KH Re:coded: Any% (with GOSU) Notes

Jan 11th, 2019
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  1. Station of Awakening
  2. - Run straight, choose Sword and sacrifice Shield, then go to next room
  3. - Defeat Shadows with air combos, then combine them with commands in the third fight
  4. - Menu Stat Matrix: Equip Level Up, then set Difficulty above to Critical Mode
  5. Config: Auto-Jump: Off
  6. Clock Ability Tree: Manual
  7. - Touch Save Point, then examine Door
  9. Destiny Islands
  10. - Talk to Selphie and go down to Wakka while using Sliding Dash for movement
  11. - Jump to the right, then get HP +2 chip from Silver Blox with a air combo
  12. - Stat Matrix Menu: Equip HP +2
  13. - Talk to Wakka, then go to System Sector above Seaside Shack
  14. - Jump below, press Start twice, and let the Shadows kill you
  15. - Select "Load Game", press A on Set Up File, then back out and "Continue"
  16. - Jump down and press Start twice again, destroy Shadows, then leave Floor
  17. - Go southeast to kill Shadows, climb up while killing Shadows, then leave System Sector
  18. - Get everything and Redeem EXP
  19. - Go talk to Tidus, defeat him by doing combos after he attacks, then go to Secret Place
  20. - Die to Darkside to set up GOSU again and Menu
  21. - Menu: Gear Matrix: Equip Potion on Slot 3
  22. - Do a combo in 1st phase and Quick Blitz in 2nd phase
  23. - Attack the core while using Quick Blitz and Sliding Dash to kill it
  25. Traverse Town
  26. - Go northeast, climb the ladder, go right to Blank Chip, then go south while platforming for Thunder
  27. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Equip all chips to the right to get a 4th Command Slot, press R
  28. Command Matrix: Thunder & Slow on Slot 4 for Thundara, Heat Dash on Slot 3, press R
  29. Gear Matrix: Equip Power Armlet
  30. - Go to Huey in the northeast corner in Second District, die to Shadows, then set up GOSU
  31. - Go back to Huey, kill Shadows with attacks, Thundara on Large Bodies
  32. - Go to Alleyway, jump up to talk to Dewey, Quick Blitz off and go back to Second District
  33. - Use attacks and Thundara in forced fight, then find backdoor to the right and enter System Sector
  34. - Menu: Command Matrix: Thunder & Fire on Slot 1 -> Quick Blitz
  35. - Use Thundara on Core Blox, then start attacking it along with using Commands, then leave System Sector
  36. - Get Magic +1 and Redeem EXP
  37. - Go back to First District, talk to Cid, and try to go to Second District
  38. - Examine door behind you and enter System Sector
  39. - Jump on Bounce Bloxs, use Thundara twice, then leave Floor
  40. - Jump your way up to the Soldier with Ghost Bloxs, then fall down to leave Floor
  41. - Go left and jump on a Bounce Blox and go to the left corner to use 2 Thundaras and attacks
  42. - Go left, jump on first Ghost Blox, use Heat Dash and Sliding Dash to get to the next group
  43. - Go to southeast corner to finish off the System Sector; Get Strength +1 and Redeem EXP
  44. - Go to the center of the room in Third District and die to set up GOSU
  45. - Use Thundaras from below to get a Blank Chip, then destroy forced fight
  46. - Go to First District, go straight to examine door, then enter another System Sector
  47. - Press Start twice, die to set up GOSU again, then go to the 1st bugged area
  48. - Destroy bugged Large Bodies with Thundara and bugged Soldiers with a attack
  49. - Leave System Sector; Get Magic +1 and Redeem EXP
  50. - Talk to Cid, approach bugged building in Second District, and use Thundara below platform for Blank Chip
  51. - Examine nearest Hotel door to enter System Sector
  52. - Press Start twice and set up GOSU, destroy bloxs to the right to get the Slider Blox down
  53. - Hit Slider Blox southwest, jump up, hit 2nd Slider Blox northeast, then kill a Soldier above and leave Floor
  54. - Go straight to the 3rd Pair Blox, hit it into the other pair, and use Thundara on bugged Soldiers at the top
  55. - Leave Floor, go to northeast corner for Soldier, and climb up for more Soldiers at northwest corner
  56. - Heat Dash/Sliding Dash to top northeast corner for Soldiers, go to southeast corner, then leave System Sector
  57. - Get Lucky Strike, Magic +1, and Redeem EXP, then die to group behind you to set up GOSU
  58. - Climb up to the top to talk to Louie, then go back to First District to start auto-scroller
  59. - Stage 1: Do whatever you want, make sure to reach the end of the 1st Stage with Thunder Rain!
