The Eternal War, session 20

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  1. Session Start: Sat Oct 06 19:40:05 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 02[19:40] * Disconnected
  4. 02[19:40] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  5. 03[19:40] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  6. 01[19:45] <Staffen> Petrus and Winterscale emerge from their conversation, with neither of the two having done any evident harm to the other.
  7. 06[19:46] * Nyx is loudly grinding recaff pods rudely in her mouth in impatience
  8. 01[19:46] <Staffen> Lord Calligos Winterscale pats Cain on the back. "Vicky, you come with me. The Inferno Atraxis needs a good officer."
  9. [19:46] <Petruswork> "Make sure she isn't kidnapped this time."
  10. 01[19:47] <Staffen> Corinna nods. "I'll be fine."
  11. 01[19:47] <Staffen> She first bows to Petrus, and then plants a kiss on his cheek. "See you around, lover," she says, and then departs with her uncle.
  12. [19:47] <Petruswork> "See you soon, my dear."
  13. 06[19:54] * Nyx reclines in a grav-couch, heels on another, still grinding recaff
  14. [19:54] <Nyx> "So...what's up, dok?"
  15. [19:54] <Nyx> "Are we to be jettisonned in Void Justice for rough handling of your esteemed fiance, m'lord?"
  16. [19:55] <Petruswork> "Far from it, Lord Winterscale will be helping us deal with Vok."
  17. [19:58] <Narcisa> "What does he offer to our aid?"
  18. [19:59] <Petruswork> "Half of his reserve fleet."
  19. [19:59] <Petruswork> "Including his flagship."
  20. 01[20:12] <Staffen> Soon after, you part with the Winterscale fleet and translate in the direction of Scintilla.
  21. 01[20:12] <Staffen> Two weeks later, the ship returns to real-space...
  22. 06[20:16] * Varian straps a now symmetrically placed second shoulder holster under his suit and stuff his bolt pistol into it. He shrugs his flak cloak on and states "I have business on the planet with an arbitrator, I need to know how my serial killing investigation is going. I will be at the Brass War Memorial."
  23. [20:18] <Varian> If no one but the group was around he would continue, "In addition I having my cousin Galen on Malfi given a... warning of sorts so please do nothing that will negatively interfere with either of these events."
  24. 01[20:19] <Staffen> (There are, in fact, no others)
  25. [20:21] <Narcisa> "So you shall want us to avoid these two individuals on the entirety of a hive world?" That seems an easy enough request."
  26. [20:21] <Nyx> "I've been reading a guidebook, and I destire shall join you, Lord Sark.  Unless my presence shall eat your soulstuff by standing near you?"
  27. 02[20:21] * Petruswork ( Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  28. 06[20:24] * Varian squirms slightly, "Just do not stand too close."
  29. 06[20:25] * Nyx waltzes with with an invisible air partner around Varian
  30. [20:25] <Nyx> "Come, come, perhaps there are vendors and bazaars along the way.  Some uppers and downers shall fix near any problem you're having."
  31. 06[20:30] * Varian straightens his tie and prepares to head out, "Well if you do come try to look, and I know this will be hard for many of you, as inconspicuous as you possibly can."
  32. 06[20:33] * Narcisa furrowed her brow for a moment "What manner of warning are you planning that you would not want us around for?"
  33. [20:34] <Narcisa> "I would think chief amongst your list of messengers would be Petrus and his exquisite rifle."
  34. [20:35] <Varian> "A warning in the Malfian manner... a more refined touch than such an impersonal weapon."
  35. [20:40] <Narcisa> "Ah. Well if you must. I would think working with the arbitrators yourself to claim your proper place the better path but... I understand you nobles must stick to your own traditions." She nodded
  36. [20:41] <Nyx> "Of course.  Should we not judge each other by our own peers?"
  37. 06[20:41] * Nyx strikes a heroic pose, finger pointing to the Port lighting
  38. 03[20:47] * Plex (CelestialD@FE7B146F.428E072C.1EF101D4.IP) has left #eternalwar
  39. 01[20:50] <Staffen> The group heads to port, putting down in a central hangar bay. The docking toll for the port is 150 thrones.
  40. 06[20:51] * Varian dismissively waves at the others when they are asked for the thrones.
  41. 06[20:55] * Nyx takes three 50-throne rolls form her small-purse, haphazardly tossing them at the toll collector in a softball throw
  42. 06[20:56] * Narcisa would reach into a pocket within her robes, looking up to see this. with a smile she would offer a neatly collected pile to Nyx "For compensation." She offered with a smile
  43. 01[20:57] <Staffen> The toll officer fumbles attempting to catch the coins. The paper rolls burst, spilling gold pieces across the decking.
