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  1. surf: okay
  2. [3:50 PM] surf: i was like
  3. [3:50 PM] surf: wat
  4. [3:50 PM] guest-8933 changed nickname to kickr
  5. [3:50 PM] surf: when i show the girls on my floor this die antwoord they're all
  6. [3:51 PM] surf: this is weird and the lyrics are dumb
  7. [3:51 PM] ihatemyself: trendy shit, huh.
  8. [3:51 PM] triig: Hi Cas
  9. [3:51 PM] ihatemyself: hi.
  10. [3:51 PM] zombieflute: It can be weird and good
  11. [3:51 PM] surf: so four years ago roight
  12. [3:51 PM] zombieflute: Like Evil Boy
  13. [3:51 PM] surf: bitches only like rascall flats
  14. [3:51 PM] surf: and dubstep
  15. [3:51 PM] hi_im_ler: Shitstep
  16. [3:52 PM] ihatemyself: die antwoord has always been shit, it's just another phase like lil b.
  17. [3:52 PM] zombieflute: >basic bitches
  18. [3:52 PM] ihatemyself: for a different crowd.
  19. [3:52 PM] surf: like weed
  20. [3:52 PM] surf: and carrots
  21. [3:52 PM] kickr: baby carrots*
  22. [3:53 PM] surf: everything is below you
  23. [3:53 PM] ihatemyself: no.
  24. [3:53 PM] zombieflute: Rude
  25. [3:53 PM] ihatemyself: that carrots argument is stupid to begin with.
  26. [3:53 PM] triig: So guys I just downloaded that song from YouTube... and its 37 minutes long...
  27. [3:53 PM] zombieflute: Carrots?
  28. [3:53 PM] surf: the carrots argument is stupid because i was making fun of you
  29. [3:53 PM] ihatemyself: and I didn't even care about weed, except you flipped shit to defend it
  30. [3:53 PM] surf: for being stupid.
  31. [3:53 PM] ihatemyself: and then told me I was being excessive.
  32. [3:53 PM] ihatemyself: so fuck off.
  33. [3:53 PM] hi_im_ler: drama
  34. [3:53 PM] surf: i never used the word excessive.
  35. [3:53 PM] zombieflute: Surf flipped shit to defend weed?
  36. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: I know, I didn't keep a transcript. sorry.
  37. [3:54 PM] surf: i don't think i flipped shit.
  38. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: yeah, she ranted for like twenty mins about how I misunderstand her culture.
  39. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: >culture
  40. [3:54 PM] surf: i think i said something about how
  41. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: >weed
  42. [3:54 PM] surf: 'i like weed'
  43. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: blah blah blah
  44. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: and I said "man I hate weed"
  45. [3:54 PM] surf: and cas went on about how it's for middleschoolers
  46. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: no
  47. [3:54 PM] surf: because it's an entry level drug
  48. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: I didn't until she went off on it.
  49. [3:54 PM] surf: and then he started crying
  50. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: it was a value judgement, same as yours.
  51. [3:54 PM] ihatemyself: and now she's being a dirty liar.
  52. [3:54 PM] zombieflute: Weed is for faggots. If you smoke weed that's pretty pathetic.
  53. [3:54 PM] surf: because i implied that his opinions aren't universal
  54. [3:55 PM] ihatemyself: so basically she set up strawmen
  55. [3:55 PM] ihatemyself: because apparently I think my opinions are universal instead of my own.
  56. [3:55 PM] surf: and then he spent the whole night dissing everything
  57. [3:55 PM] surf: for being so four years ago
  58. [3:55 PM] ihatemyself: and then I spent the rest of the night ignoring her.
  59. [3:55 PM] ihatemyself: because she's annoying.
  60. [3:55 PM] surf: because he's a pretentious dick
  61. [3:56 PM] zombieflute: True. He is.
  62. [3:56 PM] surf: shoving his trendiness down everyone's throats
  63. [3:56 PM] zombieflute: But liking/smoking weed is just as bad as being cas.
  64. [3:56 PM] ihatemyself: because surf makes everything revolve around trendiness instead of actual opinions.
  65. [3:56 PM] surf: you justify all of your opinions
  66. [3:56 PM] surf: by saying that whatever we're talking about is 'so four years ago'
  67. [3:56 PM] ihatemyself: she's so embarrassed of being a hip indie kid that she accuses everyone else of being
  68. [3:56 PM] ihatemyself: trendy.
  69. [3:57 PM] ihatemyself: I never said a single thing about four years ago
  70. [3:57 PM] ihatemyself: you just said that was my number, I said it like once.
  71. [3:57 PM] ihatemyself: god you're annoying.
