Correlation between sexual opennes and income equality

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  1. Correlation between sexual opennes and income equality (or lack of thereof).
  3. I think you guys must be familiar with Baumeister's "Sex as a female resource" If you are not, the main idea to be gained from it is that women have historically used sex as a resource to be echanged for economic security. This is, societies endow female sexuality with value, but not male sexuality, and that economic principles suggest that the price of sex will depend on supply and demand, competition among sellers, variations in product,collusion among sellers, and other factors. Then, we can hipothesize that in a society with high income inequality, women would benefit from sex existing in short supply, in order to make it a more valuable resource and they can demand higher amount of male investemnt, and a more qualified partner for these purposes. Conversely, in a society with low income inequality, the benefit of keeping sex in short supply would not be as high as in higly inequal societies, since most potental partners are relatively close in terms of their abilities to provide material security and well being (and on top of that, in most egalitarian countries the state takes care of most basic needs of the population).
  5. This seems to be proven true by the fact that most egaliterian countries (according to Gini coeffcients) like Sweden seem to enjoy a far more liberal approach to sex than inequal countries like Chile or the US. This is evident so someone who have traveled the world and know the different countries in the list. In sweden, for instance, sexual education is given to children mfrom a very early age, with a very direct language, sex and nudity are allowed on public tv, the words "fuck" and "dick" are not considered profanity, young people are encouraged to experiment sexualy, women are in genral not conservative. Chile is completely the opposite. Stuck up women, sexually conservative, no sexual education, extreme sexual repression, etc. Women in the US too.
  7. So, it seems to me that an egalitarian society offers a better standard of living for the average man and men in these societies are more sexually fullfiiled.
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