catlamp pages 1 & 2

c_rberus Jul 19th, 2019 47 Never
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  1. [page 1]
  3.     [darkness.]
  4.     [lightning crashes down the page, illuminating various monstrous shapes in the space around it; white flashes of disembodied teeth and tentacles, eyes and strange shapes, bulbous spots, claws and spikes.]
  5.     [the lightning fades, hiding the figures in the darkness again.]
  7. [page 2]
  9.     [darkness.]
  10.     [lightning strikes overhead. it lights up a large, craggy mountain range.]
  11.     [lightning flashes again, this time revealing a small, grassy hill in a valley among the mountains. on the hill is a twisted, dead tree, which overlooks a modest graveyard; one of the graves has a wide open hole in front.]
  12.     [fade to darkness.]
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