MagiReco Main Story 9 - Mifuyu

Oct 22nd, 2018
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  1. Mifuyu (and Kyouko)
  3. 9.26 Mifuyu 1
  4. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  5. Kyouko: "What a nasty hobby they have, storing up this many witches."
  7. 9.26.1 (from: 9.25.1 Everyone 4)
  8. [we see a selection of witches and familiars outside Hotel Fendthope]
  9. horn familiar: "ant@&#}(*^Oebkntaohey"
  10. Kyouko: "Tch..."
  11. "Big numbers alone won't be enough to beat us, you know."
  12. [she knocks down the familiar]
  13. horn familiar: "ntdy.nsathoenty.h"
  14. Kyouko: "Jeez, they sure had a lot of witches up their sleeve..."
  15. Mifuyu: "This is Alina's collection. It seems she's released them for defense."
  16. Kyouko: "You're sure nonchalant about this..."
  17. "All this talk about keeping them like some kind of pet makes my head hurt..."
  18. Momoko: "You're saying that *now* about Alina?"
  19. key familiar: "gi... ki... chikichiki..."
  20. [Momoko attacks it]
  21. Momoko: "Hah!!"
  22. key familiar: "Kaki... kakakakaka..."
  23. Momoko: "So, Mifuyu-san..."
  24. "Do we just wait here and hold them off for now?"
  25. Mifuyu: "Yes, we'll wait until Yacchan's group is underground."
  26. "When it's the right time, we'll strike and destroy Fendthope."
  27. [we see three full-on witches]
  28. Rena: "That said, we don't have unlimited magic to take on this many enemies."
  29. Kaede: "It's alright, Rena-chan!"
  30. "We got grief seeds from Mitama-san."
  31. "We can beat these witches."
  32. Mifuyu: "Please don't be so carefree."
  33. Kaede: "Huh?"
  34. Mifuyu: "Your magic and stamina are separate."
  35. "If you become injured and unable to move, you'll just be playing right into our enemies' hands."
  36. Momoko: "So basically we have to beat them without getting hurt."
  37. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  38. "Amane sisters, please be careful as well."
  39. "Definitely do not use doppels."
  40. Tsukasa: "Y-yes!"
  41. Tsukuyo: "I understand!"
  42. Tsukasa: "Even if our soul gems' impurities go away, our fatigue won't."
  43. Tsukuyo: "Be very careful, Tsukasa-chan."
  44. Tsukasa: "Right."
  45. Zenobia: "Jagigioentih,.ydtn!"
  46. Mifuyu: "Ignore any witches that don't attack!"
  47. "Fight as little as possible so that we can hold out until the right time!"
  48. "..."
  49. (I need to atone at least a little for the sins I've committed...)
  50. [battle]
  51. Zenobia: ",.yt,.zusha!!"
  52. [Mifuyu gets hit]
  53. Mifuyu: "kuh..."
  54. (As I get weaker, I lose control just like the Magius...)
  55. [she counterattacks]
  56. Mifuyu: "Yaah!!"
  57. Zenobia: "Zarizari...tnoyd..."
  58. Mifuyu: (I told Yacchan we'd defeat the rumor...)
  59. (But it's a gamble as to whether we can...)
  60. (Nemu has added quite a lot of her life to Hotel Fendthope.)
  61. (It's a level beyond any of the other rumors.)
  62. (With this many witches to fight, can we really beat it?)
  63. [fade to black]
  64. Mifuyu: *Even so, I must defeat it.*
  65. *If I weren't here, if Magius had decided to give up sooner, there wouldn't have been this many victims.*
  66. [flashback to the boardwalk at Minagi Ward]
  67. Mifuyu: *At that time, I was already depressed.*
  68. *I couldn't accept myself either as a magical girl or as a woman, and fell deep into despair.*
  69. Touka: "Hey, veteran girl..."
  70. "Let's work together to release magical girls."
  71. "If we do that, you won't have to suffer anymore!"
  72. Mifuyu: "I will be free from these... shackles of being a magical girl?"
  73. [flashback to Yachiyo's living room]
  74. Mifuyu: *The reason for my heavy heart was the frequent marriage interviews forced on me by my family.*
  75. *Though I didn't want to, I decided to try going, in accordance with the result of one of Meru-san's divinations.*
  76. *Since then, a crack ran through my resolve as a magical girl, and once more I began to hope for a future as a woman, which I should have long since given up on.*
  77. "Oh, the marriage interview?"
  78. Tsuruno: "Yeah, yeah! I was wondering how it went..."
  79. Mifuyu: "Well... he was quite a wonderful person!"
  80. "I'm so glad we got to meet."
  81. [in the mirror witch's labyrinth]
  82. Mifuyu: *And my unease was further amplified that time I fought against Kanagi-san.*
  83. *In the middle of battle, the sensation of my strength declining shook my resolve all the more.*
  84. Momoko: "Hmm... It didn't seem to me to be any different from other times we've fought."
  85. Mifuyu: "Eh?"
  86. (It feels like I wasn't able to use magic as well as usual...)
  87. (Was it just me?)