  60. - Stage 2: Kill Large Body with Thunder Rain when it spawns, then platforming
  61. Make sure you reach the end of 2nd Stage with Fire Lunge!
  62. - Stage 3: One-shot Guard Armor with Thunder Rain
  64. Wonderland
  65. - Use Thundaras, attacks/commands in forced fight
  66. - Grab Inkling: Alice at the southeast corner of the room, talk to Alice, choose "Alice", then skip cutscene
  67. - Go left to enter Rose Garden
  68. - Maze: Go West, West, West, East, East, destroy bloxes for Debug Device: R
  69. Go West, South, North, get Inkling: White Rose and destroy blox for Firaga Burst
  70. Go West, South, Southeast, then South to Lotus Forest
  71. - Use Sliding Dash & Heat Dash to go across to the silver blox for Blank Chip
  72. - Jump to 2nd silver blox and fall down for Inkling: Peculiar Hole
  73. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Equip Blank Chips and Strength +1 on upper east side and use Debug Device: R to get High Jump
  74. Go to Loot Cheat and equip Magic +1's towards that; set Loot to x16
  75. - Jump over and use Sliding Dash to the west, then leave to Hedge Maze straight ahead
  76. - Run through the left side of the maze, let Large Body kill you for GOSU, then kill it with Thundara
  77. - Examine Red Bottle and use Sliding Dash to the right to get Inkling: Cheshire Cat, then leave room
  78. - Get Inkling: White Rabbit to the left, then enter System Sector in the northeast corner of the room
  79. - Choose 10% and "GO!", jump to the middle of the room, press Start twice, then die to Large Bodies for GOSU
  80. - Use Thundara below the Prize and Blast Bloxs, then leave Floor and enter next Floor
  81. - Wait where you spawned and let the Core Blox come to you, then spam Thundaras and attacks
  82. - Get Blizzard +1, Blank Chip, Aerial Sweep, and Redeem EXP
  83. - Talk to Card Soldier right next to you, skip cutscene and choose "White Roses" to get Inkling: Queen of Hearts
  84. - Run through the right side of the Hedge Maze to get back to Clearing and talk to Alice
  85. - Choose "Sure!", "White Rabbit", "Peculiar Hole", "Cheshire Cat", "Queen of Hearts", then "Let's go look!"
  86. - Let the Card Soldier one-shot you for GOSU, then destroy Crank Tower along with using Thundara on Card Soldiers
  87. - Examine Keyhole to enter auto-scroller, get Thunder Spear and immediately use it twice
  88. - Make sure you have Blizzard Arrow at the end of all three sections?
  89. - Once you reach Trickmaster, hold A for a bit, then mash A
  91. Olympus Coliseum
  92. - Talk to Phil in Vestibule
  93. - Layer 01: Go left to get into a encounter with a Shadow, hold R to try to Escape, then die for GOSU
  94. Attack to kill a Shadow, jump over bloxs to go north, use Thundara on Shadows, then go east
  95. Jump over more bloxs and go north towards the exit underneath the last blox
  96. - Layer 02: Jump over more bloxs, take north path to examine a wall, then backtrack to find Hercules
  97. Thundara for forced fight and pick up Break-L if it dropped
  98. Go southwest, move a bit and use Break-L to leave
  99. - Layer 03: Go northwest to fight Cloud, use Strength-L, then attack him
  100. Hit east blox for exit
  101. - Layer 04: Take east path and just go straight to the end, then choose "Ready as ever!"
  102. - Layer 05: Go straight to fight Cerberus while breaking Prize Bloxs for 2 Strength-L's
  103. Use Strength-L on Cerberus, then just attack to win
  104. Use Strength-L on Hades and just attack to win, Sliding Dash if he summons Shadows
  106. Agrabah
  107. - Talk to Peddler for Shop
  108. - Shop: Sell: Quick Blitz, Fire Edge, Thunder Edge, Heat Dashes for days until you reach 15,200 Munny
  109. Buy: Muscle Strike x1 and Cure x3
  110. - Go straight to Main Street, jump up near Aladdin's House for Firaga
  111. - Enter Palace Gates to immediately get Magnet, talk to Aladdin, then die to Bandits in Main Street
  112. - Choose "Open Main Menu"
  113. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Set Loot down to x1.0, press R
  114. Command Matrix: Remove Thunder (Thundara), equip Magnet & Slow on Slot 1
  115. Replace Sliding Dash with Thundara & Firaga on Slot 2
  116. Replace Heat Dash with Aerial Sweep on Slot 3
  117. Replace Thunder & Slow with both Cures in Slot 4
  118. Gear Matrix: Equip Olympia
  119. - Set up GOSU and continue, then go to Alleyway and destroy Jafar with a full combo
  120. - Jump up to enter Plaza and talk to Aladdin
  121. - Go back to Alleyway, then back to Plaza to hopefully find Iago
  122. - If you don't see Iago, then go to Main Street and to Palace Gates to hopefully find him
  123. - Go to the left of Cave of Wonders and enter the System Sector
  124. - Die to Bandits for GOSU, then Magnera + Thundara to win and leave System Sector
  125. - Get Strength +1, Magic +1, Fire Resistance +1, and Redeem EXP
  126. - Go through Hall of Beginning and get Strike Raid in the middle of the room
  127. - Menu: Command Matrix: Equip Strike Raid in the empty slot of Slot 3
