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  1. Whoa, heh
  2. ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney
  3. Bitch be for real, huh
  4. Let's make a deal, bitch be for real
  5. Is you off a pill? Okay
  6. Let's make a deal, Rumpelstiltskin (hm)
  7. She wanna see my purple pickle up in the wind (okay)
  8. Chancletas off, bitch get in (ayy, ayy)
  9. And if your nigga don't like me, hit chinny chin chin (huh)
  10. Bitch, I'm hotter than a pepper, no mint (huh)
  11. Big stepper, no stilts, big tilt, uh
  12. 1K, bought my bitch a new kilt (yup)
  13. New skirt, I skrrt, big drift (yup)
  14. New grills, 10K, big lisp, uh
  15. Diamonds dancin' on my fist, no disc, uh
  16. Gimme lips, rock band, like KISS, uh
  17. Remember days, me and X hittin' licks
  18. Guantanamera, we hit a lick on your bitch
  19. I'm a Goodfella, Maison Margiela my kick, uh
  20. I am faucet failure, my nigga, I got drip, uh
  21. Ashin' on your bitch, this is that Pokémon trainer shit, uh
  22. Who's this? He should be in cockpit, uh
  23. 'Cause I'm flyer than a fuckin' ostrich, uh (okay)
  24. On my wood, that bitch won't give me polish, uh
  25. I'ma put my foot up in it, sock it, uh
  26. Who's this
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