Crystal Manipless Toto Route Notes

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  1. Girl, 5:50PM, Toto(reset female), take 12 12 10 10 10 or better(reset if bad attack and bad special at lvl 6), kill only hoppip and poliwags, get potion before mr pokemon(have this pastebin open to see what to do with your stats for mid game )
  2. Chikorita- leer, scratch
  3. Catch Sentret/poliwag if you see one
  4. Mikey- scratch(swap rage and use rage if lvl 7)
  5. Catch Poliwag if you see one, consider yoloball Bellsprout
  6. Get 3rd potion if you need to heal for spearow and/or have bad stats
  7. Get bitter berry
  8. Spearow- swap rage and use rage
  9. Trainer 2- rage
  10. Falkner- rage
  11. Center and get egg, then get przberry, menu equip bitter berry and use repel
  12. Bill- Rage
  13. Consider saving for Anthony
  14. Talk to kurt, mart sell mudslap, buy 1 potion, 5 super potion, 6 repel, 2 antidote and then pick up full heal
  15. Rocket shorts guy- rage
  16. Trainer 2- water gun(rage zubat or scratch ekans depending on dv's)
  17. Trainer 3- water gun rat, water gun or scratch zubat depending on dv's
  18. Trainer 4- water gun
  19. Ledyba- scratch, Spinarak- water gun or scratch depending on dv's
  20. Caterpie- water gun, weedle- water gun
  21. Bugsy- rage
  22. Menu tile before rival 2- equip przberry, super potion, repel, teach fury cutter in slot 2(skip repel if still need cut slave)
  23. Ghastly- watergun, bayleef- fury cutter, zubat- water gun(rage)
  24. Menu- super potion, repel, teach cut
  25. Consider getting full heal/super potion
  26. Get headbutt,menu teach headbutt in slot 1, repel then go get bike
  27. Register and use bike then get kenya and go through spinner hell
  28. Headbutt snubbull, fury cutter whitney(bite over slot 2)
  29. Get squirtbottle, if early underground bite slowpokes, water gun magnemites and headbutt voltorb
  30. Goldenrod Mart 1, top floor sell attract then buy ice punch, 2 floors down buy 1 x speed, 1 x special(2 if 24 for rival 3), 1/2 x attack, 6 ropes, 2 full heals, 1 pokedoll
  31. On way back through spinner hell, deposit croc and egg then withdraw croc
  32. Before sudowoodo, use bike, then menu swap croc to 1 then use repel
  33. Flareon- HB x2
  34. Espeon- HB x2
  35. Umbreon- HB x3
  36. Vaporeon- HBx2
  37. Jolteon- HB + scratch
  38. Exit house and menu, super potion, repel, ice punch in slot 3, surf in slot 4 then bike to burnt tower
  39. Rival 3- Haunter- surf, magnemite- surf, bayleef- ice punch x2, zubat- ice punch(x spec haunter if no spinner)
  40. Rope out then bike to mortys gym
  41. Ghastly x5- ice punch x5
  42. Haunter- Bite+ ice punch
  43. Trainer 3- surf x3(haunter is a range and has spite)
  44. Morty- x speed, x special, ice punch, bite, bite + surf, surf
  45. Bike and repel then surf Pikachu
  46. Mart- 4 hyper potion, 14 super repel
  47. HB + surf noctowl
  48. HB x2 Growlithes
  49. HB + Bite Marill
  50. Get candy if no spinner, if spinner heal, super repel, swap to top then rope then get strength and teach it on kaylee pause over slot 1
  52. Strength x2 hitmon's
  53. heal+ strength from menu if healing
  54. Surf machop, surf x2 machoke
  55. Strength x4 mankey/primeape
  56. Chuck- x attack, strength x3
  57. Get fly, get secret potion
  58. Teach fly, fly 3 down, bike to mt mortar and use a repel, pokedoll on gyarados
  59. Fly down 2 then go to hideout
  60. Rocket 1- strength x2
  61. Rocket 2- strength x3
  62. Scientist- surf x3
  63. Lance heal
  64. Rocket 1- strength x2
  65. Rocket 2- strength x2(get password)
  66. Rocket 3- strength(get password)
  67. Rocket exec- surf x3
  68. Rocket exec 2- surf, ice punch, surf
  69. surf all electrodes then rope out then save for douglas
  70. Pryce- strength + bite, strength x2, surf
  71. Fly 4 down, get candy, rope out, bike to gym, surf x3
  72. Fly 4 up, center, then mart
  73. Get return, 5/6 special, 11 attack, 3 speed(2 if outspeed blue), 1 guard spec, 2 x acc
  74. Follow PP route pastebin, candy 38-39(or 37-38)
  75. Get pink bow, fly 2 down then go to ice path and repel 4 tiles in
  76. After repel wears off, menu super repel, equip pink bow, teach whirlpool and waterfall
  77. 11212, super repel, then rope, fly to new bark
  78. Rapidash- surf
  79. Rival 5- x spec, return, surf, ice punch, surf, ice punch, strength
  80. Will- x spec, surf, ice punch, return, return x3, surf
  81. Koga- x spec, (x acc), surf, surf, surf, return x2(surf if acid armor), ice punch
  82. Bruno- x attack x2, return, return, return, return, surf
  83. Karen- x spec,(x acc/full heal), surf x2, ice punch, surf, return, surf
  84. Lance- return x2, ice punch, ice punch, strength+ ice punch(can go for ice punch range), surf, surf
  85. Sailor- return x3
  86. Camper dean- return x2
  87. fly up 1
  88. bridge 1- strength
  89. bridge 2- surf x2
  90. bridge 3- return x2
  91. bridge 4- strength x3
  92. bridge 5- return
  93. bridge 6- strength x3
  94. bridge 7- surf
  95. Fly 1 down, bike to erika
  96. Trainer 1- return x2
  97. Trainer 2- return(ice punch if bad attack)
  98. Trainer 3- strength x3
  99. Erika- ice punch, return, x attack, return, return
  100. Fly up 1, bike to misty gym
  101. Misty- x attack, return, return, return, return
  102. Go to power plant, fly 1 down and go to sabrina gym
  103. Sabrina- return, return, return
  104. Bike right to tom then fly up 2
  105. Gentleman- ice punch x2
  106. Surge- strength, surf, return, strength, strength
  107. super repel and radio before snorlax
  108. Sandslash- return(unless bad attack then use surf)
  109. Brock- surf x5
  110. Get max ether, repel on 2nd green tree tile
  111. Menu before water, super repel, max ether on return, surf from menu(slot 2)
  112. Blaine- surf, return, surf
  113. Janine- return x5
  114. Blue- x attack x2(3 if under 12 dv atk), return, (speed), return, return, return, return, surf
  115. Fly up 1, talk to oak, menu super repel and fly up 2
  116. 2nd menu, super repel, hyper potion
  117. Red- Guard spec, x speed, x attack x2, return x10
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