  44. 01[20:57] <Staffen> "H-hey!" he shouts.
  45. 06[20:57] * Nyx gives a badly-copied cogwheel gesture to Narcisa and pushes back
  46. [20:57] <Nyx> "T'is fine.  It is the right of nobility to clear the way, no?"
  47. [20:59] <Nyx> "Not our problem, butterpauper!  There's your docking fee!"
  48. 06[21:00] * Nyx struts off behind Varian
  49. [21:00] <Narcisa> "Well if you are so willing." She would put away her money and move on after Varian, folding and putting away the bills in a small purse over her stomach
  50. 01[21:00] <Staffen> You encounter an Magistratum enforcer shortly after. He stands still and stares your group down.
  51. 06[21:01] * Varian continues on to the Brass War Memorial, outwardly undisturbed.
  52. 01[21:01] <Staffen> "I've got my eye on you lot," he warns, "pull another stunt like that, offworlders, and you'll be sitting your asses in a group-cell with Freddy the Lover tonight.
  53. [21:01] <Nyx> "Is he the Port's version of famed Mahmoud?"
  54. [21:03] <Narcisa> "Though I think what you did a rude gesture on some worlds." she commented with humor smile fading quickly as she noticed the Enforcer, giving only a curt nod to the man
  55. 01[21:06] <Staffen> The Magistratum enforcer forms a "V" shape with two of his fingers, brings them close to his eyes, and then points them towards Nyx.
  56. 01[21:07] <Staffen> He passes by after that.
  57. [21:08] <Nyx> "Psst, what was that?"
  58. [21:10] <Varian> "Of just the law throwing its weight around. Little better than bazaar enforcers."
  59. [21:10] <Varian> Oh*
  60. 01[21:11] <Staffen> You leave the port and head for the Brass War Memorial.
  61. 01[21:16] <Staffen> After a half-hour walk you arrive: it is a series of paired columns which leads to a long path up to a tall, wide central statue - a figure of a dozen robed warriors who seem to be pushing forward on a position. The sun is going down in the background. There are few people present at the memorial. In particular, one stands at the foot of the statue.
  62. 06[21:18] * Narcisa would walk along with the Malfian and psyker, looking about memorial idly
  63. 06[21:18] * Varian keeps an eye out for his contact.
  64. 06[21:19] * Vanessa_Frydborne stands at the foot of one statue. She's...non-descript from a distance, an arbite in a stormcoat, leaning against a pedestal and using a metal match to light a lho-stick. It's certainly an arbite and not an enforcer. From this distance they can see the sigil of the Adeptus Arbites on one of her shoulder pads.
  65. 03[21:28] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  66. 06[21:28] * Varian approaches the woman, "Excuse me, I believe we have a scheduled meeting mademoiselle?"
  67. 06[21:30] * Vanessa_Frydborne looks up at Varia. There's a scar across her lips, ending at her chin and starting somewhere from under her helmet. "You do. But not with me. You're looking for a mutual contact we seem to share. I'm here to make sure that you aren't anything unsavory."
  68. 06[21:31] * Varian says with an overconfident grin, "I am very savory, I have been told I go very well with wine and cheese."
  69. [21:33] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "That's number 1." She holds up a gloved hand, her index finger up. "If I get to three," She raised her middle finger and thumb with her index. "if I get to three, I beat you with my baton here." She brushes aside her coat, showing a shock maul clipped to her belt. She's not one to take anyone's shit.
  70. [21:34] <Petrus> "She sounds perfect for you Varian."
  71. 03[21:35] * Plex (CelestialD@FE7B146F.428E072C.1EF101D4.IP) has joined #eternalwar
  72. [21:36] <Nyx> "Disregard the constabulary.  We're of high birth."
  73. 06[21:36] * Varian grins at Petrus "Rough and Domineering. Fantastic!"
  74. 06[21:38] * Narcisa would look away "Did not require that information."
  75. 06[21:38] * Vanessa_Frydborne exhales a blue wreath of smoke from her mouth, the lho-stick held in a corner. "... nobles." She practically growls. "Anyway, I am not going to take you to my contact until I know who you lot are or if you're trustworthy. Got to protect my sources and all."
  76. 06[21:40] * Petrus mumbles under his breath "Peasants."
