Ideas and Requests

Jan 30th, 2013
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  1. -Anon and Celestia working over at Hot Dog on a Stick
  3. -Anon is a immigration inspector that must either allow ponies through to the portal to earth, reject them, or detain them. This request is like the game "Papers, Please".
  5. -Requesting Celestia meeting the Pope.
  7. -Cutie mark crusaders in earth. The CMC somehow find themselves on earth and run around and try to get their cutie marks while discovering human innovations. All the while anon tries to hide them from the public.
  9. -requesting ponies at the beach
  11. -Gothponies in Disneyland
  13. -/r/ a story where Rainbow and Pinkie work at a Domino's.
  15. -A fic where Pinkie struggles on Earth because she had to leave all her physics breaking back in Equestria? NOTE: no diabetes.
  17. -A story about a Night Guard on Earth who follows a Goth Femanon around because she reminds him of Luna.
  19. -Slice of life between a Married human and mare with emphasis on coming to terms with cultural differences
  21. -Requesting Applejack in a Book of Eli like story. She's the most religious of them all.
  23. -A young zebra tries to rap and become famous through YouTube and competitions
  25. -Golden Boy Anon. (Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuhE9vmQ03s)
  27. -/r/ing DC or Marvel Universe where they think the unicorn, Pegasus or alicorn of your choosing is a superhero and drag that pony to "fun" adventures.
  29. -Pinkity on Earth.
  31. -Some Lovebutt on Earth, maybe she misses Shinning and has to deal with being alone or she dates again knowing she'll never see him again
  33. -I demand someone write a Breaking Bad story.
  35. -/r/ Fluttershy as a zoo keeper.
  37. -I now request Applejack participating in the Twisted Metal tournament in her truck. Or Pinkie in her car.
  39. -Rarity in Prohibition Era Chicago.
  41. -A story involving New Orleans, Octavia, and Jazz. The writer should add music to fit the scene.
  42. >inb4 Muddy Waters ship
  44. -Maybe a story about a less than perfect pony getting into earth, or anon being paired with one? Skips, Snails, Twist, etc., and bringing out some redeeming qualities in an otherwise bad charecter. I was toying with the idea in my head, but I'm too scared to writefag and kill the concept.
  46. -Requesting Fluttershy as a pet detective
  48. ->Vinyl comes to Earth
  49. >Meets Anon and becomes familiar and disgusted with modern electronic music
  50. >Creates new music and becomes popular
  51. >Anon hides her true identity from the masses to avoid any and all backlash
  52. Sex and drugs.
  54. -Samurai Big Mac in ancient Japan.
  56. -Octavia in New Orleans, showing her crotch tits at Mardi Gras. Anon throws her some beads. She gets smashed by the drink called the Hurricane.
  58. -Spitfire leads pilots
  60. ->Ponies are like the Amish
  61. >A select few come to Earth from Equestria for one week out of the year to do whatever it is they please without moral obligations
  62. >Not unlike Amish Rummspringer
  63. >After the week, they decide to stay or go
  64. >At most, a 7 chapter story detailing every 24 hours between whatever ponies are chosen to go
  65. >Will probably be Mane 6
  67. -The main character wants to get rid of the ponies but can't...the early reveal is that...
  68. The main character is [spoiler]Jackie Chan[/spoiler]
  70. -I thought of an odd idea...
  71. The main character wakes up in what appears to be his normal routine, and everything appears normal until his father says Fluttershy is coming over for dinner.
  72. The main character discovers that he's in a similar alternate universe where Equestria and our world have coexisted for centuries. Humans and ponies lived amongst each other and the main character discovers that many ponies he's familiar with (like Lyra and Blossomforth) were friends of his.
  74. -Requesting a story where a couple who can't have kids adopt a pony from Equestria who is around the CMC age
  76. -So, idea, what about reasonably non-malign changelings in a PiE setting? Say, along with the ponies, the changelings jumped over and individual changelings "attached" themselves to a lonely human, acting as a permenant friend who pretty much always sticks around, and they benefit from this by soaking up all that love.
  78. -/r/ing a story of a pony getting into disco while living in modern human Earth. Said pony deals with ridicule and humiliation by shurgging it off and grooving. Could be feels, comedy, or slice of life. I only see it as oneshot potential but it would be nice to read it.
  80. -A story with a "Freaks and Geeks" type of thing.
  82. -requesting Lyra and Octavia in the midst of a musical battle.
  84. -Has anyone done a story where ponies are fully integrated into human society? Or possibly a District 9 sort of concentration camp/scientific study-styled story?
  86. -Twilight Sparkle stars alongside Clouseau as they try to find the Pink Panther Diamond.
  88. -Requesting a medieval ages story where Rainbow Dash lands in a cathedral, found by a priest and is mistaken for an angel sent by God.
  90. -Pony goes to Earth and becomes a prolific rock star.
  92. -Derpy is known for breaking things, so she uses this to her advantage by becoming a demolition derby driver. She is really good at the derby and usually finishes first. Anon is a rival driver that is mad at always losing since he was the best before Derpy came along.
  94. -Colgate is a dental student on Earth because she needs an Earth degree to be a dentist on Earth. She isn't taken seriously by humans because she is a colorful little pony, so she thinks of ways to try to fit in. Maybe a Colgate POV story. Anon can be her college roommate or something. Possible story end: Colgate finds out she is good with kids and opens a Pediatric Dentistry clinic.
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