  128. - Examine Sandfall, then backtrack and take left path to enter System Sector
  129. - Climb up ladder, press Start twice, then die to Bandits for GOSU
  130. - Climb up ladder again, Magnera + Thundara for Bandits, go north and kill Bandits with attacks
  131. - Go south to kill Bandits with Thundara and leave Floor
  132. - 2nd and 3rd Floor Layouts are random, good luck! Get Debug Device: R and Redeem EXP
  133. - Go straight to Gauntlet, then re-enter Hall of Beginnings to die and set up GOSU
  134. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Equip Blank Chip below Loot Cheat, use Debug Device: R, Strength +1, Magic +1, and Lucky Strike to get Air Slide
  135. - Kill the group that just killed you with Magnera + Thundara and Wind Sweep to get enough CP for Strike Raid
  136. - Menu: Command Matrix: Convert Wind Sweep, move 2nd Cure from Slot 4 to Slot 3 for Aeroga
  137. - Jump over water jets with Air Slide and don't fall down
  138. - Get Debug Device: R from right silver blox with Thundara and get on Elevator
  139. - Kill Bandits with Magnera + attacks, then Thundaras and Aerogas along with it
  140. - Kill Jafar with a full combo again, then hopefully find the Keyhole straight ahead and choose "Yes"
  141. - Kill Iago with a full ground combo 2 times to win
  143. Hollow Bastion (Part 1)
  144. - Die to Bug Blox immediately for GOSU
  145. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Turn off Air Combo Plus near Loot Cheat and change Difficulty to Proud
  146. Command Matrix: Convert Magnera in Slot 1 and Convert Aeroga in Slot 3
  147. Move Firaga from Slot 2 to the empty slot in Slot 3 for Wind Tracer
  148. Replace Thundara with Firaga Burst in Slot 2
  149. Replace Cure with Cura, then put the Cure with "!" right below it
  150. - Approach Entrance Hall door, touch save point, then go southeast and ride Elevator to Waterway
  151. - Examine Blue and Red Switches, then go through gaps to the next Blue Switch
  152. - Jump over bloxs to reach the 2nd Red Switch, examine main switch, then go to Entrance Hall
  153. - Avoid the Heartless while waiting on Goofy to arrive and kill the Heartless for you
  154. - Approach Emblem Door, then touch save point and make Goofy kill red bloxs for you to reach a switch
  155. - Do more platforming to reach the next switch, then jump over bloxs for 1st Emblem Piece
  156. - Go to Waterway, make Goofy destroy bloxs, then examine Blue & Red Switches to find Donald
  157. - Take left path to get the 2nd Emblem Piece, then take middle elevator to Entrance Hall and touch Save Point
  158. - Go to Library to find the 3rd Emblem Piece, then examine a Switch and enter the next room
  159. - Examine more Switches while making Donald and Goofy destroys more bloxs throughout Library
  160. - Use Donald Thundaga whenever you can as well!
  161. - Donald and Goofy should be able to get Cure +3 for you while going through Library
  162. - Once you enter Library 3 from Library 4, use Donald Firaga to get a Firaga!
  163. - Make sure you get Mega Flare before examining the Switch in the next room!
  164. - Menu: Command Matrix: Replace Magnera with Blizzaga in Slot 1
  165. Place Firaga in the empty slot of Slot 2 for Triple Firaga
  166. Gear Matrix: Replace Blade Finish with Mega Flare
  167. - Examine Switches in Entrance Hall (Upper Level) for 4th Emblem Piece, then fall down
  168. - Examine Emblem Door and choose "Yes" to enter forced fight
  169. - Make Donald and Goofy attack Heartless and spam Donald's commands
  170. - Examine Blue Switch, make Donald and Goofy destroy bloxs, and examine Red Switch
  171. - Fall down to lower center area, then climb back up and examine Castle Chapel entrance for System Sector
  172. - Set Donald and Goofy to follow you, then die to Shadows to set up GOSU
  173. - Use Donald Thundaga to kill any bugged Heartless throughout the System Sector
  174. - Get Strength +1 and Magic +1, then Redeem EXP
  175. - Menu: Command Matrix: Convert Wind Tracer on Slot 3 and equip Muscle Strike for Judgment Triad
  176. - Enter Grand Hall to fight Pete and Data-Riku
  177. - Make Pete kill you for GOSU, then Blizzaga, Firaga, and Judgment Triad for 1st Phase
  178. - Dodge DM, then Blizzaga and attacks for 2nd Phase
  179. - Full combo and Triple Firaga for first phase, attacks for 2nd phase, then Judgment Triad for Data-Riku
  181. Hollow Bastion (Part 2)
  182. - Menu: Stat Matrix: Place Strength +1, Magic +1, and Blizzard +1 in the southeast area to the right
  183. Use Debug Device: R, then place Cure +3 up to get Dodge Roll LV2
  184. Gear Matrix: Equip Oblivion
  185. - Enter Destiny Islands Revisit and break each Prize Bloxs while looking for Prize Bugs
  186. - Enter System Sector where you fought Tidus
  187. - Press Start twice, then let Shadows kill you for GOSU
  188. - Use commands and attacks to kill off bugged Heartless throughout System Sector
  189. - Kill Core Blox with commands and attacks
  190. - From this point onwards after finishing System Sectors, only Redeem EXP!
