Flug and Nicole

Mar 4th, 2018
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  1. Flug and Nicole
  3. >Idiots.
  4. >They’re all idiots.
  5. >All of them except me.
  6. >Flug Slys set his pencil down on his desk and smiled under his paper bag mask.
  7. >Done. Only took him 5 minutes - and that was only due to the limitations of needing to physically write things down.
  8. >If I could build some kind of thought-to-paper helmet I could be done in no time.
  9. >He looked around the classroom, his ego building as he saw the other students struggling with the test.
  10. >All of them idiots. All of the-
  11. >Wait. Nicole’s not writing anything down.
  12. >Heh. Figures that bully is too dumb to know-
  13. >She’s filled in all the answers.
  14. >Impossible!
  16. >Flug craned his neck, and half stood in his chair to see over onto her page
  17. >Fuck. They’re all the right answers, too.
  18. >”Flug!” Uh-oh.
  19. >”Eyes on your own paper!”
  20. >The whole class turned to look at him. They could all see that he had been peeking at Nicole’s test.
  21. >Nicole turned in her seat, idly playing with her pencil in one hand.
  22. >She raised an eyebrow at him in annoyance then…
  23. >Something in her face changed, and she smiled.
  24. >It was not a happy smile.
  26. >Flug sat alone in the corner of the cafeteria
  27. >In his usual spot, as far away from ‘the idiots’ as possible.
  28. >He liked to think that he was ‘observing’ them in a scientific way.
  29. >It made him feel better about technically also ‘being’ one of them.
  30. >For he, like all of them, was a student here.
  31. >But he, unlike them, was a true genius! A master of evil.
  32. >That was why he had after-school detention
  33. >He was more evil than them. He was smarter than them.
  34. >They were jealous! They had bribed the teacher... or something.
  35. >He had NOT been peeking at her test. He had finished before her!
  36. >This was ridiculous.
  38. >Flug was pulled out of his thoughts by a pair of hands grabbing his shoulders
  39. >He was forcibly spun around to face behind him, coming face to face with Nicole.
  40. >Flug was about to panic and run away, for this wasn’t the first time she had decided he was easy prey.
  41. >She held him still in her grip though. And something about her expression paralyzed him.
  42. >She didn’t look angry, per se, but…
  43. >Her grip tightened, and she looked him up and down as he shivered.
  44. >She could feel his weakness. She could smell his fear.
  45. >Why did he have to sit in the corner where nobody looked?
  46. >Suddenly, she straightened up, and let go with one hand.
  47. >The other, still on his shoulder relaxed, sitting there as if they were friends.
  48. >Or like he belonged to her. Flug thought
  49. >”So, were you looking at something you liked?” She asked in a very casual tone, inspecting the nails on her free hand.
  50. >What the? The nerve of this girl!
  51. >”Absolutely not! I merely couldn’t believe that someone as dumb as YOU had finished right after ME! And now I have detention because of you!”
  52. >”Is that so? Well…”
  53. >She pulled her arm straight back as her hand on his shoulder again held him still.
  54. >Her fingers curled into a fist.
  55. >”See you in detention.”
  56. >BAM
  58. >Flug groaned as he lifted his head out of the void that had swallowed him.
  59. >His head pounded.
  60. >He opened his eyes and blinked a few times. His goggles were slightly askew.
  61. >He tried to bring up a hand to adjust them but couldn’t move. A series of ropes were drawn about his chest, keeping his arms tight to his body.
  62. >”Why am I tied up?” He muttered to himself.
  63. >”That was my idea. You kept sliding out of the chair.” A familiar voice answered.
  64. >”Now you’re safe and secure.” Nicole grinned at him from a chair set right in front of him.
  65. >She leaned forward and adjusted his goggles for him.
  66. >He looked around the room, recognizing that he’d been carried to detention.
  67. >”Where’s Mr…” Flug started to ask
  68. >”Oh he left. I pointed out that watching us is a waste of his time. And he agreed that with you unconscious, it’s not like we’d be getting into another fight.”
  69. >Knocked out, carried to detention, tied up, and then left with the girl who knocked him out.
  70. >Yup. Typical of this place.
  72. >Nicole stood up, glanced at the door, and at the clock on the wall.
  73. >”What are...what are you going to do to me?” Flug asked, deciding he’d rather know than not know what kind of punishment she’d decided to give him for insulting her.
  74. >”Whatever I want to do.” She answered flatly.
  75. >Then she started to undo her skirt.
  76. >Flug struggled against his restraints as what she wanted dawned on him.
  77. >He couldn’t help but stare as she removed her panties though.
  78. >Next she took off his shoes, and pulled his pants and boxers down.
  79. >Flug could only sit and fume with impotent rage.
  80. >She took him and brought him to an unwilling erection.
  81. >Then she went ‘round to her schoolbag and dug around, eventually producing a condom that she opened and rolled onto him.
  82. >Flug watched her, fascinated and horrified by how utterly emotionlessly she went about the business of raping him.
  83. >She never said a word as she straddled him and began to ride.
  85. >She only lightly panted as she forced herself on him over and over.
  86. >Flug began again to try and struggle. If only to show that he hadn’t given in.
  87. >”You bitch.” He muttered
  88. >She slapped him across the face, then put her hands around his neck
  89. >”Dildos. Don’t. Speak.” She growled at him, tightening her grip with each word.
  90. >So it went, until the huffing Nicole began to utter a low purring moan.
  91. >Flug, unable to resist any further, and starting to struggle to breathe, came.
  92. >She kept on riding him until she finally orgasmed, biting her lip to keep herself from crying out
  93. >She released his neck, and pulled herself off of him and back onto the other chair.
  94. >Nicole sat and looked at her handiwork for a moment, then glanced at the clock and hurried herself with cleaning up.
  95. >With herself once again presentable, she pulled Flug’s boxers and pants back up, leaving the condom on his dick for him to deal with later.
  96. >She stuck his shoes on roughly, not bothering to retie them.
  97. >Then she stood over him, as he looked up at her. His eyes burned with anger. He’d get her back for this!
  98. >She pursed her lips for a moment, her hand hovering over the bag he wore
  99. >”Better not. It might ruin my appetite tomorrow.” She said, skewing his goggles back to how they’d been before.
  100. >Then she turned to return to her chair, turning it back around and sitting at her desk as if she’d never left it.
  101. >”Why…?” Flug eventually gasped.
  102. >”You’re weak. I’m evil. Why else?” She said, not even turning to look back at him.
  103. >”I’ll...I’ll tell…”
  104. >”Do you really think they’d care?”
  105. >
  106. >”No…”
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