  88. [flashback to Yachiyo's living room at night]
  89. Mifuyu: *And what forced my decision was Yacchan's confession.*
  90. *It wasn't just my problem.*
  91. *I wondered if the Magius's plan succeeding would free Yacchan from the hardships she was enduring.*
  92. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu, I think maybe..."
  93. Mifuyu: "Yacchan?"
  94. Yachiyo: "I think my wish might have killed Kanae and Meru..."
  95. [fade to black]
  96. Mifuyu: *It went quickly once I made my decision.*
  97. [at the Mizuna Shrine at night]
  98. Mifuyu: *In order to gather more people I could trust, I confided everything in Tsukuyo-san, a junior classmate of mine also from Mizuna.*
  99. *I told her that magical girls become witches, and that the Magius were planning on freeing us from that fate...*
  100. Tsukuyo: "We only need to hold on for two more years."
  101. "Once we do, Tsukasa-chan and I can leave home and live together."
  102. Mifuyu: "Tsukuyo-san, that alone is not enough to escape all your suffering."
  103. [in Artisan Ward at night]
  104. Mifuyu: *Tsukuyo-san told that to Tsukasa-san, and Tsukasa-san told that to the magical girls of the east, spreading the truth that they would become witches.*
  105. *Realizing the dangers of telling the truth, we limited ourselves to magical girls who already knew when recruiting to the Wings of Magius.*
  106. "Tsukasa-san, are you really alright with Kanagi-san?"
  107. Tsukasa: "Yeah..."
  108. "I can't really accept the truth of magical girls..."
  109. "I can't be as strong as Kanagi-san is..."
  110. "Just because we were born in the east, we are forced to suffer."
  111. "So at least, I want to avoid the suffering of being a magical girl."
  112. "There isn't anything wrong with that, right?"
  113. [fade to black]
  114. Mifuyu: *Starting then, Touka spread the stories about the miracle occurring in Kamihama to the surrounding cities, causing magical girls to come into the city one after another.*
  115. *My seven years of experience as a magical girl plus my track record of protecting the magical girls of the west together with Yacchan was plenty to earn other magical girls' trust.*
  116. *Before I knew it, the Wings of Magius...*
  117. [insert image of the three Magius in thrones]
  118. Mifuyu: *Had gathered quite a number of Feathers.*
  119. *I was the sole reason why so many had joined us in the short span of just a few months...*
  120. *But then, when Nemu began destroying her health to create rumors, or when the Magius began to use despicable means to achieve their goals, I was powerless to stop them.
  121. [fade to black]
  122. Mifuyu: *So I must end this myself.*
  123. *It's a bit late to be doing this, but even if I can't stop the Magius from seizing the fate of magical girls...*
  124. [back outside Hotel Fendthope]
  125. Mifuyu: (Then even if it costs me my life...)
  126. TO: 9.27.1 (Mifuyu 2)
  128. 9.27 Mifuyu 2
  129. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  130. Mifuyu: "My family, the one I love, Yacchan... Thinking of them makes my heart hurt, but even so, I..."
  132. 9.27.1 (from 9.26.1 Mifuyu 1)
  133. [in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope, we see the baby witch thing and Momoko]
  134. baby witch: "..."
  135. Momoko: "Rena, Kaede, this is the last one!"
  136. [Kaede attacks it]
  137. Kaede: "Fuyah!"
  138. baby witch: "!?"
  139. Kaede: "I've stopped it from moving!"
  140. Rena: "Nice, Kaede!"
  141. "Momoko!"
  142. Momoko: "Alright, let's finish this!"
  143. [Rena attacks]
  144. Rena: "Haaaahh!!"
  145. [Momoko attacks]
  146. Momoko: "Uryaaah!!"
  147. [the witch is defeated]
  148. baby witch: "...!?...!?!?!?!"
  149. Rena: "sigh... This sure is tiring..."
  150. Momoko: "Well, this is also kind of refreshing, we can look out over a large field."
  151. Kaede: "Yeah!"
  152. "Now, all we have to do is wait for Yachiyo-san's group to arrive."
  153. Kyouko: "Yeah, but isn't it too easy?"
  154. Kaede: "You mean there's something else?"
  155. Kyouko: "If you hang with Magius for a bit, you'd understand."
  156. "I wouldn't expect them to lay such a halfhearted trap."
  157. [another barrier shows up]
  158. Kyouko: "See?"
  159. Kaede: "But there's only one!"
  160. Momoko: "Yeah, if this is all..."
  161. [it disappears]
  162. Momoko: "But it doesn't seem like it is..."
  163. [we see the witch with the jug of water]
  164. water jug witch: "thnoetnhy nthaoeytnh tnhynoet"
  165. [we see Mifuyu and the Amanes]
  166. Tsukasa: "Mifuyu-san, that's...!"
  167. Tsukuyo: "The witch that Alina was raising!?"
  168. Mifuyu: "Yeah, this witch isn't merely part of her collection..."
  169. "This is her precious baby that she fed other witches to in order to protect it..."
  170. Tsukasa: "It's not a baby anymore, it's full-grown already!"
  171. Tsukuyo: "T-to think she was raising something like this..."
  172. Mifuyu: "It's something only the Magius and I knew about..."
  173. Tsukasa: "It's giving me cold sweats..."
  174. Kyouko: "I'd hoped that my prediction wouldn't come true..."
  175. "Are there any more after this one!?"
