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Dec 11th, 2016
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  2. username - @crybabyjoon
  4. full name - Choi Yubin
  5. nicknames -
  6. Bin ; family, because she would always introduce herself as so & it followed her through the years
  7. Yoshi ; family & friends, mainly because she can be very excited about everything & gets jumpy
  8. Choo ; friends, to catch the attention she wanted she would say something along the lines of "choo choo listen to me"
  9. Shark ; friends & strangers, mainly because when annoyed she takes everyone's bull but the moment she has had enough, she'll attack and be as scary like a shark, unexpectedly and surprisingly blowing up
  11. birthday - July 9, 1996
  12. age - 20
  14. nationality - Korean
  15. ethnicity - Korean-British
  17. pob - Manchester, England
  18. hometown - Gwangju, South Korea
  20. languages -
  21. Korean ; 100%
  22. English ; 100%
  23. Russian ; 80%
  25. face claim - Moonbyul (mamamoo)
  26. backup - Wheein (mamamoo)
  27. back backup - Dawon (wjsn)
  29. slot - THE BADASS
  30. backup - TOO TURNT TINA
  32. height - 165cm
  33. weight - 45kg
  34. blood type - B
  36. stage name - Bin
  38. stage persona - Yubin is serious and captivating, she seems like she won't let anything get pass her and though she has her head completely in the game she's always alert, making sure everything is safe and at 100%. Yubin does everything correct and iis amazing when it comes to being center, catches eyes easily and quickly.
  40. tv persona - Yubin is attentive of what's happening and though she carries a very strict and tough looking face, she is easily entertained which results in her smiling to herself and sometimes clapping her hands with a small bob in her head. Listens to those that are older, or the mc's, and skillfully does what she's asked or answers questions smartly. Tries her best to not seem rude, though when she makes a remark, they're smart and actually have logic in them.
  42. HOME RUN
  43. personality - Yibun is someone who doesn't really take anyone's bullshit, and if she does, you might as well stop since that means she'll most likely burst out with even more anger if so. Though she carries a lot of anger at times, Yibun is a very calm and oblivious person. She can be very chill and cool, understanding and careful. Yibun is someone you'd be somewhat scared around at fist because of how she looks and how she carries herself as well as how quiet and serious she is. But, if you're someone she actually likes and put up then you'll see her much more friendlier side. She's considerate of everyone but in a cold way, but she believes that everyone deserves second chances, though, she does have trust problems and getting along with others is also a problem. She's very serious and all about work and is extremely great when it comes to mental stages, she takes hate and criticism really easily and had the highest grades in school. Though, she is a little slow or oblivious to others feelings and sometimes isn't aware that she herself is intimidating at it's finest. Yubin knows this and understands she does sometimes hurts peoples feelings, but she notices when it's already too late. She isn't afraid of showing her feelings, it being about stress or her anger towards someone or how she favors someone a little bit more than others, Yubin is straight up and explains herself quickly and easily. If you're close, she'll make sure those he cares about is healthy, she'll share her food and stuff, take care of them from time to time, and she acts much more friendlier in various of ways. She could go from serious and cold to smiley and supportive in a few seconds. Yubin tries her best to understand everyones point of view, and try to be at least a little friendly with everyone but she does have small patience and doesn't enjoy much. People do see her as a cold-hearted person because that's what she looks like, though she does have another side to her personality. Yibun can sometimes be really child-like, smiling uncontrollably and joking around with one of her members or someone close to her. SShe likes making jokes from time to time and she'll usually laugh or chuckle at whatever her members tend to do, it be accidental or on purpose.
