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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session 22: Northern Blues part 7

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  1. [2013-01-30 13:12:19] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright emerges from his own private horror tube.
  2. [2013-01-30 13:12:30] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara scolds his subconcious for breifly believing Bookwright was dinner.
  3. [2013-01-30 13:12:38] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright looks perfectly fine and healthy, save that he cannot move correctly.  The anesthetic has yet to wear off.
  4. [2013-01-30 13:12:46] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid examines Bookwright. "Y' feelin' alright?"
  5. [2013-01-30 13:12:51] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright breathes slowly, "I... will never... complain... about doctors... again."
  6. [2013-01-30 13:12:59] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid "Is all yer bits where they should be 'r not?"
  7. [2013-01-30 13:13:08] <Little_Gloom> 3The door opens.  A little robot shaped like a bunny and about the size of a large poodle, glides into the room, holding a serving tray with a glass of pink lemonade.  Complete with ice cubes.
  8. [2013-01-30 13:13:14] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright "I... I think I'm okay. I really don't want to use one of those things again if I can avoid it."
  9. [2013-01-30 13:13:20] <Little_Gloom> 3CopyCat bows to the long-eared waiter and picks up her lemonade. "Thank you very much."
  10. [2013-01-30 13:13:28] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart looks up to the tray with a slight frown. Slowly levitating one of hte glasses off for herself, sniffing it briefly to see if it at least smelled right.
  11. [2013-01-30 13:13:35] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid grimaces. Yeah, she wasn't looking forward to it either. "Copycat?"
  12. [2013-01-30 13:13:41] <Little_Gloom> 3The robot wiggles it's "ears" and turns, gliding back out.
  13. [2013-01-30 13:13:47] <Little_Gloom> 3Mitzi looks at the robot. Not as cute as a real bunny
  14. [2013-01-30 13:13:53] <Little_Gloom> 3CopyCat sips her drink and nods. "I won't ask if you're ready, but know that we're all less than a hoof's length away." She floats Kid into the pod Bookwright just used, since that one seemed to work.
  15. [2013-01-30 13:13:59] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid put on a long face, and just hoped that it wouldn't be too bad. As she got in, yeah, it's pretty awful.
  16. [2013-01-30 13:14:05] <Little_Gloom> 3The "coffin" door slides closes, plunging Kid into claustrophobic blackness...
  17. [2013-01-30 13:14:12] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid frowns. Yeah, this isn't uncomfortable at all.
  18. [2013-01-30 13:14:21] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-Two: Northern Blues (Part Seven)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  19. [2013-01-30 13:14:29] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Begins ---
  20. [2013-01-30 13:19:08] * Kid is a cheapskate. If one were to tell her that they could heal her with a non-risky super restoration potion that someone could use or sell, or a claustraphobic trip through a hellbox, she'd wonder if it were possible to take both said hellbox and the super potion and see what they could get for it. She didn't consider it a bad thing. It was just survival, in the end. If you can acquire one...
  21. [2013-01-30 13:19:09] * Kid ...resource only now, and one can be stored for later, you use the resource that can be used only now. The question then remains, in her mind as she was anesthetized and was hearing the altogether horrifying sound of her skull being sawed into, was this really worth it?
  22. [2013-01-30 13:21:01] * CopyCat watches Kid disappear into the device and glances over to one of the empty pods nervously. She was increasingly aware of the stinging sensation she felt from her own limbs but wasn't sure if she could go through with it.
  23. [2013-01-30 13:21:23] * Bookwright wriggles and tries to massage more feeling into himself. The anesthetic made all his limbs feel abnormally light, and his head was a little fuzzy.
  24. [2013-01-30 13:23:25] * Kid learned today that, no. It really wasn't in this case. But as the anesthetic kind of removed her ability to speak out against the matter, and she told the only person that could hear her through her head that she didn't want to have any visitors in her head. Which, come to think of it, was kind of ironic given the nature of her current situation.
  25. [2013-01-30 13:27:52] * Noble_Heart took the glass of pink lemonade and sipped it quietly a few moments, keeping watch towards the door with occasional glances back at the tubes. Finally Bookwright had resturned and she moved to help him to his hooves with her magic. "We trust that you are well? The Ministry of Peace was known for its healing magics for good reason."
  26. [2013-01-30 13:29:18] * Bookwright nods, a little blearily, "Yeah, but this wasn't exactly magic, persay.
  27. [2013-01-30 13:34:17] * CopyCat casts her eyes down at the ground and takes a step away from Kid's pod, as if that meant anything. She joins Noble_Heart and Bookwright. "I know there isn't any pain when you're inside but I still wouldn't like to be trapped away from you all."
  28. [2013-01-30 13:35:32] * Noble_Heart gently layed her wing across CopyCat's back, comfortingly, as she sipped her drink with a touch of concern. "We are sorry. We are uncertain what these devices are. We have never seen them before." She looks up at the tube. "Perhaps they were built here first? Or tested elsewhere? Machines to heal a pony of the worst of damages would have been valuable indeed."
  29. [2013-01-30 13:35:32] * Shatara takes a moment to clean his rifle. A clean rifle is a happy rifle, after all.
  30. [2013-01-30 13:36:18] * Bookwright shakes himself out some more. It was like all of his limbs were asleep, and the pins and needles were just showing up. "Well, that was thoroughly unpleasant. If effective. Let's never do that again, okay? I'm gonna take a little look around this room."
  31. [2013-01-30 13:46:55] * Noble_Heart looks towards the doorway and the passed cleaning robot. "We suggest perhaps searching other rooms while We wait for Our companions' return? There is little We could do without threatening their safety attempting to open the containers." She sips her drink briefly and looks down at it. "This lemonade is most exquisite."