  176. Mifuyu: "A second would be outrageous but I can't rule out the possibility."
  177. Kyouko: "We can't let ourselves relax quite yet, huh."
  178. "But it should be about time, right?"
  179. TO: 9.28.1 (Mifuyu 3)
  181. 9.28 Mifuyu 3
  182. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  183. Kyouko: "Knowing her, it wouldn't be unusual for her to come by now. Actually, she should be here already."
  185. 9.28.1 (from 9.27.1 Mifuyu 2)
  186. [we see the Amanes facing off against the witch]
  187. water jug witch: "dnynthoeunyt ntoehyntoedh tneoydnoehu"
  188. [it hits Tsukuyo]
  189. Tsukuyo: "Kya!!"
  190. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan!"
  191. water jug witch: "ntydntehunotey ntdeynwme tneyohnotehu"
  192. [Mifuyu attacks]
  193. Mifuyu: "Watch out!"
  194. [and hits the witch]
  195. water jug witch: "ytneohyntheo thyetneou tnhyoentho"
  196. Mifuyu: "pant... pant... Are you two alright?"
  197. Tsukuyo: "Yes, thank you..."
  198. Tsukasa: "This isn't an opponent where we only need to worry about getting injured..."
  199. Momoko: "Well sure, since it's able to stand against all of us at the same time..."
  200. Rena: "How much did she have to feed it to make it this strong?"
  201. Kaede: "Uuyuu... My legs are feeling wobbly..."
  202. Rena: "Hey, don't wet yourself."
  203. Kaede: "I'm not gonna wet myself!"
  204. water jug witch: "noteyntoehyn ntodyenotehu ntyhdontdhpoe"
  205. Kaede: "Wah, uyu, I...!?!?"
  206. [the Amanes attack]
  207. Amane sisters: "Flute flower resonance!!"
  208. [they hit the witch]
  209. water jug witch: "doteynthoeu ntdyoetnhoeu tndyonth"
  210. Tsukuyo: "This should hold it back for a bit!"
  211. Kaede: "..."
  212. Tsukasa: "...Kaede-chan?"
  213. Mifuyu: "This is a problem..."
  214. "I hope Yacchan's group can make it underground quickly..."
  215. "But I'd like to avoid a long battle with the Magius..."
  216. Momoko: "There are only three of them though, against the six on our side, right?"
  217. Mifuyu: "I'm concerned about them being fatigued..."
  218. "I'm not sure they can fight in that environment..."
  219. water jug witch (offscreen): "antotyehne tnhoyetnoehu tnhyoetnhoe"
  220. Tsukuyo: "I-it has begun moving once more!"
  221. Tsukasa: "Mifuyu-san!"
  222. Mifuyu: "It'll be tough, but we have to defeat it on our own somehow."
  223. Kyouko: "You don't have to worry, it'll work out somehow."
  224. Mifuyu: "On what basis?"
  225. Kyouko: "See, here they are!"
  226. Mami (offscreen): *TIRO☆FINALE!!*
  227. [the witch gets hit]
  228. witch: "antoehynote tnhyeontyh ntoehyytnhoe"
  229. Mami: "We will be joining in now."
  230. Kyouko: "You're late, Mami. What were you doing putzing around?"
  231. "I thought you'd be here just a bit sooner."
  232. Mami: "There was a lot to deal with outside, you know."
  233. Mifuyu: "Tomoe-san, your rumor..."
  234. Momoko: "If you're like that, then it looks like you're all back to normal."
  235. Mami: "Yes, I'm sorry for worrying everyone..."
  236. "But it's alright now. I'm not the hand guiding magical girls."
  237. "Now I'm just another magical girl putting my pride on the line in this fight!"
  238. "Now, let's join in, Kaname-san, Akemi-san, Miki-san!"
  239. [we see those three]
  240. Madoka: "Kyouko-chan, thanks for yesterday!"
  241. Homura: "We'll fight by your side."
  242. Sayaka: "Sayaka-chan, at your service."
  243. "One witch? Should be easy."
  244. Kyouko: "Oi, don't get carried away."
  245. "Normal witches aren't nearly on the same level as this one."
  246. "Prepare yourselves!"
  247. [battle]
  248. [the witch collapses]
  249. water jug witch: "oenythoentyh nthyntoheunt crgeyotnoeunth"
  250. Rena: "W-we beat it..."
  251. Kaede: "Fuyuu... I'm so tiredddd..."
  252. Momoko: "You can't help but sit down, huh."
  253. "But the next witch..."
  254. [screen wipe; there's nothing]
  255. Momoko: "..."
  256. "I don't sense anything..."
  257. Mifuyu: "It seems so."
  258. Momoko: "sigh..."
  259. Mifuyu: "Thank you so much."
  260. "Tomoe-san, you all saved us."
  261. Mami: "Saved you?"
  262. "I only did what was natural."
  263. "Also, for me it's a part of atoning for what I have done."
