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  1. I pray that my message remains
  2. anonymous. Namely, we are all masks
  3. stolen. We don't even have disinfectants
  4. agents. We don't even have protective coats
  5. get threads ordinary surgical we have
  6. only canvases ... really ... they can't go public, but home
  7. parish health we have nothing!
  9. ambulance, ten of us
  10. get a box of masks and everyone by
  11. one paltnen !! "protective" departments shameful!
  13. disinfectants still in flood with
  14. expired 2015. a
  15. the headmistress and the head nurse to us
  16. they neither convert nor care
  18. Jankomir hospital- 1st section
  19. made as a receiving department for
  20. all pac.te they pac. that
  21. hospitalized remain on ward 2
  22. weeks and in case they have none
  23. the symptoms of the corona virus are sent
  24. further to other departments. From
  25. protective equipment after shift 2
  26. surgical masks and 1 cotton,
  27. gloves.
  29. Please anonymously, thank you and
  30. Koprivnica, ban on carrying
  31. protective masks Koprivnica, ban on wearing
  32. protective masks Which are not there anyway.
  34. They search our bags on the way out
  35. from the hospital so they wouldn't carry you home
  36. masks that are missing
  38. hello my husband is working at
  39. psychiatric hospital for children and
  40. youth, Kukuljeviceva, Zagreb ...
  41. no masks, not adequate
  42. than any without talking
  43. 0 other things about child protection ...
  44. can you help?
  46. we have the Sibenik health center
  47. maybe another 10 or so surgical dr's aren't
  48. on time supply, alone
  49. you bought a disinfectant.
  51. Prison hospital and all
  52. outpatient clinics,
  53. we belong to the ministry
  54. Justice. Competent do not listen
  55. our opinion. We do not have a protective device
  56. equipment, we don't even have those surgical ones
  57. masks, and you can imagine with
  58. what kind of patients we do. For
  59. epidemiologists and the Ministry
  60. healthcare - passed under the radar.
  61. Many do not know that we exist.
  62. Prison Hospital at
  63. To St. Simon, near the epicenter
  64. earthquakes, cracks in the hospital
  65. large, arm can fit, none
  66. static, no evacuation, because it is
  67. "expert" delegation from
  68. the Ministry of Justice so
  69. estimated. Simultaneously,
  70. the information must not be outwards,
  71. under the threat of disciplinary
  72. liability, even dismissals.
  74. Health Center, specifically
  75. branch of Pitomača, 1 surgical
  76. mask by shift, from local
  77. textiles get everyone 2
  78. cotton masks
  80. KBC Osijek, in a few days we will not
  81. to have nothing more. Entire management with
  82. the head nurse should be replaced
  83. because of her inability and
  84. inventions we are all in danger of.
  85. Five days ago it was strict
  86. forbidden to wear masks what is
  87. see. Hospital nurse did. Cause of
  88. current situations need
  89. criminally liable because we will
  90. everyone get sick. I'm writing to you in a message
  91. because they follow comments on fb and
  92. later they remind people to write
  93. nonsense. People are afraid to say what
  94. think. Thanks and everyone beware.
  95. greeting
  97. We MUST be silent. I'm sorry
  98. is, if we stay alive maybe
  99. we will have a job, everything else
  100. it is not in our hands because it is
  101. I'm late
  102. Once again, it's all of us
  103. sorry, because it's too late now ... it's me
  105. Pediatric outpatient clinic in Zadar
  106. we have no masks and a glove
  107. there was little more than one left
  108. boxes,. We don't even have to buy, 2
  109. We sent a mailer to
  110. Zadar because it is impossible to number them
  111. get,.
  113. Hi there i am in touch
  114. masks, we have some little masks
  115. which we must not use because
  116. we have to "guard" them.
  118. good day, i'm working on the rib on
  119. neonatology and we only have
  120. the ordinary masks we have to
  121. rationally waste
  123. the whole team of 3 people has to go in
  124. self-isolation. to other interventions
  125. we go with plain cotton
  126. mask. please if you can
  127. without first and last name passed on.
  129. KBC Osijek, in a few days we will not
  130. have anything left. The whole administration is
  131. the head nurse should be replaced
  132. because because of their inability and
  133. inventions we are all at risk.
  134. 5 days ago it's strict
  135. it is forbidden to wear masks and that is
  136. the hospital's chief nurse did. Cause of
  137. current situations need
  138. criminally liable because we will
  139. with everyone getting sick. I am writing to you in a message
  140. because they follow comments on facebook and
  141. later they remind people to write
  142. nonsense. People are afraid to say it.
  143. think. Thanks and everyone beware. Beautiful
  144. greeting
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