Pokemon Prism README.txt (not mine)

Dec 21st, 2016
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  2. Hash: SHA1
  4. Pokemon Prism - v0.91 build 0144
  5. MD5: 4ca545ec793c0bd17ea4cb6c6e3cc10d
  6. SHA-1: c31839cd956540c7b27a94755769a878ca69d065
  8. Thanks for downloading Pokemon Prism. We might release updated versions
  9. eventually if we find actual developers wanting to help finish the project, but
  10. for now this is what we have.
  12. We're attaching our public key in the key.gpg file. The ROM file (pokeprism.gbc)
  13. is digitally signed, and you can verify that. We will use the same key to sign
  14. updated versions if we ever release them.
  16. If you have anything important to ask us, you can contact us by email at
  17. Don't expect us to check that too often though.
  19. This file contains the source of the game, the game itself and a small IPS patch
  20. to convert the version you receive into the debug version. Please help us by
  21. distributing these files however you can.
  23. Since we can't very well wait for questions and host a real FAQ, let us get
  24. ahead of the questions we at least do expect:
  26. Q: Are you the original developers?
  27. A: No, the developer team was ordered to cease and desist development on
  28. December 21, 2016 and they complied with that request. We are in no way
  29. affiliated with them.
  31. Q: How did you get your hands on the game?
  32. A: Magic and fairies. We just got a copy. Some dev was careless.
  34. Q: Who are you?
  35. A: A group of people interested in seeing ROM hacks succeed. This project grew
  36. in popularity enough to make us interested in it, and the letter from
  37. Nintendo got us in action.
  39. Q: Will you release updates for the game, or fix the remaining bugs?
  40. A: Maybe, if we can distribute them somehow. The major issue is getting
  41. developers to help, though; we don't have much experience with this
  42. particular programming language. We managed to figure out how to remove the
  43. original credits (to prevent anyone from being liable by us doing this) and
  44. that's about it.
  46. Q: Can I distribute this? Can I use part of this to do something else?
  47. A: Please do distribute it! And as for using part of this game to do something
  48. else, while we can't give you permission (since we aren't the ones who made
  49. it), it's very unlikely that the original devs would stop you after receiving
  50. a C&D themselves.
  52. Q: I'm Dr. Dickhead, from Dickhead, Shithead & Dickhead, lawyers, and we are
  53. acting on behalf of our client, Nintendo. We detected that, on or about--
  54. A: Don't waste your time or ours.
  55. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  56. Version: GnuPG v1
  58. iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJYWyXaAAoJEPPlPMKyJOnlSvUIAJ9hykis7dXml/qU00fPb1yN
  59. f/6rw1ywZLNdkOYueLQaFhNZddBRgKZa+Oru3NP5uoQ+KQmGuoVzpimVSzsor0l8
  60. LO/35dB3Zd9VyHfEKznbAopYsXec21IRrGXtMUSM9fjcZMWQMgZHUujzsoFrqNy7
  61. xdZImWzwU0/mG+hFDQVSJksi0F5i9P6YdaZaPZhyd8HJMMMjT872pc0eYrRZbC/X
  62. Yimx+Z+waf+cIUHmag0kR0AG/+AK9RbxllGXpCfz1EQpKO8wGo01mo4GzcNB0/dL
  63. bnQq+m2Gi8ngfOz0jzdfkJHIRbkOzLIP0TInEPOJ/ZzsLyM8K3lNPOuMXUV3+Fk=
  64. =LYWE
  65. -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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