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  1.  3) Incineroar is really good for a number of reasons: It has intimidate (which like I said is one of the top abilities), and has good supportive moves. Fake out is good for the same reason sky drop is (buying time for the other pokemon to do something), and lots of people run flare blitz since it's a strong attack with good coverage, even if you have low evs in attack. It also gets good supportive moves: u-turn is very good in this format because you can reset primal weathers and the like as well as avoid damage on the one being switched in, snarl can weaken both of the opponents pokemon, roar is very good vs xerneas. Knock off was used in sun/moon, but gets worse since oftentimes 3-5 of the opponent's team doesn't care about it in ultra. Some people use Z move inciniroar as well in ultra, mainly to ohko lunala and psychic type trick room setters like bronzong.
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