  264. Mifuyu: "Atoning... It's the same for me."
  265. "Even though you were merged with a rumor, I couldn't do anything to help you..."
  266. Mami: "Even so, Azusa-san, I do remember you resisting Magius."
  267. (However...)
  268. (If only I hadn't been merged with a rumor upon learning the truth of magical girls...)
  269. (I was unable to bear knowing the end we are fated to.)
  270. (I do regret that the situation degraded because of me...)
  271. (But I had the time to come to terms with it, unmistakably because of the rumor.)
  272. (It's complicated...)
  273. Kyouko: "But seriously, I didn't expect all of you to come together."
  274. "You do know that the Walpurgisnacht is coming, right?"
  275. "Normal people would just hide away in their rooms rather than face it..."
  276. Sayaka: "You were the one who wanted to share information, Kyouko."
  277. "After hearing that, there's no way I could back down."
  278. Madoka: "Yeah, I feel the same."
  279. "I'm scared, and my heart wants to give up, but more importantly I wanted to save everyone."
  280. "Iroha-chan and all the other friends I've made in Kamihama..."
  281. "I can't pretend like I don't see them fighting for their lives."
  282. Homura: "..."
  283. Kyouko: "You're unexpectedly gloomy, huh, Homura?"
  284. Homura: "I-I feel the same way as well."
  285. "But I am scared, after all."
  286. Kyouko: "Then don't push yourself too hard."
  287. Homura: "No, I will push myself."
  288. "Even though I'm afraid, Kaname-san and all of you are fighting."
  289. (I also need to protect Kaname-san from the Walpurgisnacht.)
  290. Mifuyu: "And so, Tomoe-san."
  291. Mami: "Yes?"
  292. Mifuyu: "Was it your friends who removed the rumor from you?"
  293. Mami: "No, it was Nanami-san who removed it during our fight to the death."
  294. Mifuyu: "Yacchan... did it?"
  295. Mami: "Yes."
  296. "Even though it wouldn't have been unexpected for me to have killed Nanami-san..."
  297. "She properly faced me."
  298. "Even though I was tormented by the sense of responsibility..."
  299. "For getting Kaname-san and her friends entwined in the fate of magical girls..."
  300. "She told me I was more worthy of praise for that..."
  301. "Than for working towards the release of magical girls."
  302. "That's the feeling I got."
  303. Mifuyu: "I see now..."
  304. Mami: (I finally was able to clear away my weak self from the past.)
  305. (So...)
  306. "Now, I want to make a clean break from my past self, and atone."
  307. Mifuyu: "I feel the same way."
  308. Mami: "And so, Azusa-san, I have something I'd like to ask of you."
  309. Mifuyu: "Something from me?"
  310. TO: 9.29.1 (Mifuyu 4)
  312. 9.29 Mifuyu 4
  313. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  314. Mifuyu: "What I'm capable of right now is very limited, but..."
  316. 9.29.1 (from 9.28.1 Mifuyu 3)
  317. [in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope]
  318. Mami: "And so, Azusa-san, I have something I'd like to ask of you."
  319. Mifuyu: "Something from me?"
  320. Mami: "Yes..."
  321. "I'd like you to send your voice to all of the feathers in Kamihama."
  322. "The feathers we were fighting against outside have stopped..."
  323. "And now they are unable to figure out what they need to do."
  324. Mifuyu: "This is after you returned to normal after being used by the Magius?"
  325. Mami: "Yes... But they haven't decided..."
  326. "Even if they want release, they would be used like tools by the Magius."
  327. "They no longer know what is the right thing to do."
  328. Mifuyu: "But then, what should I do?"
  329. Mami: "Azusa-san, you are the reason they trust the Magius."
  330. Mifuyu: "!?"
  331. Mami: "They believe in the plan put forth by the Magius."
  332. "But they don't believe in the Magius themselves."
  333. "They all know..."
  334. "How hard you've been working so that the organization does not fall apart."
  335. "That you try to restrain the Magius."
  336. "So they all believe in Magius by proxy through you."
  337. Mifuyu: "Is that really..."
  338. Mami: "You really have a lot of influence."
  339. "Everyone is waiting for your word."
  340. "So please, reach them, with what you truly feel!"
  341. Mifuyu: "But will that really change things?"
  342. "At the very least, it won't change the minds of the feathers here in the base."
  343. "Even if I'm not supporting them, they'll still believe in the the Magius."
  344. "They're all people who work for release of their own volition."
  345. Mami: "The ones who changed all that was the Magius themselves."
  346. "Right now, I'm sure you'll be able to reach them."
  347. Tsukuyo: "But, are you really capable of doing that?"
  348. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  349. "Telepathy might get through to us feathers..."
  350. "But it won't make it outside..."
  351. Mami: "No, she can do it."
  352. "After all, magical girls who can control sound are standing right before me."
  353. Tsukasa: "..."
  354. Tsukuyo: "..."
  355. Amane sisters: "You mean us!?"
  356. Mifuyu: "So it's possible."
  357. "..."
  358. "I understand. Let's reach them with all our strength."
  359. "All of the magical girls here in Kamihama."
  360. [screen wipe; we see a short green-haired white feather and a short black-haired black feather]
  361. short black black feather: "Come!"
