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Hockeyburgh Tips

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  1. Some tips as Hockeyburgh streams into the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  2. =====================================================================
  3. 1. Some hosts that I use may use have more "invasive" advertising
  4.    than I'd personally like. Your best bet to avoid a majority of
  5.    these is to use a browser such as Firefox/Chrome/Safari and
  6.    install the AdBlock extension.
  7.       • Firefox: adblockplus.org
  8.       • Chrome: chromeadblock.com
  9.       • Safari: safariadblock.com
  11.    You could also go as far as installing NoScript as well. I know
  12.    it's a dick move to these hosts, but if you're technically
  13.    competent you can protect yourself without having to enable these
  14.    ad blockers, this may just help some viewers. Up to you. :)
  16. 2. Make sure your version of Flash Player is up to date.
  18. 3. Follow on Twitter as stream locations may change. Passwords may
  19.    be required for some & you will find them on there.
  20.        • twitter.com/hockeyburgh
  22. 4. Like what you see and want to donate? Guess what... keep your
  23.    money! I don't do this to make money or anything, I already do
  24.    this stuff for my enjoyment, you don't need to subsidize it. I
  25.    give you a nice, high quality stream and I don't give you any
  26.    bullshit over it. I don't talk, I don't try to be a director,
  27.    I just stream.
  29.    If you do feel like donating, donate to a good cause instead:
  30.        • You Can Play Project - www.youcanplayproject.org
  31.        • Hockey Fights Cancer - www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=25343
  32.        • Defending the Blue Line - www.defendingtheblueline.org
  33.        • Mario Lemieux Foundation - www.mariolemieux.org
  34.        • Youth Hockey Foundation of Austin - www.austinicehockey.com
  35.        • There are a NUMBER of other great charities, these are
  36.          just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.
  38. 5. I can't edit this after posting, so I hope I got everything that
  39.    I needed to say out! Enjoy the stream and LET'S GO PENS!
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