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  1. [ Will be updated ]
  3. Synapse X v1.4.8 released - changelog: [5/19/19]
  4. [*] Decompiler is now fully native for x64 systems - no Java/Java JDK required anymore. You can also see a significant performance improvements with it now being native. ("new" decomp still p slow though, working on fixing™ it)
  5. [!] As stated earlier, this new native decompiler only works on x64 systems. 32 bit systems are currently unsupported and will fall back to the old Java based decompiler. (notice a trend here?)
  7. [*] Did some path migration to not leave clutter in the version directory anymore - enjoy!
  9. Synapse X v1.4.7 released - changelog: [5/18/19]
  10. [*] Improved teleport/injection stability.
  11. [*] Fixed readfile/writefile.
  12. [*] Fixed trying to decompile C functions
  13. [!] Stay sharp, the banwave might still come to bite us. Please DM us if you get banned by only using Synapse X after 5/17.
  15. Synapse X v1.4.6b quick fix released - changelog: [5/17/19]
  16. [*] Fixed injection speed issue - restart SX if u want the fix.
  18. Synapse X v1.4.6b released - changelog: [5/17/19]
  19. [*] This improves the ban protection that we released yesterday. While we still don't know if this works 100% yet, it should be better odds then before - (lol)
  20. [!] Sadly, this new protection only works on 64 bit operating systems. If you are on a 32 bit OS, this protection will not be available to you. You will be notified if this is the case for you.
  22. Synapse X v1.4.6 quick fix released - changelog: [5/17/19]
  23. - Removed 3ds' MessageOut hook that somehow managed to crash people (???)
  24. - Some other stability fixes.
  26. Synapse X v1.4.6 released - changelog: [5/16/19]
  28. [*] Updated.
  30. [!] This includes the attempted fix for the banwave that DefCon released in v1.4.5c. I don't want to lie to you guys - I have no idea if this will work. This was (unfortunately) an educated guess of what we think it is - we are still working on confirming that this is the root cause. To further complicate issues - this fix is pretty extreme and causes injection instability that is not easy to solve. I'm working on a better solution, but this is mostly what we have for now. For now, use the same precautions - VPNs and alt accounts, and report to us if you get banned. We hope this does fix it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work.
  32. Synapse X v1.4.5c released - changelog: [5/16/19]
  34. > Attempt a quick fix against the banwave
  35. > Push beta features to release
  37. Synapse X v1.4.5b released - changelog: [5/9/19]
  38. [*]Updated. (again)
  40. Synapse X v1.4.5 released - changelog: [5/8/19]
  41. [*]Updated.
  42. [*]Synapse X now does not fire ScriptContext.Error or LogService.MessageOut for Synapse X generated errors - this eliminates an entire class of crappy copy pasted detection methods. (*cough* Mudock *cough*)
  43. [*]LogService.MessageOut is now not fired for Synapse-generated print/warn/etc.
  44. [*]LogService:GetLogHistory() will now not return messages generated by Synapse X print/warn/
  46. Synapse X v1.4.4 released - changelog: [5/5/19]
  47. [*]This mostly did a lot of internal changes/bug fixes.
  48. [*]Switched compiler to latest Visual Studio 2019. Please report any new issues/crashes/etc into #bug-report and #crash-report, respectively.
  49. [*]All new functions now have intellisense documentation in UI - epic. :sunglasses:
  51. Synapse Xen v1.2.2 released - changelog: [5/4/19]
  52. [*] Greatly improved Anti-Axon protection - no bypasses for it anymore.
  53. [*] Fixed bug where some scripts would be compiled with constants protection when it was not specified by the user.
  55. Synapse X v1.4.3 released - changelog: [5/1/19]
  56. [*]Updated.
  57. [*]Pushed beta features to release, including:
  58. -Decompiler is now a yieldfunction. This means your game wont freeze while you decompile stuff.
  59. -messageboxasync/rconsoleinputasync are now properly async (yielding) aswell.
  60. -More fixies to make teleporting more stable.
  62. Synapse X v1.4.2 released - changelog: [4/24/19]
  63. [*]Updated.
  64. [!] getloadedmodules is currently broken in this update. Please wait for a beta release to (hopefully) fix it.
  66. Synapse X v1.4.1b released - changelog: [4/20/19]
  67. [+] Added the ingame chat! You can enable 'Ingame Chat' in Options to have an ingame chat now :o. (do /cmds for commands)
  68. [*]Pushed beta changes.
  70. [!] Your options have reset. Re-enable them in the options menu.