  362. "Over here are Tamaki Iroha's friends!"
  363. short green white feather: "Mifuyu-san and others are being held hostage."
  364. "Let's hurry and save them!"
  365. [screen wipe]
  366. Momoko: "The ideal feathers are coming, it seems."
  367. Mami: "Do it while we're holding them off!"
  368. [battle]
  369. [in battle]
  370. Mifuyu: "Tsukuyo-san, Tsukasa-san, are you ready?"
  371. Tsukasa: "W-we can't use our flutes, right?"
  372. Tsukuyo: "Yes, they probably will not help!"
  373. "Let us simply imagine the sound spreading out."
  374. Tsukasa: "I've never done this before, so I don't get it."
  375. Mifuyu: "You two, let's do this!"
  376. Amane sisters: "Y-yes!"
  377. [after battle]
  378. Tsukasa: "A-alright, Tsukuyo-chan!"
  379. Tsukuyo: "Yes, Tsukasa-chan!"
  380. Mifuyu: "My thoughts... My true feelings... Let them reach everyone..."
  381. [flashes of white, then to a stormy overview of the city]
  382. Mifuyu: *Can you hear me, Feathers? This is Azusa Mifuyu.*
  383. *I have decided to leave the Wings of Magius.*
  384. *I'm sure all you Feathers who were affected by the rumor will understand my decision not to follow them anymore.*
  385. *I would have liked to have stopped this before all of you became victims, but I was captured as a result of my resisting, and thus I am late in telling you this.*
  386. [now we see the rooftop helipad in rain]
  387. Mifuyu: *The Magius have crossed a line.*
  388. *I think most of you are not aware of this, but they planned on killing civilians with the Chelation Land rumor.*
  389. *The very people we magical girls should be protecting.*
  390. *And now, they are laying their hands upon Kamihama itself.*
  391. [fade to black]
  392. *And plus, they are calling the Walpurgisnacht to Kamihama...*
  393. *The Walpurgisnacht is the ultimate disaster, a witch that is legendary among magical girls.*
  394. [now we see a view of a hallway in Fendthope]
  395. Mifuyu: *Using this witch, the Magius plan to accelerate the hatching of the eve, but they are underestimating the legend.*
  396. *Only rubble may remain of the city after it passes.*
  397. *Even if they succeed, they will hold our lives and our futures in the palm of their hand.*
  398. [now we see the field outside Hotel Fendthope]
  399. Mifuyu: *If you do not mind, then please go on, fight for the Magius.*
  400. *But if you doubt them even slightly, please lend us your strength.*
  401. *Lay down your weapons, and begin preparing. When the Walpurgisnacht comes, we will be the ones fighting.*
  402. [back in the field, we see the green-haired white feather and the short black-haired black feather]
  403. short black black feather: "..."
  404. short green white feather: "..."
  405. Mifuyu: "Did it reach you?"
  406. short black black feather: "So you weren't captured, but rather quit the Wings of Magius..."
  407. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  408. "I became unable to look away from what was being done."
  409. "The Magius hurt bystanders for the sake of salvation."
  410. "Only saving one portion of magical girls..."
  411. "So I decided to stop..."
  412. "Helping the Magius with their ambition..."
  413. "Do you resent me for this?"
  414. short green white feather: "I... No, all of us feathers have always been protected..."
  415. "By you..."
  416. "And we believe that you are the one who knows everything..."
  417. "So I..."
  418. [fade to gray]
  419. short green white feather: *I believe you, Mifuyu-san."
  420. TO: 9.30.1 (Mifuyu 5)
  422. 9.30 Mifuyu 5
  423. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  424. Tsukuyo: "I wonder if we did in fact manage to reach everyone outside..."
  426. 9.30.1 (from 9.29.1 Mifuyu 4)
  427. [in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope]
  428. short green white feather: "So I believe you, Mifuyu-san."
  429. Mifuyu: "Even if the release of magical girls has become but a dream..."
  430. short green white feather: "I still don't mind..."
  431. "Chelation Land, and Walpurgisnacht..."
  432. "I never knew about them..."
  433. "And I never knew that you got caught..."
  434. "Working to stop their violent ways."
  435. short black black feather: "I know that we're treading on thin ice..."
  436. "But to try and make up for all that the Magius have sacrificed..."
  437. Kyouko: "Basically, you're only saying what sounds good, allowing yourself to be used to the very end."
  438. "You're relying on others to bear your fate for you."
  439. "That's why it's come to this..."
  440. Mifuyu: "That strikes home for me as well."
  441. Kyouko: "But in your case, you held firm until the end."
  442. "Not like them."
  443. Mifuyu: "Having followed their instructions is just as bad as having given them."
  444. Kyouko: "..."
  445. Mifuyu: "It's a bit late for everyone to wake up."
  446. "But even only starting now, we have things we can do."
  447. Sayaka: "Mami-san."
  448. "For now, we've completed one mission."
  449. Mami: "Yes."
  450. Mifuyu: "Is there anything else?"
  451. Mami: "I would like to clean up after what I have done."
  452. Momoko: "W-wait just a minute!"
  453. Rena: "Yeah, once you destroy the building, what rumor will pop out!?"
  454. Mami: "I'm sorry, but I must do this."
  455. "At this rate, they won't be able to make it to where the Magius are."
