Coastal Plains Civilization

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  1. This is a pastebin of mechanics and stuff of Coastal Plains Civilization. I apologize if its a bit cluttered, I'll organize it better as time goes on.
  2. We are necromancers who herd sheep. This means that unless the herd gets attacked, or we have too many people, we will always have a food source. Admittedly, not a very diverse food source, so watch out for scurvy, gout, or other related dietary issues.
  4. The civ is split up into categories of people. You may reassign people to different jobs, but they may not necessarily be good at them. A worker would make a good farmer, but a sage might not.
  5. Sages-perform and research magic, also research sciencey things.
  6. Worker-performs menial tasks, but may operate more advanced technology. For example, spinning thread or operating forges.
  7. Farmer-harvests crops and tends to livestock.
  8. Military-keeps your people safe and lowers crime.
  9. Zombies-undead servants who act as workers, easy to produce, but they decay over time.
  11. Magic
  12. We have chosen necromancy, the magic of death.
  13. Spells
  14. Raise Dead
  15. Each turn a sage can make one zombie assuming they have the proper fungus and salt.
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