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2019 Grub Summer Livestream

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Aug 3rd, 2019
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  1. S. Alexiel, Y. Cassius, Y. Leona and S. Rose Queen (Summon) will be the next summer units
  2. Quatre and Esser summer skins are purchasable after Bzzt! Amped-Up Summer rerun
  3. Boots and Blades will be added to Side Stories this month
  4. Main Story chapter 127 - 128 will be added in 22nd
  5. Tomorrow in Song will rerun in September (Narita & Nobiyo summons FLB and Nio skin available after rerun)
  6. Grand Katalina and Rackam FLB in September
  7. Magna + confirmed, will require you to host M2 raids once
  8. Arcarum updates:
  9. - You can skip up to the boss fight
  10. - No penalty on retreating or losing
  11. - No more buffs from chests, more Arcarum-specific drops from them
  12. - No more skill lock on levels
  13. - More Light/Dark astra drops from puppets and Leopard/etc.
  14. Primal series FLB, call effects will be strengthened as well
  15. Assassin EX2 Job - Tormenter & New Class - Rising Force (No details yet)
  16. Superbuncle raids will go from 6 man raids to 18 man raids + new weapons - Check @granblue_en for more details
  17. UBHL, FaaHL, Tiamat Malice, Rose Queen raids will give 2 potions for chat/stickers
  18. Job skin recolors confirmed
  19. "MC Character Skins" in development - You can change the MC's appearance into another character
  20. New character skins for Gawain and D. Zeta (among others). Will be available through some (cheaper) skin gacha
  21. Six Dragons HL raid coming soon
  22. New Character Song CD will come with Job skins (Okinawa Rail bird) for MC + Diantha (Animated PV will be released along with the CD)
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