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  1. hey shart, guess what
  2. your views are wrong, doxxing people notwithstanding, which is old shit at this point
  3. that girl, which is none of anybody's business is fucking depending on me, and doesn't want to admit it
  4. ask any russian about having someone trying to wait for them to graduate, and it'll be the equivalent to winning the fucking lottery
  5. i've talked with her and her family (every one of them) before and since a bored peanut gallery decided to throw shit at whatever flashes in front of people's eyes, looking for any excuse to get your jimmies off
  6. so guess what
  7. appearances can be deceiving, and any of that shit is a lot more epic than any fucking discord server, with a grand total of maybe 3 people i like in it
  8. do you think after a year at this point, i'd be wrong? or that mentally deranged? well if so then i'd be the one getting fucking played
  9. that'll teach me to be honest, and what have i been doing lately? building fucking businesses, for her, all by myself, how about you
  10. so screw off with it, your infatuation speaks volumes more about you than me
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