  45. family -
  46. ;Choi Minyeong / 44 / father / 70%
  47. ;Choi Yujin / 43 / mother / 95%
  48. ;Choi Myeongeun / 20 / twin brother / 100%
  50. background - Yubin was born in Manchester, England, and was known as the half asian with a twin. Yubin was bullied when younger, well, more like her brother was the one being bullied, because of the mere fact of them being half asain and looking like it. Young Yubin only understood half of the reason why she and her brother were bullied and disliked, but that didn't stop her from pulling at the hairs of the rude and idiotic classmates of theirs. From there on, she was known as the pre-k girl that could throw a good punch, from the parents point of view and sooner or later, once they had finished the grade, Yibun and her family moved to Korea. That being the place where her Mother was born and raised, though that didn't stop the rude glares and hateful whispers coming from others. Of course, it was now from a whole different race but same reason. Yubin didn't allow the Korean students to bully her brother, but her, because she cared too much for her brother who was very weak in defense and would usually take down the other students, it be physically or emotionally. At this time, she was in a much higher grade, and at the age of 13 she understood more and was called manly names and was always alone with her brother and his friends because girls were too afraid to hang out with her for Yibun had showed them all a lesson not to mess with her or her brother. Even though she was known as a savage, Yibun was at the top of all her classes in all her grades, this being another reason why people wouldn't bother her, because if she were to be made fun of or joked on, she would quickly and easily ruin someone's reputation with facts and deadly comebacks. Yibun was aware of everyone and their doings, being alone with a bunch of guys she had no care for really made her attentive and was able to store every little thing she learned about everyone in her mind, thinking of using it for later if someone had thought of doing her dirty. Yibun was strong, but she never started fights, she never purposely talked bad about someone and she never meant to make such a bold statement but she made herself clear, which was what she wanted the most. At high school, she was even more known, Yibun was known as the schools prettiest girl and strongest off them all, with the golden point of her twin brother being the schools kingka. Yibun was adored and was looked up to by many people, was always being asked out by boys, and sometimes even girls, but she always let everyone down because she found no point in dating someone. Though, she was really close with her brother and his new group of friends, and hanging out with them was how she found her love in music... especially r&b and indie. Yibun had become an underground rapper and do the occasional show and was fairly popular online.
  52. habits -
  53. -unintentionally glaring
  54. -pinching her lips
  55. -tapping her thighs
  56. -speaks her mind too easily
  59. -grape and apple flavored candies
  60. -kittens and cats
  61. -her phone
  62. -letting people know her feelings towards them
  63. -when people aren't easily hurt
  64. -typing onto her laptop
  65. -warm clothing
  66. -being hardworking
  67. -learning new things
  68. -eating
  69. -hot chocolate
  70. -japanese junk food
  71. -visiting foreign countries
  72. -cute night lights
  73. -ulzzangs
  74. -dark aesthetics
  76. dislikes -
  77. -strawberry flavored candy
  78. -banana milk
  79. -when she is being asked too many questions
  80. -when someone cries
  81. -when someone is being hesitant about telling her something
  82. -when she somehow messes up on something
  83. -showing too much skin
  84. -not having something to do
  85. -being in the dark about something
  86. -when shes made to do something she doesn't want to do
  87. -when shes not allowed to do something
  88. -vegetables
  89. -ignorance
  90. -mathematics
  91. -when people laze around her
  92. -bad vibes
  94. trivia -
  95. -she owns a lot of small cactuses and likes naming them after her friends or family or favored artists, sometimes even songs
  96. -though she's a rapper, she can sing a little though she hasn't really ever tried singing
  97. -has two pet cats, one named Brownie and the other one named Jun
  98. -can draw and likes calling her self the young female picasso
  99. -owns a lot of books and has shelves filled of them in her house
  100. -before debuting, she still lived with her parents and claims she always will
  101. -has never been inn a relationship and doesn't plan on being in one any time soon
  102. -catches feelings real quick
  103. -likes the cold weather because then her cats will snuggle up to her
  104. -took self defense classes and was at one point the teacher for a few months
  105. -does dance covers
  106. -favors people and treats them like her princesses / princes
  107. -is actually a smol child within
  108. -is entertained pretty easily
  109. -huge got7 stan
  110. -has amazing aegyo skills and likes using them from time to time
  111. -thought of becoming an ulzzang
  113. things that make you happy -
  114. -when her cats meow and make that tit tat sound on the hardware floor
  115. -when someone intertwines their fingers with hers
  116. -when she is gifted with small things like food or candies or something useful
  117. -cold and rainy days
  119. things that make you sad -
  120. -when a character dies on a show
  121. -ill animals
  122. -when someone / something is abused
  123. -not being able to see someone she truly cares about
  125. things that annoy you -
  126. -when someone grabs and pulls onto her wrists
  127. -when her music taste is questioned
  128. -being mimicked
  129. -when someone gives their opinion on something that wasn't asked for
  131. any guilty pleasures -
  132. -Japanese rock bands
  133. -children shows
  134. -cracking her fingers
  135. -singing to herself
  136. -dancing n front of mirrors
  137. -romance anything
  139. little quirks about you -
  140. -really likes traveling
  141. -staying up really late just to watch dramas or read
  142. -quietly fangirls to herself about all her favorite things
  143. -resting her cool hand on the back of her neck to cool
  144. -always giving serious glares to everything
  146. combat skills - 9
  147. mental skills - 10
  148. agility / flexibility skills - 9
  149. mathematical skills - 7
  150. trivial skills - 10
  151. sly skills - 7
  152. distraction skills - 6.5
  155. partner - Jinyoung
  156. backup - Jackson
  158. his personality - He could be quiet yet loud at the same time, he can be calm at times though he really likes the attention he knows he can easily get. He can be a little flirty at times and extra extra annoying because he knows what he's doing, though he still goes along and does it . One of the most serious actually, & you can see how much he actually means it when he says something with a straight face. Though many aren't really sure if he's making a statement or trying to be intimidating because he will soon later chuckle and a smile.
