has decided to permanently convert from an Angel to a Demon!
  392. 80 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 03:59:20 PM
  393. can you still talk with us stojil?
  395. 81 Uncle Stojil Wed May 30 2012 04:48:40 PM
  396. Yep.
  398. 82 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 05:38:55 PM
  399. well that's a shame.
  401. i thought i was finally rid of you =p
  403. 83 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 05:39:59 PM
  404. so stojil, jwlk is the bod?
  406. just, not a town bod
  408. lol
  410. 84 Uncle Stojil Wed May 30 2012 05:46:44 PM
  411. Sorry I can't help you, Kai.
  413. 85 guljons Wed May 30 2012 05:48:32 PM
  414. Don't have much time. Voting for Sesc, won't be able to change.
  416. 86 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 05:52:39 PM
  417. i'd help me.
  419. like the only real choices atm is jwlk or the spy.
  421. because if the bod is anyone else, well
  423. 87 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 05:53:52 PM
  424. on uh... non-game discussion though, i think another old-vigilante type role that lets town track lynches would be good? like there's kind of a void in that area now with only gravedigger doing that job.
  426. 88 Uncle Stojil Wed May 30 2012 05:54:23 PM
  427. Alright, I'll tell you.
  429. It's either jwlk or the spy.
  431. There, am I not like... the kindest ever?
  433. 89 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 10:00:00 PM
  434. castiel has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  436. 90 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 10:00:00 PM
  437. Klackerz has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  439. 91 KaiDASH Wed May 30 2012 10:04:52 PM
  440. hi castiel
  442. were you the spy or the bishop or something else entirely?
  444. 92 Klackerz Wed May 30 2012 10:12:28 PM
  445. lol, I died. Thus ends one of my worst game ever.Witchhunt is not a goog game for me. I didn't even know that night 5 has started. This is what happend if I joine just before the start of my exams.
  448. I am the Judge.
  450. 93 castiel Wed May 30 2012 10:17:16 PM
  451. Hunter!Vilager
  453. 94 KaiDASH Thu May 31 2012 12:10:21 AM
  454. whelp, it's easy to talk from the all knowing throne of being dead, but i definitely think that eido is playing it wrong here.
  456. Like, at minimum he should have let the day progress naturally for a while.
  458. 95 Uncle Stojil Thu May 31 2012 01:59:24 AM
  459. Great. Town has submitted to Eido's will once again. I hate this so much. It doesn't matter what he's saying and how it affects my faction (which, for the record, isn't half-bad), I just can't stand it when everyone lets one player take all the decisions uncontested, especially when that player isn't even townfirmed.
  461. 96 Uncle Stojil Thu May 31 2012 03:44:51 AM
  462. Klackerz, as soon as you can, Angel-vote jwlk (we'll change it) and select the Demon option so you can access that channel. We'll talk privately there. Everyone knows you're a witch here, don't worry abou that, but don't reveal anything untl we've talked in the Demon tab.
  464. 97 Uncle Stojil Thu May 31 2012 05:05:29 AM @Klackerz
  465. I'm off to sleep. Bye, guys.
  467. @Klackerz
  469. Do that Demony thing and post in that tag. Feel free to report anything you think is important over there, about what you and jwlk knew or assumed about the game, about the possible future targets jwlk was considering and so on. We'll work on a protection-block strategy mostly depending on what you know and a bit of common sense.
  471. 98 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 11:00:00 AM
  472. Ollie has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  474. 99 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 11:00:00 AM
  475. bob99 has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  477. 100 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 11:17:30 AM
  478. #demon
  480. 101 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 11:18:11 AM
  481. @klackerz how does that demon thing work?
  483. 102 KaiDASH Thu May 31 2012 11:37:54 AM
  484. demons can vote to prevent a target being protected tomorrow
  486. 103 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 11:54:18 AM
  487. LIKELY TOWN - Kalas - Twilight Pagan
  489. well Eid just said Kalas was a town read........
  491. 104 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 02:01:16 AM
  492. jwlk has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  494. 105 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 02:09:27 AM
  495. never put me in a game with derplee again. never.
  497. 106 Klackerz Fri Jun 1 2012 02:36:29 AM
  498. Hi why is the night so long tonight
  500. 107 bob99 Fri Jun 1 2012 03:02:58 AM
  501. who got your extra life?
  503. 108 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 11:05:00 AM
  504. Sesc has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  506. 109 KaiDASH Fri Jun 1 2012 11:58:08 AM
  507. hi sesc
  509. kalas is the last witch, coven was jwlk, klackerz, stojil.
  511. other jw was strikerlee (lol)
  513. the spy is probably aekiel.
  515. 110 bob99 Fri Jun 1 2012 12:23:50 PM
  516. Looks like it will end today, this was a bad game for the witches.
  518. 111 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 12:46:47 PM
  519. shut up, bob. this game was unwinnable
  521. Just go post in thread that this game is over.
  523. 112 bob99 Fri Jun 1 2012 01:03:12 PM
  524. What was your reasoning for picking Kai the first night anyway?
  526. 113 KaiDASH Fri Jun 1 2012 01:11:52 PM @bob99
  527. @bob99
  529. >implications
  531. haha oh you
  533. 114 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 01:18:44 PM
  534. to kill?
  536. first of all, you kidding?
  538. second, are you implying striker would do something so demeaning as to THINK?
  540. third, i hate you all. Especially Kai.
  542. 115 KaiDASH Fri Jun 1 2012 01:19:18 PM
  543. i wub you jwlk
  545. 116 bob99 Fri Jun 1 2012 01:20:19 PM
  546. Nah, you guys are too harsh. I can respect striker, especially when he is on the other team.
  548. 117 bob99 Fri Jun 1 2012 01:22:36 PM
  549. Ironic thing is that I was still kinda pissed about the whole arguement so I think Kai was my primary target the first day. Of course I changed it immediately the next night.
  551. 118 KaiDASH Fri Jun 1 2012 01:23:41 PM
  552. protect the priest night one as the priest gets a evil on the only scum in court
  554. as a junior witch
  556. there isn't words for how game breakingly bad that is
  558. 119 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 01:27:21 PM
  559. Its past game breakingly bad into sabotage, honestly.
  561. 120 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 03:09:59 PM
  562. Aekiel has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
  564. 121 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 03:09:59 PM
  565. Kalas has died and joined the Guardian Angels.
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