  77. 06[21:41] * Nyx pulls her hat down over her eyes, beginning to mime blindness
  78. [21:43] <Varian> "We are the type of wealthy benefactors that move in powerful circles but that like to stay grounded and mix with the." He looks up and down at Vanessa "Pious hardworking folk of the streets."
  79. [21:48] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "I'm not a fan of the nobles. I'm really not a fan of anyone that thinks they're above the Lex Imperialis. The Law exists for a reason." She pulls out her lho-stick and crushes it against her tongue. "But whatever. If they want to meet with you, then you can meet with them. But I got my eye on you." She does the same gesture the Enforcer did earlier.
  80. 02[21:48] * Petrus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  81. 06[21:48] * Varian disregards the constabulary and follows the enforcer to wherever she takes them.
  82. 03[21:49] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  83. [21:50] <Vanessa_Frydborne> And so the arbite would lead the group to the meeting place with her Contact. Near the loading dock of a local Arbites Precinct's shipping division.
  84. 01[21:51] <Staffen> The loading dock is devoid of activity.
  85. 06[21:52] * Varian patiently waits, his hands clasped together behind his back.
  86. [21:53] <Narcisa> "This is the first part you said you wished us not present for
  87. [21:53] <Narcisa> , yes?"
  88. 06[21:53] * Petrus looks around the loading dock while a large eagle lands on his shoulder
  89. [21:54] <Varian> "Well, just keep your distance and don't provoke a reaction."
  90. 01[21:54] <Staffen> Steam puffs from lower-level vents.
  91. 01[21:54] <Staffen> From the thick steam appear a pair of hooded figures. They shuffle forward, and come to a stop.
  92. 01[21:56] <Staffen> Behind them follows a short, thin woman in a black bodyglove. She crosses her arms behind her back, and comes to a stop close behind the hooded figures.
  93. 06[21:56] * Narcisa would nod, turning on a heel and walking away from Varian, keeping a good ten foot distance from him before turning back to watch the proceedings, hands before her stomach.
  94. 06[21:56] * Varian nods to them in greeting.
  95. 01[21:59] <Staffen> "Varian, House Sark, Malfi," the woman calls. "I'm surprised to see you ask for Ears."
  96. [22:01] <Varian> "I have been out of the loop for a while, dealing with other matters. If you are even remotely as good as I have heard you will know why. I come to you now because I know of no information broker better."
  97. 06[22:02] * Vanessa_Frydborne is content to wait this out. She's closer then the other acolytes, however.
  98. 01[22:03] <Staffen> "Out of the loop," the woman echoes. "Is that what you call it? I do find myself perplexed by your bravery. One gunshot," she pats a holster at her hip, "and the Arbites will swarm out and arrest a man who they say committed both fratricide and aristocide, conspired to heighten his Throne-given position, and ran from justice."
  99. 01[22:04] <Staffen> "So, a question for an answer, Lord Sark," the woman says. "I'll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours..."
  100. [22:05] <Nyx> "Oh my, how lewd.
  101. [22:05] <Varian> "What would you like to know?"
  102. 01[22:06] <Staffen> The woman shrugs. "Throw me some information. Something I don't know already."
  103. 06[22:11] * Varian keeps a straight face, "Would you like to know why Winterscale is moving a massive fleet through this Sector?"
  104. 01[22:11] <Staffen> The woman does not move. "Sounds interesting," she says.
  105. [22:14] <Varian> "He is securing his heiress, a woman who was until recently captured by unsavoury sorts", he winks as Vanessa. "He has little reason to remain in the Sector for long though now that issue is dealt with."
  106. 01[22:16] <Staffen> The woman nods. "Ask your question."
  107. 06[22:16] * Vanessa_Frydborne shakes her head. She already doesn't like Varian at all.
  108. [22:18] <Varian> "I need to know the details of the case being brought against me. Specifically what evidence is being 'produced' and who the case lead is."
  109. 01[22:19] <Staffen> "One question at a time," Ears says, holding up a finger. "One secret for one secret, Varian Sark. Be specific. Which one do you want answered first?"
  110. [22:19] <Varian> "Evidence."