  191. - Enter Traverse Town Revisit
  192. - Get Prize Blox in Alleyway and go to 3rd District into 2nd District
  193. - Get 3 Prize Bloxs in 2nd District, then go back to 1st District to enter System Sector
  194. - Press Start twice, then die to set up GOSU
  195. - Enter Wonderland Revisit
  196. - Hit Prize Bloxs in Clearing, hit explosive bloxs in Lotus Forest, get 2 Prize Bloxs, then go to System Sector
  197. - Press Start twice, then die to set up GOSU
  198. - Enter Agrabah Revisit
  199. - Immediately die and set up GOSU, kill any Prize Bugs and Prize Bloxs along the way outside
  200. - Get Prize Blox to the left, then climb up to System Sector to the right
  201. - Press Start twice, then die to set up GOSU
  202. - Go fight Data-Riku II, die to set up GOSU, then use Blizzaga, Triple Firaga, Judgment Triad, and attacks
  203. - Escape Riku's data by hitting first blue blox, and spam Fire Lunge once you get it, then climb up
  204. - Attack Dragon Maleficent's legs, then attack her head when available
  205. - Approach the Keyhole and choose "I've gotta do this!" to enter rail shooter
  206. - Use commands and attacks for 1st Phase during Sora's Heartless
  207. - Full combos during 2nd Phase, kill clones in Phases 3 and 4, dodge DMs, and pick up Key for RCs
  209. Castle Oblivion
  210. - Use Destiny Islands card
  211. - Talk to Selphie, skip cutscene, and say "Can't right now."
  212. - Go right and talk to Wakka, skip cutscene, and say "I'm kinda busy..."
  213. - Climb up, Air Slide across Ghost Blox, and hit normal blox where Tidus is
  214. - Use Traverse Town card
  215. - Go to the northeast part of the room for forced fight, then die to set up GOSU
  216. - Attack Soldiers and use a Blizzaga along with a Cura
  217. - Go find Huey in the northeast part of the room, skip cutscene, and say "Yes"
  218. - Find Dewey in the northwest part of the room, skip cutscene, and say "Yes"
  219. - Go right to break normal bloxs to find Louie, skip cutscene, and say "Yes", then go down for forced fight
  220. - Use commands to win fight, then go talk to Cid
  221. - Use Wonderland card
  222. - Talk to Alice, say "Alice!", break northwest blox to examine Cheshire Cat, and choose "I give up."
  223. - Talk to White Rabbit twice, talk to left Card Soldier, then give upper-left Card Soldier a Potion
  224. - Use Agrabah card, find Iago by hitting Prize Bloxs, then catch him
  225. - Use Hollow Bastion card
  226. - Examine left light, examine southeast flower, examine next left light, then kill Invisibles with commands
  227. - Examine flower after killing Invisibles and examine last light, full combo + Blizzaga on blocks
  228. - Dodge Roll towards the last flower right when it opens up
  229. - Menu: Gear Matrix: Equip Olympia
  230. - Fight Pete by attacking and using commands
  231. - Skip 1st Flower with a jump + aerial attack, examine 2nd Flower, then run and aerial attack to examine 3rd flower
  232. - Try your best to dodge roll to the left, jump over, ledge grab, and jump + aerial attack over to the 4th flower
  233. - Jump + aerial attack your way to the end without examining anymore flowers from here
  234. - Menu: Gear Matrix: Equip Oblivion
  235. - Use Olympus Coliseum card
  236. - Talk to Hercules and kill Shadows to build up your gauge to LV4 and level up Oblivion
  237. - Talk to Cloud, jump over Large Body, and win with commands
  238. - Use Mega Flare in Shadows fight, then talk to Hades
  239. - Win with attacks and commands
  240. - Approach door to fight Data-Roxas
  241. - Start by using commands, then full combos until he DMs twice
  242. - Triple Firaga and Judgment Triad to finish him off once the second DM is over
  243. - Use Castle Oblivion card
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