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May 9th, 2018
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  1. >do story mode until you unlock the AR team (M4A1, AR15, M4 SOPMOD II, M16A1, RO635)
  2. >do your quests to get free guns from commander level up
  3. >add friends with strong friend echelons to carry you through story mode
  4. >unlock up to 7 or 8 available squads with gems (IAP currency)
  5. >get 4 squads constantly doing logistics to farm resources and crafting tickets
  6. >max out 2x 3AR2SMG teams before moving to HG/RF or MG/SG teams
  7. >don't bother using HGs as tanks until you get them to level 80 where they can equip exoskeletons
  8. >don't bother with heavy construction or MG/SG teams early unless you want them to eat all your resources
  9. >ignore enhancement pill combat sims once you unlock the memory frag sim at commander level 60 since the game showers you with them via events
  10. >farm memory frags on pill days while you max out eligible guns
  11. >always do skill sims and exp sims
  12. >don't try unorthodox squad setups if you can avoid it
  13. >use battery to upgrade your data room ASAP and don't waste it on pets or cafe shit
  14. >make battle reports as often as possible if you can afford it
  15. >each gun transfers small % of exp gained to global exp which is used to make battle reports
  16. >level 100 guns transfer most of the exp they would've gained in combat to global exp
  17. >battle reports cost 3 battery and 3k global exp each
  18. >add friends and collect free battery everyday by visiting their dorms
  19. >avoid prioritizing expansion of 4*s and 5*s early until you have plenty of cores or dupes
  20. >duplicate guns can be used to save 1 set of cores when expanding unit size
  21. >after unlocking enough squads use gems to buy raifu/equipment storage, more dorms, or wedding rings, prioritize according to immediate needs
  22. >don't bother with buying more construction/repair/training slots unless you have money to burn
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