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VGC 2016 Team that has used the team building strategy

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Mar 8th, 2017
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  1. 1. Core: Primal Groudon + Primal Kyogre
  2. Reason The Dual Primals core seemed very appealing as the defensive potential to control weather is very strong.
  4. 2. Pokemon #3: Mega Salamence
  5. Reason: Salamance's speed, the Intimidate ability, and strong offensive moves are very strong and can help the Primals take damage better.
  7. 3. Pokemon #4: Cresselia
  8. Reason: Cresselia had Trick Room to control speed, Gravity to turn inaccurate moves into accurate moves, and Skill Swap to control weather.
  10. 4. Pokemon #5: Ferrothorn
  11. Reason: After Xerneas uses Geomancy to increase its speed by 2 stages, Ferrothorn can use Gyro Ball to heavily damage it and survive its attack.
  13. 5. Pokemon #6: Crobat
  14. Reason: Its Poison typing allows it to survive Fairy moves, Tailwind to increase speed, Super Fang to chunk bulky Pokemon, Taunt to stop Smeargle, and Quick Guard to stop priority moves.
  16. Things that I changed throughout testing the team
  17. - Changed Crobat to Thundurus for speed control with Thunder Wave and priority Taunt to beat Choiced Scarf Smeargle
  18. Team: P-Groudon/P-Kyogre/M-Salamence/Cresselia/Ferrothorn/Thundurus-I
  20. - Changed Salamence/Ferrothorn to Kangaskhan/Amoonguss to increase my Xerneas matchup and have a Trick Room threat
  21. Team: P-Groudon/P-Kyogre/M-Kangaskhan/Cresslia/Amoonguss/Thundrus-I
  23. - Changed Cresselia to Bronzong to have an extra Xerneas answer and support the Primals better
  24. Team: P-Groudon/P-Kyogre/M-Salamence/Bronzong/Ferrothorn/Thundurus-I
  26. - Changed Thundurus-I to an Assault Vest Raichu to support my Kyogre better with Lighting Rod and Volt Switch to switch better
  27. Team: P-Groudon/P-Kyogre/M-Salamence/Ferrothorn/Cresseia/Raichu
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