  160. how well do you work together? - Yibun can sometimes be a little too much, always teasing and picking on her partner, for she really likes his facial expressions and what he says every time she does something for what she does is sometimes surprising because of her personality and such. At times, he can also be a little too much for Yibun, always being somewhat too touchy and friendly, but since Yibun does always pick on him first, she takes everything like a champ. Other than there usual bickering and teasing; "why are you touching me, I told you not to!" "because you don't like being touched there!", they're a great and hardworking team that sum up greatly because one has what the other doesn't, which adds up perfectly.
  162. do you like each other? - Even though both are very not about the romantic side and don't really pay attention to it, they both can't help but feel some type of weird feeling in the pits of their stomach, meaning they have some feelings that are much more than friends, thogh with their sudden bickering and picking on one another stops them from having such thoughts.
  164. what do you say about him to your members? -
  165. "He's really weird at times, but, like a good weird you know?"
  166. "I mean, I know I get annoyed really fast, but I dont get annoyed with him as easily.... but I sometimes do really wanna punch him, I actually really do, not kidding."
  167. "I guess I could say he's really hard working and actually understands when to play and when to be serious, so what I'm saying is that he's a really good partner. I bet my partner is better than yours."
  168. Yibun is really glad her partner is who he is, and she makes sure to make that a bold statement. She is always complimenting him when with her members and sometimes even around him as well, and she's always mentioning how great he is and how great he is also on the eyes. Yibun always talks about how they get along and how great they are as partners, she likes talking about his traits, it being good or bad. She makes sure to leave a good word of him to her members and says how she enjoys bothering him.
  170. what does he say about you to his? -
  171. "Guys, I'm not playing she has slapped my butt before, isn't that weird? But, isn't even more weird that I enjoyed it?"
  172. "She's really smart and can carry a really good straight face, sometimes I'm even scared of her because I'm not sure what she's thinking or what she's about to do to me."
  173. "I know my partner can be a little distant-like and can seem rude, but she's a great person and is actually really supportive...oh, but she can throw a great punch so don't bother her! Okay? For your own health."
  174. He talks about her scary traits, not wanting the other members getting to her because, though he doesn't want to believe it or not, he wants her all to himself. He does sometimes talk about their conversations and how they act along with each other, though he quickly stops because being teased by everyone isn't something he'd enjoy. He'll sometimes throw in compliments about her but he'll quickly chuckle and act cool because, like again, he doesn't want anyone else around her but himself.
  176. how he acts around you - He's really touchy and extra friendly with her, he tries his best to be the best partner ever because he knows how easily triggered she is. He can be supportive at times and makes sure to work harder for they can be the best out of everyone, he likes being alone with her because when so, she's extra friendlier and talks even more than when they're out with everyone else. Sometimes, he makes jokes and acts cute just to see her smile and her smiling expression, for she's always having a heavy ad serious expression. He acts serious when they're around other people though, because he doesn't want her grabbing any other members or groups attention because she can easily do so, and the last thing he wants is Yibun picking on someone that isn't him. He acts as if he doesn't enjoy when Yibun bothers him but he surely does, asking if she's okay when she hasn't done anything and if she is sick. He too likes picking back on Yibun, poking her sides and then questioning the weird noise she made when he did so.
