History of the Astrasian Empire

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  1. From Astrasia's origin it has always been a country of conquest. Starting with Emperor Astrali I, and continued by his descendants, all matters of the country are decided upon by the reigning Emperor. It is then up to his appointed officials to enforce his decisions and remove violators in a satisfactory method. Questioning the Emperor, anytime and anywhere, is considered the greatest of taboos in Astrasian culture as it gives rise to rebellion. With Astrali IV putting a council into place it is now considered taboo to questions the council's decisions as well.
  3. Astrasia's violent and restrictive nature has done little to help its foreign policy. Ilim has always seen Astrasia as a threat and seems to be waiting for an excuse to invade and topple what they see as a corrupt empire. Eslana does some limited trade with Astrasia but it is mostly food and other commodities but never new technology or weapons. As such Astrasia's technological advances are either stolen (mostly from minor excursions into Thalis) and reverse-engineered or entirely original.
  5. In Astrasia anyone who is physically able is able to become a soldier and they are the most valued "class". Artisans, craftsmen, and inventors are second only to soldiers due to the country's trade isolation. Astrasia also has ore rich mines in its control and exports from these mines are what keep the country afloat. Miners are valued and receive fair compensation for their work; aside from soldiers this is the most common profession in Astrasia. Farmers are less valued than miners but most are able to live comfortably. Merchants are few and far between in Astrasia, aside from weapon and armor dealers, and most of those in the profession are either too old to work labor intensive jobs or are failed soldiers.
  7. Many of Astrasia's citizens do however live in fear of the Emperor and his policies and this is the driving force behind their loyalty to their Emperor. This fear is also what makes minor rebellions such a common occurrence in Astrasia. The brutal matter in which they are put down makes other citizens fearful and thus the cycle repeats. Some wonder if this was meant to weed out the weak willed when Astrali I put his policies in place.
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