  456. "And even if they try to expose them, they will fail."
  457. Mifuyu: "Making up for the work you did for Magius, huh..."
  458. Mami: "Yes..."
  459. (I will clean up after my own mess.)
  460. "So I'm sorry, but I must be going!"
  461. [she fires her guns]
  462. Mami: Haah!"
  463. [battle]
  464. [in battle]
  465. Mami: "I made the hole in the building as small as I could!"
  466. "I'll be alright on my own, so you guys take it from here, Kaname-san!"
  467. Madoka: "Alright, I got it!"
  468. [we see a big bear]
  469. bear rumor: |!!roar(#`ω´)roar!!|
  470. Madoka: "Homura-chan! Sayaka-chan!"
  471. Sayaka: "Yeah, let's take this down!"
  472. Homura: "I'm ready anytime you are!"
  473. Mami: "I'm sorry, everyone! I'll leave this to you!"
  474. Sayaka: "Come back safely, okay?"
  475. Mami: "Hehe, of course!"
  476. [after battle]
  477. bear rumor: |!?boo(TωT)hoo!?|
  478. Sayaka: "Aw, the hole is already plugged up..."
  479. Homura: "Do you think Mami-san got inside safely?"
  480. Madoka: "Yeah, I saw her get through before."
  481. Sayaka: "Huh, where's Kyouko?"
  482. Madoka: "Huh?"
  483. "Where is she..."
  484. Sayaka: "Oh jeez, did she..."
  485. TO: 9.34.1 (Mikadzuki 4)
  487. 9.35 Mifuyu 6
  488. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  489. Sayaka: "So this is the rumor making up their base... It's bad news if we're not ready..."
  491. 9.35.1 (from 9.34.1 Mikadzuki 4)
  492. [battle against the Rumor of the Queen Bear]
  493. [after battle]
  494. [the Queen Bear Rumor attacks]
  495. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!*·;。°(⌾(工)⌾)°。;·*!!|
  496. Sayaka: "aaAAh!"
  497. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!!"
  498. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!0。*-(⬤(工)⬤)-*。0!!|
  499. Sayaka: "Oh n..."
  500. [the world fades to gray and Homura throws something]
  501. Homura: "Here, take this!"
  502. [we see the Queen Bear Rumor; time starts again and a bomb explodes]
  503. Queen Bear Rumor: |!?,° .:(>(工)◯):.° ,!?|
  504. Homura: "Are you alright!?"
  505. Sayaka: "Thanks, Homura..."
  506. [screen wipe]
  507. Mifuyu: "The rumor is scared! Now, Amanes!"
  508. Amane sisters: "Flute flower resonance!!"
  509. Queen Bear Rumor: |!?-°·(>(工)<)·°-!?|
  510. Tsukasa: "We stopped it from moving!"
  511. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san!"
  512. Mifuyu: "Yes!"
  513. "This is the end!!"
  514. [she attacks]
  515. Mifuyu: "Yaaah!!"
  516. Queen Bear Rumor: |...◯°。(つ(工)T)。°◯...|
  517. Mifuyu: "pant... pant... How'd you like that!?"
  518. Queen Bear Rumor: "..."
  519. |!!;*(#⌾(工)⌾#)*;!!|
  520. Mifuyu: "No way, I put everything I had into that!"
  521. "I've weakened that much..."
  522. Momoko: "Don't make yourself out as some old granny already, Mifuyu-san!"
  523. "You're still stronger than the magical girls over there."
  524. Kaede: "And if you call yourself weak, then I'm even more useless..."
  525. Rena: "That's right, it's just that this rumor is abnormal!"
  526. Mifuyu: "But, if all that did was make it flinch, then how are we supposed to deal a fatal blow!?"
  527. Momoko: "Let's just keep at it a bit longer."
  528. "You three! We'll take the front!"
  529. Rena: "You won't hold out if you don't stop fighting, so just this once!"
  530. Kaede: "Yeah, take a quick break!"
  531. Homura: "T-thank you very much!"
  532. Sayaka: "It's frustrating, but what can you do."
  533. Madoka: "Yeah, let's take a break for now."
  534. "But, will Mami-san be alright?"
  535. Sayaka: "Kyouko too."
  536. "I hope they don't get blown away with the whole building..."
  537. [screen wipe]
  538. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!*·;。°(⌾(工)⌾)°。;·*!!|
  539. Momoko: "Rena, Kaede! Don't leave any openings!"
  540. "Every one of its attacks is incredibly powerful!"
  541. Kaede: "Yeah!"
  542. Rena: "I get it already!"
  543. TO: 9.36.1 (Mifuyu 7)
  545. 9.36 Mifuyu 7
  546. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  547. Momoko: "We've gotta hit it with a cross counter, pounding them when they come attacking!"
  549. 9.36.1 (from 9.35.1 Mifuyu 6)
  550. [battle against the Rumor of the Queen Bear]
  551. [after battle]
  552. Momoko: "When it comes close, let's all attack simultaneously!"
  553. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!0。*-(⬤(工)⬤)-*。0!!|
  554. Momoko: "It's jumping in nice and good now."
  555. "phew..."