  178. how you act around him - Yibun is much more calmer when around him, she doesn't want to scare him off like the other members but she still ends up sometimes scaring her away. She tries her best to be as supportive as he is, but she isn't sure what to do because he himself is very touchy and easy going but Yibun isn't, which makes things much more tougher for her. So, she results in just being her regular ol' tough cookie self. She'll usually have a straight face, ending up in him asking if she's okay and when she is brought back into reality, she nods and gives him a small though forced smile, just to reassure him. Yibun does notice when he makes efforts to be cute and funny, though she doesn't notice when she starts smiling and laughing her butt of, but she's glad that he does make such efforts. She will sometimes buy him stuff, such as food, in dire need to have him smile and stop worrying of her, and she's glad when he thanks her with stars in his eyes and takes the food happily. Though they do get along fairly well, she enjoys teasing him, like slapping his butt from time to time and the dropping her head and holding her stomach because of the way he turned around, holding the butt cheek that was violated and staring at her as if she killed someone.
  180. suggested scenes with partner -
  181. -they're all with their members, both groups just hanging around or something, and everyone was doing their own things. It being morning, few were being busy doing breakfast, and when Yibun comes down to where everyone was, seeing her partner in the kitchen being busy, she quickly chuckles to herself evilly and runs towards the kitchen. As she made her way in, despite his members and a few of her own being in the kitchen, she slapped his butt, making a loud slapping noise and him hissing. "Hah! Got you back, that's what you get, sucker!" Having everyone questioned what the boy had done to make her get revenge with slapping his butt with so much strength.
  183. -Yibun was sitting outside, playing with a stick that's in the lake and trying to get the attention of a few lake animals, though she didn't hear the leaves crunching as her partner got closer and closer towards her, due to the fact of her earphone in her ears. So, she was surprised and scared when hands had placed themselves on her waist and she was eve more surprised when they had wrapped around her. "Yah, why're you so friendly today? You didn't tell me you wanted to cuddle today... Yah! Wh-why are your hands on me!" She slapped her partner away, him falling straight on his butt. He himself was surprised, holding onto his chest that was beating fast, "I-I thought you were Bam, you're both small so I thought... I'm so sorry, oh gosh I just touched your waist like nothing." Now both of them were being awkward
  185. sleeping habits -
  186. -quiet though annoying snores
  187. -sleep mumbling about nonsense
  188. -moves a lot
  191. suggested scenes -
  192. -they all have a sleepover in the living room (or just some part of where they're staying)
  193. -the female members are gossiping and the male members are mimicking them, copying their actions and the way they're whispering
  194. -they have breakfast together, the male members figuring out how girls actually are in the mornings
  195. -prank wars between both groups
  196. -each group trying to figure out whose partner is better
  198. suggested challenges -
  199. -they wear clothing of the opposite gender for a whole week
  200. -which group could zip line to the opposite side the fastest
  201. -the partners have to cook something eatable for their partner in a minuet or so
  202. -writing down facts of their partners and if they get it incorrect, they have to do a penalty
  205. *interview questions*
  207. are you excited? - honestly, yes, I really am. Though my face doesn't show it, I'm actually up for all the challenges so don't hold back. Just come at me guys, I can take it all, alright. I'm genuinely excited.
  209. how would you describe yourself? - Ah, cold & difficult to understand. I'm always told I am, so, I'm finally seeing it.
  211. do you still think got7 will like you - Maybe not? Aha, I'm not sure, I feel like it took a long time for my members to like me so it'll probably take them to get closer to me. But it's honestly up to me if they'll like me or not. With my personality and such. So with growth and friendliness, we'll like each other as mutual's.
  213. what's one thing you're nervous for? - If I embarrass myself completely, I mean... I seem cold and cool on television and through the screens, so if I end up screeching when falling from somewhere or doing a challenge, it'll honestly be kinda... weird, coming from me.
  215. lastly, anything you want to say to got7? - Hey, it'd be great if we got along, I'm gonna apologize here if I happen to seem very scary or cold. So, I apologize in full respect if I snap at any of you guys, if I make you feel uncomfortable in any way... I hope we become great friends and hopefully do more than just see each other here and see each other at concerts we are doing together. Thanks!
  217. A
  218. password - Real Got7
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