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  1. a7cea0 9fcd97 4bc63a 49c63a 81cd80 86cc87 8bc296 88c492 62e063 61e25f 6ddd5c 72da61 a4d09d 9cc999 319748 2a9343
  2. 9fca9a 98c992 4cc13d 49c13b 79c878 7ec87f 87c290 84c48d 60db61 5fdd5e 6ddc5c 71d960 9bca94 94c491 3a9b50 34974c
  3. 37994d 3a984f 5f9064 5c905f 159816 139d13 46c339 4bc13e 478845 4b8b49 70dc5e 6cdb5b 1d801d 288029 bcc9be c7cdc9
  4. 2c9742 2f9545 5a7f61 577f5c 088609 078c07 46c337 4bc23c 418542 448646 67cb57 63c953 0c6d0d 1a701c cccfcc d9d5d8
  5. 47c539 41b535 0b160b 070a08 010b02 0d1a0d 97c190 98d094 27d54b 1bc540 0b1e0c 0a0f07 020902 161b16 d3d1d3 e0dee0
  6. 44c934 3eb72f 030c02 000000 000000 0c0e0c 95bd90 96cd94 22d447 15c33c 020c05 010000 000000 131313 cad2ca d6e0d6
  7. 0dbe0b 0bad0a 020a02 000001 000000 020a04 249e3b 25a83d 118016 0e7111 000700 000000 000000 081108 53da58 59e85e
  8. 0cc00c 0bb00c 061705 050c04 060d06 08170a 179030 179730 0e6e10 0d620d 0c130c 0c0c0c 060d06 0d200d 47d94b 4be64f
  9. 47e34b 47df4b 41b933 42b734 5ad559 55c655 091b0b 030d05 010902 0f170f b0baac b6cab2 5ed05e 55d154 47c839 46c836
  10. 52e558 52e256 46c739 47c539 5cdb5b 56c956 060d06 000000 000000 0e0d0d b4bdb0 bbcfb7 68df68 5fde5e 4dc63e 4cc53b
  11. 86c591 7ec089 349c49 2a8d3e 0b1b0c 070f07 020402 010201 010101 020402 0e0e0e 161a16 59845e 67946c a7caa3 accea7
  12. 90c49a 87bf92 369a4e 2b8942 020704 000000 010301 020202 020202 020301 000000 050706 5c8261 6b9471 a8c6a7 aecbab
  13. c2e2bc b8dbb2 5ba561 4c9252 070d08 000100 000000 000000 000000 000000 010101 0d120d 92da92 93e596 3b9b51 35974d
  14. bde0b7 b4daaf 64a867 549558 070c08 000100 070d08 080d08 0b0d0b 0b0d0b 010101 0c110b 92e191 93eb94 339a48 2c9543
  15. 26a740 30a946 99cb95 94bc8f 080907 060c06 6cc276 7ad183 b1d3ac a8c2a1 0a0a0a 030b02 48bc3b 50cb40 60c852 62c953
  16. 14a032 21a43a 9fcf9b 9cc195 080907 070d07 77d682 87e891 c4e9be bad7b2 0c0c0b 020a01 40b831 48c837 64cd52 67ce54
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