Delicious cheese

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >Day cheese in Equestria
  2. >you are anonymous the cheese-eater
  3. >and you are currently enjoying a delightful snack
  4. >Esrom
  5. >oh how you love this cheese, so good and aromatic, with a delightful aftertaste like no other
  6. >there is a knock on the door and you quickly chew up another piece and make your way to the door
  7. >as you open it you are greeted by none other than Squeak, looking at you with a happy face and that top moth-cap on her head
  8. “Hiya Anon I was jus-“
  9. >Suddenly she stops as her antennae twitch and she smells the air for a bit
  10. >and immediately looks disgusted
  11. “Oh what is that smell! It smells like stinky feet, sweaty balls and rancid vagina in here. Anon what have you been doing?”
  12. >you raise an eyebrow
  13. >”Whatever do you mean, I smell nothing”
  14. >Squeak holds a hoof to her mouth and looks like she is about to throw up
  15. “Ugh, your breath, it smells even worse!”
  16. >Oh, it must be the stinky cheese
  17. >Yes, esrom can be quite a shock for anyone smelling it for the first time
  18. >not to mention those antennae might give mothponies a very good sense of smell
  19. >a devious little plan develops in your mind as you put your face closer to Squeaks as she puts her hoof down from holding in her lunch
  20. >”Whhhhat ishh ihhhhht, I dohhhnt smehhhhhhl anythinghhh”
  21. >you breathe out as much as you can intentionally as Squeak looks she might hurl
  22. >and suddenly does so
  23. >vomit shoots out from Squeaks mouth and hits you square in the face
  24. >you almost hurl yourself until you notice that it does not smell like the familiar foul stench of vomit
  25. >it actually smells a bit...pleasant
  26. >Squeak must have not eaten a long time ago, and judging by the scent it was mostly honey
  27. >hmmm, undigested honey from a being that’s diet mostly comes from sweet liquids
  28. >dare you take it up a notch?
  29. >you sure do, as Squeak looks at you in shock as you lick the vomit off of your mouth and sample it in your mouth
  30. >it tastes like honey and flowers mostly, a little saltiness mixed into it
  31. >nothing you would eat for enjoyment, but still pretty tasty for vomit
  32. >you scoop up some of the goo from your face and start to lick your hand
  33. >Squeak quickly holds her mouth but then moves quickly to hurl again, straight into your flowerbed
  34. >you start to laugh as Squeak wipes of some residue from the corners of her mouth
  35. >”You going to eat that?”
  36. “You’re nasty Anon”
  37. >but enough is enough
  38. >”Well, I have something you can nibble to chase the taste of vomit out of your mouth
  39. “Thanks, that’d help a lo-“
  40. >you place a piece of esrom cheese right under her nose
  41. >Squeak back away flying while waving her hoofs in front of her and scrunching her nose, and then takes off and escapes
  42. >you have a good hearty laugh and go back to eating stinky cheese
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