  111. 01[22:27] <Staffen> "Very well," the woman folds her arms behind her back. "Presently the prosecution possesses evidence of extensive transactions made in your name which route to private accounts, sums which might be expected compensation for a high-profile killer. Evidence has also been put forward confirming your absence from Malfi and your presence in some of the shadier areas of the Calixis Sector. And you, are, of course, alive where the rest of your kin are dead. Motive and method, Varian Sark. Additionally, a week ago Galen Sark, the next contender for your household title was suddenly stricken by a fit of unconsciousness and fever - examination revealed the first component of the infamous binary posion Morfia-V was present in his bloodstream. But the one fabrication in this bundle is a supposed vox-thief recording which supposedly includes your voice in discussion with the assassin known as Mortifactum regarding a hit. That is all that the prosecution's civil aspect has released so-far. But he has more that he's keeping under lock and key for when the court needs some extra groxshit fed to it."
  112. 06[22:28] * Varian considers this before continuing, "Another secret then?"
  113. 06[22:29] * Petrus 's ear perk up at the mention of a high profile killer
  114. 01[22:29] <Staffen> "Yes, Varian Sark," she says, "perhaps you can tell me where it is you disappeared to after you escaped the Kasballica shortly after New Year's?"
  115. [22:35] <Varian> "I was kidnapped by wealthy benefactors who have been using me for their own ends. They initially threatened my family's lives to keep me in line but that threat has become redundant now that Galen has had the majority of them killed."
  116. 01[22:37] <Staffen> "Very interesting," the woman says. "What is your next question?"
  117. [22:38] <Varian> "The case lead, I need to know everything about him."
  118. 01[22:42] <Staffen> "Understand that right now, Varian Sark, the case is more about the assumption of the Sark estate by your paternal cousin, Galen Sark. Your innocence is presently in question, so the Administratum has now given the go-ahead for him to assume the titles. Galen is here to make the argument to Judge Castax that you are unfit to be named head of the Sark Household. As such, Galen is the prosecution's head here, but in the criminal case against you the chief prosecutor is one Intelligencer Ravos."
  119. [22:46] <Varian> "Another secret then. The destruction of the Van Schrool's palace in the upper hive was conducted by a highly trained force of soldiers, virtually a private army, working for non-imperial group. They were sent to assassinate the man."
  120. [22:46] <Varian> for a*
  121. 01[22:47] <Staffen> "I knew this already," Ears says. "I do not know who funded this attack, however - who this army is commanded by. Do you, Lord Sark?"
  122. [22:51] <Varian> "An anti-Imperial force, my benefactors who wish for stability in this Sector oppose them. Their use of renegade psykers, expensive private armies, control of private enterprises on Scintilla and access to raider class warships suggests both power and connections to heretical or criminal organisations.  
  123. [22:51] <Varian> "
  124. 01[23:00] <Staffen> "You evaded the question," the woman remarks. "Who was the commander, Varian?"
  125. [23:03] <Varian> "The name is a virus, my benefactors will not allow me to tell you. I like you so I will not tell you, if I did they would contain it, you would not survive a day. I have given you all the hints I can. Those are more valuable than any thing I could possibly tell you."
  126. 01[23:05] <Staffen> The woman stands quiet for a moment. "To the contrary, Lord Sark, I think I'm beginning to get a picture here. And, I understand your reluctance to answer..."
  127. 01[23:06] <Staffen> Ears steps forward, past the robed men, and approaches Varian. "You're an interesting man, Varian Sark. I'll give you this secret - free of charge."
  128. 01[23:09] <Staffen> "So, Lord Sark, ask."
  129. [23:09] <Varian> "A simple question. Where is Galen staying."
  130. [23:09] <Varian> ?(
  131. 01[23:12] <Staffen> "The Sibellus Sark Manse, Second Penthouse, West Tower. I imagine you're still in the gene-lock databanks."
  132. 06[23:13] * Varian smiles pleasantly "A very productive meeting if I do say so myself. Keep your eyes open Ears and do try to stay alive and out of my way."
  133. 01[23:15] <Staffen> "No, Lord Sark, I think we'll be having use for one-another again one day." Ears looks to the Arbitrator who guided you in. "Vanessa Frydborne. I'm releasing you from our agreement. Your keepers would want this as well, I believe. I imagine you'll be getting a request from them to accompany these gentlemen in a few days if you haven't already. So, better to help them along now than when it's too late."
  134. 03[23:16] * Nyx ( has left #eternalwar
  135. 06[23:16] * Varian smirks "Vanessa is it? I am sure we can put her to good use."
  136. [23:18] <Vanessa_Frydborne> For her part, Vanessa gives Ears a bit of a nod. "I'm sure they will." She looks to Varian. "It's Mortiurge Vanessa Frydborne. I'd prefer if you weren't so familiar with me. We just met."
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