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  1. <strong>Don’t Become a Victim of the “Assault” Media</strong>
  2. <i>A “Common Sense” Guide to Firearms Terminology</i>
  4. <b>De Facto Registration</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Universal Background Checks or Insurance</b></strike>
  6. Any scheme to mandate <i>universal background checks</i> or <i>insurance</i> is de facto registration. Registration is dangerous as it always leads to confiscation if the government decides it wants to criminalize law-abiding gun owners. Public safety will not be increased as criminals will not comply with mandates.
  8. <b>Exemption</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Loophole</b></strike>
  10. The private sales exemption is not a <i>loophole</i>. The law was written with the understanding and endorsement of both gun control and gun rights groups to exempt these types of sales.
  12. <b>Rifle</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Assault Weapon</b></strike>
  14. <i>“Assault weapon”</i> is a political term contrived by gun control groups to vilify any semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) weapon that resembles, but does not function like, a military assault rifle.  The federal government halted the manufacture of assault rifles for the civilian market in 1986.
  16. <b>Factory Standard Magazine</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>High Capacity Magazine</b></strike>
  18. <i>High capacity magazine</i> is another political term designed to confuse constituents. Magazines classified as high capacity magazines are actually the factory standard magazines originally designed for use with their respective firearms. A government review of the previous assault weapons ban concluded that the effect on crime of banning high capacity magazines “was too small to detect.”
  20. <b>Right</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Privilege</b></strike>
  22. A right is something you are born with, and something you will die with. A <i>privilege</i> is something granted to you by the state, and may be revoked at any time. The Bill of Rights are definitions of natural immunities to government interference. The only clear understanding of the right to keep and bear arms is that it “shall not be infringed.”
  24. <b>Gun Centralization</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Gun Control</b></strike>
  26. Infringements on the right to keep and bear arms only result in the disarmament of law-abiding citizens and thus, the centralization of gun possession to government officials and criminals.
  28. <b>Mass Murderer</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Mass Shooter</b></strike>
  30. The term <i>mass shooter</i> is another misleading term designed to demonize gun owners. It is the mass murderer who is responsible for any deaths, not the tool the murderer is operating.
  32. <b>Victim Disarmament</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Reducing Gun Violence</b></strike>
  34. Infringements on the right to keep and bear arms only prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. This is why mass murderers utilize “gun free zones” to commit massacres.
  36. <b>Criminal Violence</b> <i>not</i> <strike><b>Gun Violence</b></strike>
  38. Guns are a tool, they can be used unlawfully or in self defense. Guns are more commonly used in crime prevention than commission. Violent criminals are the ones that must be punished, not law-abiding gun owners who use guns everyday to defend against: rape, mugging, murder, theft, etc.
  40. <strong>Demand Action Now from Your State & Federal Legislatures</strong>
  42. 1. Support Your State's Gun Rights Groups
  43. 2. Support Constitutional Sheriffs
  44. 3. Nullify Infringing Federal Laws via State Legislation
  45. 4. Demand Tougher Penalties for Violent Crimes
  46. 5. Provide Resources for the Mentally Ill
  47. 6. End the Drug War
  49. <a href="">View associated media (flyers, bumper stickers, etc.)</a>
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