  72. Synapse X v1.4.1 released - changelog: [4/17/19]
  73. [*]Updated.
  74. [+] This pushes all of the beta release changes. See new features in #beta-releases.
  75. *beta release changes (not apart of actual changelog but from #beta-releases)*
  77. [4/17/19]
  78. >added rconsolename
  79. >added messagebox - will document here
  80. >fixed firesignal/connection:fire() for a few misbehaving signals
  82. [4/17/19]
  83. >init script improvements (module script fixes (hopefully))
  84. >getsenv fix for the tenth time in a row (lol?)
  85. >more teleport fixies
  87. [4/16/19]
  88. >internal improvements
  89. >console close button removed (to prevent accidental memes)
  90. >firesignal fixed for a few weird connections
  92. [4/16/19]
  93. >fixed mousemoveabs (for the third time in a row)
  94. >made autoattach slightly more stable
  96. [4/16/19]
  97. >improved injection stability a bit more
  98. >added a console api!
  99. rconsoleprint, rconsoleinfo, rconsolewarn, rconsoleerr
  100. will be documented soon™
  101. >added fireclickdetector
  102. >fixed firesignal (again)
  105. Synapse X v1.4.0d released - changelog: [4/14/19]
  107. [*]Fixed crash with invalid syntax on scripts.
  108. [*]Fixed more D3D problems (as stated in #beta-releases)
  110. Synapse X v1.4.0c released - changelog: [4/14/19]
  111. [*](More) stability™ improvements™.
  113. Synapse X v1.4.0b released - changelog: [4/12/19]
  114. [*]Fixed getsenv.
  115. [*]Stability™ improvements™.
  116. [*](Attempt) to fix getloadedmodules.
  118. Synapse X v1.4.0 released - changelog: [4/10/19]
  119. [*]Updated.
  120. [*]Improved launch/injection speeds.
  121. [*]Improved decompiler.
  122. [*]Improved 'getgc' function to not crash as much.
  123. [*]Improved Drawing API stability.
  124. [*]Lots of other internal changes this update, make sure to report bugs/crashes in #bug-report/#crash-report respectively.
  125. [+] Added functions: getconnectionstate, getinstancefromstate, getconnectionfunc, getstates, firesignal.
  127. [*]Our new developers for Synapse X (DefCon and Eternal) played a large part in this update, which we have been working on for the past week. Enjoy!
  129. Synapse X v1.3.6 released - changelog: [4/3/19]
  130. [*]Updated. - ;)
  132. Synapse X v1.3.5 (b2) released - changelog: [4/1/19]
  133. [*]Removed light theme (seems the studies were wrong, how sad :( - april fools btw)
  134. [+] Added editor object to the theme API w/ properties below.
  135. Light - Allows you to enable light mode editor.
  136. FixPixel - The pixel at the top left of the UI to prevent flickering. You can set that to any color now.
  137. [*]Theme version is now 5. Your theme should auto update, but keep a backup before relaunching Synapse to make sure.
  138. [*]See Theme API docs for more info:
  140. Synapse v1.3.5 released - changelog: [3/31/19]
  141. [+] This update adds something a lot of people have been waiting for a - a new decompiler! It currently defeats practically every anti-decompilation technique I have tried on it so far.
  142. [*]The arguments for decompile have changed, see below.
  143. [*]And no, this isnt a april fools joke. That will be tommorow.
  145. Usage:
  146. decompile(x) --this will use the old decompiler
  147. decompiler(x, true) --this will get the bytecode of the script (deprecated)
  149. decompile(x, "legacy") --this is the preferred way of using the old decompiler.
  150. decompile(x, "dump") --gets the bytecode (same as true, but not deprecated)
  151. decompile(x, "new") --this uses the NEW decompiler to get the script. note it might be slower.
  153. Synapse X v1.3.4b released - changelog: [3/28/19]
  154. [*]Fixed various detection methods for Synapse.
  156. Synapse X v1.3.4 released - changelog: [3/27/19]
  157. [*]Updated.
  158. [*]Whitelist speed improvements.
  159. [+] This update does a lot of internal changes, make sure to report crashes/bugs in #crash-report/#bug-report.
  161. Synapse X v1.3.3d released - changelog: [3/23/19]
  162. [*]This should (hopefully) fix crash on injection issues casued by 1.3.3c. Please make sure to report all crashes/bugs in #bug-report/#crash-report!
  163. [+] Added back Herobrine - o.o
  165. Synapse X v1.3.3c released - changelog: [3/22/19]
  166. [*]Fixed more crash on injection issues.