  556. [she gathers her magic]
  557. Momoko: "I'll blow you awayyyy!"
  558. Queen Bear Rumor: |!?,° .:(>(工)◯):.° ,!?|
  559. Momoko: "pant... pant..."
  560. "You're all lined up over there, right!?"*|...◯°。(つ
  561. Mifuyu: "Yes, the Feathers are here too, so we have plenty of people!"
  562. Momoko: "Okay!"
  563. Mifuyu: "Everyone, we're going to defeat the rumor, and draw out the Magius!"
  564. feathers: "Yes!"
  565. Homura: (If we defeat this rumor, the barrier will disappear...)
  566. (That means it'll reveal the Magius and we'll end up going back to Kamihama...)
  567. (And by then, the Walpurgisnacht will be right before us...)
  568. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  569. Homura: "Y-yes!"
  570. Madoka: "We'll definitely beat this and go help Iroha-chan!"
  571. Homura: "That's right, we'll definitely win."
  572. Sayaka: "Homura, I'm always getting surprised by your bombs..."
  573. "But now's the time for you to blast it away!"
  574. Homura: "Yeah!"
  575. (This is different from the usual timelines.)
  576. (Normally I should be in Mitakihara, not Kamihama...)
  577. [fade to black]
  578. ??? (Ui): If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City. In this city, magical girls will be saved."
  579. [back to the rumor]
  580. Homura: (If we stop the Magius, I might lose the possibility of doing that.)
  581. (But at the same time, that future could still remain...)
  582. (I don't know what is the right thing to do in this timeline...)
  583. (But I do know one thing.)
  584. (That is that right now, I need to beat this rumor...)
  585. (And save Kaname-san from the Walpurgisnacht...)
  586. Mifuyu: "Everyone, please do this together!"
  587. Homura: "Ah!"
  588. "Me too!!"
  589. [she stops time and lobs bombs at the rumor]
  590. Homura: "I'll use everything I have to finish this now!"
  591. [she returns time to normal]
  592. Homura: (Now as long as everyone else hits at the same time...)
  593. [Rena, Momoko, and Kaede attack]
  594. Momoko: "RRYYAAAAH!!"
  595. [Mifuyu and the Amane sisters attack]
  596. Mifuyu: "Haaahh!!"
  597. [Madoka and Sayaka attack]
  598. Madoka: "Please let this do it!!"
  599. Queen Bear Rumor: *|...◯°。(つ(工)T)。°◯...|*
  600. [the background fades to gray]
  601. Homura: (Did we do it?)
  602. [the rumor reappears right next to Madoka]
  603. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!;*(#⌾(工)⌾#)*;!!|
  604. Madoka: "Eh..."
  605. Homura: "!?"
  606. "Kaname-san!!"
  607. ??? (offscreen): Haaaah!!"
  608. [a network of ribbons appear]
  609. Mami: "Kaname-san, are you hurt!?"
  610. Madoka: "Mami-san..."
  611. Mami: "Sakura-san!"
  612. "I'm going to release my ribbons, so get this rumor away from us!"
  613. Kyouko: "Yeah, I've got it!"
  614. [the ribbons disappear]
  615. Kyouko: "Kugatachi!!"
  616. [she hits the rumor]
  617. Queen Bear Rumor: |!?-°·(>(工)<)·°-!?|
  618. Homura: "sigh... Thank goodness..."
  619. Madoka: "Thank you so much, Mami-san, Kyouko-chan."
  620. Mami: "I'm so glad you're alright, Kaname-san..."
  621. "ouch..."
  622. Sayaka: "Mami-san, are you hurt somewhere!?"
  623. Mami: "I'm fine, just a scratch."
  624. TO: 9.37.1 (Mifuyu 8)
  626. 9.37 Mifuyu 8
  627. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  628. Kaede: "Sigh... fuyu... What should we do, we can't beat it at all..."
  630. 9.37.1 (from 9.45.1 Mikadzuki 11)
  631. [in battle against the Rumor of the Queen Bear]
  632. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!*·;。°(⌾(工)⌾)°。;·*!!|
  633. Kaede: "Uu... ah... fuyu..."
  634. Rena: "Kaede, go rest for a bit with the others over there!"
  635. Kaede: "But Rena-chan..."
  636. Rena: "This isn't the time to put up a strong front!"
  637. "There's still the Walpurgisnacht to fight!"
  638. "You have to back off before you get badly hurt!"
  639. Kaede: "Fuyuu... I'm sorry..."
  640. [Kaede leaves]
  641. Rena: "...ngh"
  642. Momoko: "That said, you should go rest too, Rena."
  643. Rena: "How about you?"
  644. Momoko: "Or rather, everyone..."
  645. Mifuyu: "..."
  646. Momoko: "Mifuyu-san..."
  647. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  648. [screen wipe]
  649. Madoka: "Mami-san, don't push yourself too much!"
  650. "You've been working so hard ever since you got back!"
  651. Mami: "If I were to back down now, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself!"
  652. "Please, let me fight until the very end!"