  72. [3:57 PM] surf: you used that exact phrase twice
  73. [3:57 PM] surf: once when talking about /x/
  74. [3:57 PM] surf: and once when talking about junji ito
  75. [3:57 PM] ihatemyself: that was the same conversation.
  76. [3:57 PM] zombieflute: DANCING IS MY REMEDY REMEDY
  77. [3:57 PM] ihatemyself: junji ito and /x/ are tied together
  78. [3:57 PM] surf: wat
  79. [3:57 PM] surf: okay sure
  80. [3:58 PM] ihatemyself: I said it once and you're flipping shit over it.
  81. [3:58 PM] surf: if i'm so insufferable
  82. [3:58 PM] surf: stop talking to me
  83. [3:58 PM] ihatemyself: huh.
  84. [3:58 PM] ihatemyself: why would I do that?
  85. [3:58 PM] surf: then you don't have to deal with me
  86. [3:58 PM] surf: 'flipping shit'
  87. [3:59 PM] surf: aka
  88. [3:59 PM] surf: not backing down and sucking your edick
  89. [3:59 PM] ihatemyself: you're the one who's desperate to defend her indie cred.
  90. [3:59 PM] ihatemyself: all I said was I read junji ito years ago and it was annoying to see it reposted on /x/
  91. [3:59 PM] ihatemyself: every other night.
  92. [3:59 PM] ihatemyself: so whatever.
  93. [3:59 PM] triig: Guys :c
  94. [3:59 PM] hi_im_ler: Hi.
  95. [4:00 PM] ihatemyself: no idea where you're getting this edick shit from.
  96. [4:00 PM] surf: and that /x/ is shit because it's basically /b/ four years ago
  97. [4:00 PM] james: you guys really argue about the stupidest shit
  98. [4:00 PM] ihatemyself: soooo desperate to defend what you like.
  99. [4:00 PM] surf: why would i not want to defend the things i like?
  100. [4:00 PM] zombieflute: OMG THAT'S NO EVEN IMPORTANT
  101. [4:01 PM] ihatemyself: because you're telling me I can't.
  102. [4:01 PM] surf: especially when i suspect that your dislike for them isn't even based on anything valid
  103. [4:01 PM] surf: because you constantly pop into conversations dismissing the topics
  104. [4:01 PM] ihatemyself: really? because over-exposure totally isn't a valid reason.
  105. [4:01 PM] surf: with an air of being too cool for them
  106. [4:02 PM] surf: you never state your opinions as opinions either
  107. [4:02 PM] ihatemyself: so what, I should have sucked junji ito's edick?
  108. [4:02 PM] ihatemyself: right.
  109. [4:02 PM] surf: it's always fact
  110. [4:02 PM] zombieflute: At least no one is begging for physical validation...
  111. [4:02 PM] surf: die antwoord is shit
  112. [4:02 PM] surf: kurt vonnegut sucks
  113. [4:02 PM] surf: etc etc
  114. [4:02 PM] ihatemyself: it's a value judgement, of course it's an opinion
  115. [4:02 PM] ihatemyself: that's sorta obvious.
  116. [4:03 PM] surf: you just adopt these opinions that make you think make you seem more hipster than hipsters
  117. [4:03 PM] ihatemyself: wat
  118. [4:03 PM] ihatemyself: I'm not a hipster.
  119. [4:03 PM] kickr left the room.
  120. [4:03 PM] surf: of course not, you don't even like die antwoord
  121. [4:03 PM] surf: or kurt vonnegut
  122. [4:03 PM] ihatemyself: I like wes anderson though.
  123. [4:03 PM] surf: you're too obscure to be a hipster
  124. [4:03 PM] ihatemyself: teehee.
  125. [4:04 PM] zombieflute: It's even more obscure than the average hipster!
  126. [4:04 PM] surf: everyone likes wes anderson, anyone who doesn't should be shot.
  127. [4:04 PM] triig: Who is he?
  128. [4:04 PM] zombieflute: Is that a cas fact or a surf opinion?
  129. [4:04 PM] surf: surf opinion
  130. [4:04 PM] zombieflute: He's 42 and looks 16
  131. [4:04 PM] zombieflute: wut...
  132. [4:05 PM] zombieflute: You're talking about the director, right?
  133. [4:05 PM] surf: yeah
  134. [4:05 PM] surf: dont't judge people based on their looks etc etc
  135. [4:07 PM] guest-9662 entered the room.
  136. [4:07 PM] guest-9662 changed nickname to tarot
  137. [4:07 PM] zombieflute: He has some pretty good films.
  138. [4:07 PM] surf: hey
  139. [4:07 PM] surf: i'm sorry cas.
  140. [4:08 PM] zombieflute: OMG SURF IS THE BIGGER MAN
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