  167. [*]Improved injection speeds for various users.
  169. Synapse X v1.3.3b released - changelog: [3/21/19]
  170. [-] Removed Herobrine.
  171. [*]Fixed (most) crashing at injection issues. Please make sure to report crashes/other bugs in #crash-report and #bug-report.  Thanks!
  173. Synapse X v1.3.3 released - changelog: [3/20/19]
  174. [*]Updated.
  176. Synapse X v1.3.2 released - changelog: [3/13/19]
  177. [*]Updated.
  178. [*]Fixed crashing at startup for select PCs.
  179. [*]Minor improvements to the internal UI (added ability to disable autoscroll)
  181. Synapse X v1.3.1 released - changelog: [3/6/19]
  182. [*]Updated.
  183. [*]Fixed FPS unlocker having to be enabled to use internal UI.
  184. [*]Fixed internal UI initial sizes being broken.
  185. [*]Fixed bug where minimizing one window would make others disappear.
  186. [*]Fixed rare whitelist bug on certain AMD processors which would break the whitelist.
  187. [*]Fixed bug where the editor would not save that you had no text.
  189. Synapse X v1.3.0b released - changelog: [3/4/19]
  190. [*]Fixed crashes on injection.
  192. Synapse X v1.3.0 released - changelog: [3/4/19]
  193. [+] Added internal UI in options - this allows you to use a ingame GUI. Press your INSERT key to toggle it once enabled.
  194. [+] Your Synapse editor now saves when you exit Synapse X - tab support is still under development.
  195. [+] Added function 'printconsole'. (prints to the internal UI's console)
  196. [!] Your options have been reset this update, please re-enable them in the options menu.
  198. Synapse X v1.2.7 released - changelog: [3/1/19]
  199. [*]This should hopefully fix all of the whitelist issues with the v1.2.6 builds of Synapse. Enjoy!
  201. Synapse X v1.2.6b released - changelog: [2/28/19]
  202. [*]This update just forcefully pushes the changes from last night (see last message) to all clients who haven't done so already.
  204. Synapse X v1.2.6 released - changelog: [2/27/19]
  205. [*]Updated.
  206. [*]Security upgrades - we changed how whitelisting works, you should automatically rewhitelist but if you get a 24 hour error say in #support.
  209. Synapse X v1.2.5b released - changelog: [2/24/19]
  211. [*]Fixed anti-decompilation method abusing LinkedSource.
  212. [*]Fixed 'Outline' property in Drawing API (took long enough)
  213. [+] Added 'OutlineColor' property in Drawing API (allows you to set the outline color instead of just black)
  214. [*]Fixed DevConsole detection issues.
  216. Synapse X v1.2.5 released - changelog: [2/20/19]
  217. [*]Updated.
  219. Synapse X v1.2.4 released - changelog: [2/13/19]
  220. [*]Updated.
  222. Synapse X v1.2.3d released - changelog: [2/9/19]
  223. [*]This is another bugfix update - please report crashes in #crash-report!
  224. [*]This should also (hopefully) eliminate actual Roblox crashes - all crashes should be from Synapse's internal crash handler now. (this means all crashes can be reported now)
  226. Synapse X v1.2.3c released - changelog: [2/7/19]
  227. [*]This update mostly just fixes misc. bugs that were reported in #crash-report - make sure to post recent crash reports there so I can fix them!
  229. Synapse X v1.2.3b released - changelog: [2/6/19]
  230. [*]Fixed saveinstance.
  231. [*]Fixed various crashing on injection issues (make sure to keep reporting them in #crash-report, they help a lot!)
  232. [*]Fixed decompiling bytecode hashing bug (enjoy, wally)
  234. Synapse X v1.2.3 released - changelog: [2/6/19]
  235. [*]Updated.
  237. Synapse X v1.2.2b released - changelog: [2/5/19]
  238. [*]Fixed crash with FPS unlocker on injection.
  240. Synapse X v1.2.2 released - changelog: [1/31/19]
  241. [+] Added function 'saveinstance' - this one you guys have been waiting a while for. As of now, it *fully supports* saving unions, meshparts, terrain, etc. Thanks Reru for the script used in this.
  242. [+] Added supporting function 'getspecialinfo' - this allows you to get the info of MeshParts, UnionOperations, and Terrain. Note: Unlike Visneya, Synapse X's getspecialinfo also supports getting the terrain fields. ('SmoothGrid' and 'MaterialColors')
  243. [+] Added functions 'syn.crypto.base64.encode/syn.crypto.base64.decode' - this is used in saveinstance for performance reasons, and is MUCH faster then any Lua implementation.