  653. Homura: "Kaname-san, you shouldn't push too much either."
  654. Madoka: "Yeah, and you too, Homura-chan."
  655. "If something happens, I'll protect you."
  656. Homura: "And I'm the one who will protect you, Kaname-san."
  657. (That's why I'm here, after all...)
  658. Mifuyu: "..."
  659. [screen wipe]
  660. Sayaka: "Ouch..."
  661. Kyouko: "See, Sayaka, you're butting in too much."
  662. Sayaka: "Shut it!"
  663. "Then why don't you use your fancy technique to protect me?"
  664. Kyouko: "Wha? Don't just rely on me being there for you, idiot!"
  665. Mifuyu: "..."
  666. [fade to black and we see Mifuyu]
  667. Mifuyu: "At this rate, we won't be able to hold out."
  668. "And the Walpurgisnacht is almost here."
  669. "If I entrust it to them..."
  670. "I'll have to use my last resort after all."
  671. TO: 9.38.1 (Mifuyu 9)
  673. 9.38 Mifuyu 9
  674. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  675. Mifuyu: "I can't burden everyone any more than this, so I'll..."
  677. 9.38.1 (from 9.37.1 Mifuyu 8)
  678. [in battle against the Rumor of the Queen Bear]
  679. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!0。*-(⬤(工)⬤)-*。0!!|
  680. Mifuyu: "..."
  681. Momoko: "If someone doesn't have some kind of secret plan, we'll never beat it..."
  682. Mifuyu: "I still have a measure I haven't yet used..."
  683. Momoko: "Huh? What do you mean, Mifuyu-san!?"
  684. "Why didn't you say that at the beginning?"
  685. Tsukasa: "A measure... No way, Mifuyu-san!"
  686. Tsukuyo: "You mustn't, that's a forbidden technique!!"
  687. Momoko: "What are you talking about?"
  688. Tsukuyo: "You are planning to place an illusion on yourself!?"
  689. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  690. Momoko: "Please, explain!"
  691. Mifuyu: "No matter how much magic power you have, or how strong your techniques..."
  692. "There's a limit to how much magic a magical girl can output at once."
  693. Momoko: "Sure, that's true..."
  694. Mifuyu: "So I will cast an illusion on myself and just once use my full power."
  695. "Using self-suggestion I'll make able to use far more of my magic..."
  696. Momoko: "That's...!"
  697. Tsukuyo: "Extremely dangerous!"
  698. Tsukasa: "If you do that, your soul gem will..."
  699. Mifuyu: "We don't know until I try it."
  700. Momoko: "I'm against this!"
  701. Queen Bear Rumor: |.°◯*;.(^(工)^).;*◯°.|
  702. Momoko: "Kuh..."
  703. Mifuyu: "Can you really say that right now!?"
  704. "I cannot let everyone die here!"
  705. "Please let me take responsibility!"
  706. Momoko: "Don't do it..."
  707. Mifuyu: "Please!"
  708. Momoko: "Please don't ask me for permission, Mifuyu-san..."
  709. Mifuyu: "..."
  710. "Then, I'll just do it, okay?"
  711. "Tsukuyo-san, Tsukasa-san!"
  712. Amane sisters: "Y-yes!"
  713. Mifuyu: "Afterwards, please come get me and take me to the Adjuster's."
  714. "Momoko-san..."
  715. "Please don't tell Yacchan."
  716. "At least until all this is done..."
  717. [she leaves]
  718. Momoko: "Hey, wait... Don't do this to me!"
  719. "What the hell am I supposed to say to her, you idiot!"
  720. [battle]
  721. [in battle against the Rumor of the Queen Bear]
  722. Mifuyu: (I'll cast an illusion on myself... self-suggestion...)
  723. (To use all of my magic power at once against the enemy...)
  724. (Please let me survive this...)
  725. "..."
  726. [she uses her magic and an aura appears around her]
  727. Mifuyu: "..."
  728. [her magic flashes again]
  729. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!;*(#⌾(工)⌾#)*;!!|
  730. [after battle]
  731. Queen Bear Rumor: |!!;*(#⌾(工)⌾#)*;!!|
  732. Mifuyu: "Assault Paranoia!!"
  733. [she uses her magic]
  734. Mifuyu: "Then, let us go together..."
  735. "To the depths of the dark sand!! YaaaaAAAAAAAHHH!!"
  736. [she sees an image of Yachiyo's house, then a fade to gray]
  737. Mifuyu: *I did want to go back, to Mikadzuki House...*
  738. [we see her soul gem crack and the hotel shaking]
  739. [in the underground chapel, we see the three Magius]
  740. Touka: "It seems Mifuyu has finally erased the rumor."
  741. Nemu: "Though Mifuyu may have gone with it..."
  742. Alina: "It would be a loss for humanity if her body got hurt..."
  743. "But now we can begin our last spurt."
  744. Tsuruno: "The... barrier is breaking?!"
  745. Yachiyo: "Everyone, hold on!"
  746. Iroha: "Yes!
  747. [the building shakes again]
  748. *...*
  749. *...*
  750. TO: 9.46.1 (Mikadzuki 12)
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