  244. [*]Updated FPS unlocker to latest build.
  246. Supported fields:
  248. MeshParts:
  249. PhysicsData
  250. InitialSize
  252. UnionOperations:
  253. AssetId
  254. ChildData
  255. FormFactor
  256. InitialSize
  257. MeshData
  258. PhysicsData
  260. Terrain:
  261. SmoothGrid
  262. MaterialColors
  264. If you would like any more properties, ask me in DMs.
  266. Synapse X v1.2.1 released - changelog: [1/30/19]
  267. [*]Updated.
  269. Synapse X v1.2.0 released - changelog: [1/29/19]
  270. [*]Hopefully fixed detections (for good this time) - it took a very long time for me to make a full fix for this, as my bypass broke a few things in Synapse that were difficult to fix.
  271. [*]Fixed misspelling in a few functions (u can now shut wally)
  272. [*]Fixed that stupid "Synapse X <version>" text going to all the way to the left issue - took long enough.
  273. [+] "is_synapse_function" supports newcclosure'd functions now.
  274. [*]I got bored of the 1.1.X version scheme, moved up to 1.2.0.
  276. Synapse X v1.1.9c released - changelog: [1/25/19]
  277. [*]Bypassed "banwave" update.
  279. Synapse X v1.1.9b released - changelog: [1/25/19]
  280. [*]Added a crash reporting system that should make reporting Synapse crashes to me easier.
  282. Synapse X v1.1.9 released - changelog: [1/24/19]
  283. [*]Updated.
  285. Synapse X v1.1.8 released - changelog: [1/22/19]
  286. [*]Fixed detection method for Synapse X (thanks to Magik Manz for finding this)
  288. Synapse X v1.1.7d released - changelog: [1/19/19]
  289. [*]Fixed custom WebSocket API breaking on teleports.
  291. Synapse X v1.1.7c released - changelog: [1/19/19]
  292. [*]Released custom WebSocket API, this allows you to use WebSockets within Synapse X scripts. See the documentation at for more information.
  294. Synapse X v1.1.7b (UI update) released - changelog: [1/18/19]
  295. [*]Released the new Synapse X WebSocket API - check the documentation here:
  296. [*]This should allow a lot of customization for Synapse X (including new UIs/plugins for VS code/etc)
  297. [*]For theme developers, Version was incremented to 4 to accommodate this change. See the new "WebSocket" settings in theme.json for more details. Your theme should auto upgrade.
  299. Synapse v1.1.7b released - changelog: [1/17/19]
  300. [*]Made game:HttpGetAsync/game:HttpPostAsync actually async again. You won't freeze when you use these functions anymore.
  302. Synapse X v1.1.7 released - changelog: [1/16/19]
  303. [*]Updated.
  305. Some news that I forgot to mention before: [1/14/19]
  306. [*]I completed the auto-updater™! This should significantly reduce update times. (I used to have update everything manually, this automates ~95% of the update process.)
  307. [+] I released Xen 1.1.1, it improves on Xen 1.1.0 and makes it more secure. This was released a day ago, but has a quite few new features to protect against new users trying to RE your scripts (you can use !obfuscate) for it
  308. [*]More announcements coming soon™ on some other projects I am working on.
  310. Synapse X v1.1.6 released - changelog: [1/9/19]
  311. [*]Updated.
  312. [*]Fixed drawing objects not being cleared on teleport.
  313. [!] Unfortunately, the new feature I was planning to release this update was not stable enough to be released. Expect an update later on this week when its completed.
  315. Synapse X v1.1.5 released - changelog: [1/5/19]
  316. [+] Added 'getconnections' - this is a feature a lot of people have been asking me for. Documentation is in UI, example is below.
  317. [*]Fixed some script hub scripts crashing on people running Windows 7.
  318. [*]Fixed extended setlist instructions not being correctly converted.
  320. Synapse X v1.1.4 released - changelog: [1/1/19]
  322. [*]Finally fixed 'D3DCompiler' issues for new users of Synapse X.
  323. [*]Fixed random crashes after long periods of using Synapse X.
  324. [*]Made updating Synapse X take a lot easier for me now.
  325. [*]Fixed script hub desync when using the arrow keys on the script list.
  326. [+] Added functions 'iscallerscript', 'syn.crypt.encrypt', 'syn.crypt.decrypt', 'syn.crypt.hash', and 'setnonreplicatedproperty`. Documentation is in UI now.
  327. [!] Injecting may take longer now. Future updates will improve this - not much I can do. I will give more details on why in a little.
  329. Synapse X v1.1.3 (b2) released - changelog: [12/22/18]
  330. [*]Fixed stuck on 'Ready to launch!' issues for select users.
  332. Synapse v1.1.3 released - changelog: [12/12/18]
  333. [*]Updated for Roblox update.
  334. [*]Documented a few more functions that I forgot to document in intellisense.
  335. [*]Fixed Synapse getting stuck if you quit Roblox before injecting completes.
  336. [*]General bug bashing update, lots of misc. bugs fixed that aren't worth talking about.
  338. Synapse v1.1.2b released - changelog: [12/10/18]
  339. [*]Fixed init script errors (`getrawmetatable is nil` or whatever)
  341. Synapse v1.1.2 released - changelog: [12/5/18]
  342. [*]Updated for Roblox update.
  343. [+] Added 'Options' button, see new features below for that.
  344. [+] Added FPS unlocker (in options menu)
  345. [+] Added auto-attach (in options menu)
  346. [*]Fixed autoexec scripts not executing when teleported to another game.
  347. [*]Fixed exceptions when spamming the attach button.
  348. [!] For theme developers: new "OptionsButton" added to "Main" UI, version also incremented to 3. Your theme will autoupgrade, but you might need to adjust your theme for the new button.
  350. Synapse v1.1.1c released - changelog: [12/2/18] [Reverted the same day]
  351. [*]Really fixed game:HttpGetAsync/game:HttpPostAsync this time around. No more freezing on doing HttpGet/HttpPost!
  353. Synapse v1.1.1b released - changelog [11/28/18]
  354. [*]Updated for Roblox update.
  355. [*]Improved stability at injection time. (I have experienced no crashes during testing this with this new update, it should be a lot better now. report any crashes in #general)
  356. [*]Attempted fix for environment overwrite issues at injection time, this should fix detections on Island Royale (but I havent tested it 100%, report issues)
  358. Synapse v1.1.1 released - changelog [11/23/18]
  359. [+] Added 'getloadedmodules' to Synapse.
  360. [*]Intellisense now documents all new functions.
  361. [*]Significantly reduced authentication times. Say if it decreased for you in #general.
  363. Synapse v1.1.0c released - changelog: [11/20/18]
  364. [*]Added debug.getinfo function (people complained that they wanted it, here you go)
  365. [*]Added isrbxactive function (the key/mouse functions check this now, so you cant keypress outside of the Roblox window)
  367. Synapse v1.1.0b released - changelog: [11/14/18]
  368. [*]Updated for Roblox update.
  369. [*]Fixed Script Hub size not being locked (thanks wally!)
  371. Synapse v1.1.0 released - changelog: [11/14/18]
  372. [*]Added Drawing/D3D API to Synapse X. Compatible with Proto's API, a Synape-oriented API should be coming soonTM.
  373. [*]Added back script hub to Synapse X. (not many scripts yet, i'll add some as times goes on.)
  374. [*]Added back theme support to Synapse X. You can customize it via bin/theme.json.
  375. [*]Added 'dumpstring', allows conversion to Roblox bytecode from a source string.
  376. [*]Further protection against tainted checks. Should be close to impossible for it to happen now.
  377. [*]Fixed crashes on exiting the Synapse UI.
  378. [*]Fixed being able to decompile Synapse functions (hi wally)
  379. [*]Fixed loadstring not supporting Roblox bytecode.
  381. Synapse v1.0.0d released - changelog: [11/8/18]
  382. [*]Updated for Roblox update.
  383. [*]Added back getgc and is_synapse_function.
  384. [!] Roblox (sorta) removed HttpGet/HttpPost this update, I reimplemented it for the time being. Please note that this reimplementation is not async right now, but will be hopefully with a patch tommorow.
  386. Synapse v1.0.0c released - changelog:
  387. [*]Fixed stuck on 'checking whitelist' issues for some users
  388. [*]Incremented version counter for tainted bypass
  390. Synapse v1.0.0b released - changelog: [11/1/18]
  391. [*]Updated for Roblox update
  392. [*]Fixed require being broken
  393. [*]Added more security to wl changes
  394. [*]Fixed UI not exiting sometimes when clicking the exit button
  395. [*]Fixed stuck on "Joining Discord..."
  397. Synapse v1.0.0 released - changelog: [10/31/18]
  398. [!] No changelogs for the official first release [!]
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