  32. [2013-01-30 13:48:35] * CopyCat nods, drinking her own. "It is isn't it. And wasn't it nice of that little robot to bring it to us. I liked his ears."
  33. [2013-01-30 13:52:56] * Bookwright stretches and ambles slightly unsteadily down the hall into the final section in this area: Cybersurgery.
  34. [2013-01-30 13:54:28] * Bookwright speaks over his shoulder as he walks, "I'm gonna look around in here. I'm a bit of a technophile, after all. Anyone else interested?"
  35. [2013-01-30 13:55:18] * Shatara gives his rifle a quick function check before rising to follow Bookwright.
  36. [2013-01-30 13:56:29] * Noble_Heart stood up and moved after Bookwright. "CopyCat? Will you stand guard here for Us? We do not feel comfortable abandoning Bookwright in his present state." She looked back towards the other Alicorn with a smile. "We trust you to call Us if something happens. But We are confident this place is safe."
  37. [2013-01-30 13:58:12] * Bookwright slurs, "I'm fine, honesht. I just got drugsh left in my shsytem."
  38. [2013-01-30 13:58:18] * CopyCat smiles, happy that she was useful. "Of course. I'll be here to help Lost and Kid when they get out."
  39. [2013-01-30 13:58:54] * Noble_Heart bows her head briefly to CopyCat. "We thank you." She pulls the door closed with her magic and follows after Shatara and Bookwright.
  40. [2013-01-30 14:03:49] * Get_Lost is still inside her nice casule, livin' la vida loca
  41. [2013-01-30 14:10:31] * CopyCat sits beside Get's pod and sips her lemonade.
  42. [2013-01-30 14:29:09] * Bookwright Steps into the air-conditioned, stainless steel chill of the Cybersurgery module and takes a good look around.
  43. [2013-01-30 14:31:01] * Noble_Heart strode down the hall, blinking her slitted eyes with a frown as her hooves made steady 'tack-tack-tack' against the hard flooring. Moving after Bookwright into the cybersurgery wing.
  44. [2013-01-30 14:47:21] <Kkat> The door to Cybersurgery slides open and lights flicker on... revealing a maze of bodies and parts of bodies, all synthetic and only some of them lifelike, looking like a few dozen hacked-up pony mannequins.   Legs dangle from the ceiling -- some looking almost pony, others skeletal and mechanical.   Metal pony skills embedded with crystals sit on platters.  
  45. [2013-01-30 14:49:23] <Kkat> In lit glass cases, odder things are displayed -- wiring and tubing and artificial bone structures, all laid out like internal organs removed on an autopsy table.
  46. [2013-01-30 14:51:06] * Noble_Heart took a few moments glancing around the room. She seemed remarkably passive about the state of their surroundings. "We are most impressed. We did not believe that such advanced prosthetics were available." She levitated one of the crystal-embedded synthetic pony skulls from its resting place to examine it with curiosity.
  47. [2013-01-30 14:51:40] <Kkat> Two terminals sit in opposite corners of the room, softly glowing.  On the back wall, Bookwright can barely see the ghost of the word "prosthetics lab" which has been painted over in exchange for the word "Cybernetics Research".
  48. [2013-01-30 14:52:48] <Kkat> The cybernetics are all extremely primitive compared to the developments in Stable 101, and most include odd components, materials and gems.
  49. [2013-01-30 14:53:20] * Bookwright "All of this tech raises a question though: If this is what ponies were working on during the war, how come more of it wasn't put to use? There are plenty of those mechanical doctor tubes in the other room, why weren't they mass produced?"
  50. [2013-01-30 14:54:16] * Bookwright walked on pins and slowly fading needles to a terminal and examines it.
  51. [2013-01-30 14:54:58] * Noble_Heart frowned. "It is possible this place was used for testing of new technology. There were many projects undertaken by the Ministries in secret, not shared with the outside." She turned the skull over in her magic. "The Stables bore the fruit of some of those as well. We are certain you know the history of one hundred one, yes?" She turns her attention towards the other terminal,
  52. [2013-01-30 14:54:58] * Noble_Heart striding up to it curiously as well.
  53. [2013-01-30 14:55:14] <Kkat> 3The terminal is fully functional and waiting for you to enter your password.
  54. [2013-01-30 14:57:42] <Kkat> 3Meanwhile, the timers for Kid and Get_Lost are counting down.  Get_Lost's treatment clock suddenly adds more time. It looks like they will be done about the same time, despite Kid having entered her coffin several minutes later.  
  55. [2013-01-30 15:00:57] * Bookwright clicks, clacks, types, and gets lucky. Hacking this terminal was a breeze.
  56. [2013-01-30 15:03:44] <Kkat> 3> Good Morning, Doctor Rose Bloom.  Isn't it a beautiful day?
  57. [2013-01-30 15:04:56] <Kkat> 3> You may choose from the following menu items: 1) General Notices, 2) Current Projects, 3) Personnel Records and 4) Private Messages.  Which would you prefer?
  58. [2013-01-30 15:05:20] * Bookwright >Current Projects
  59. [2013-01-30 15:06:02] * Get_Lost got delayed, since she is not a good student she'll have to repeat the can
  60. [2013-01-30 15:06:04] * Noble_Heart began looking around the room again for anything of interest other than the cybernetic bits. Some of those were -definitely- interesting, but she could collect those before they left. And she had little use for them as of this moment.
  61. [2013-01-30 15:06:17] <Kkat> 3> The Phoenix Implant
  62. [2013-01-30 15:07:19] * Bookwright Phoenix Implant
  63. [2013-01-30 15:09:30] <Kkat> 3> Intended Purpose: To allow medical ponies in the field to properly care for patients suffering egregious harm from magical energies and weaponry.
  64. [2013-01-30 15:10:13] <Kkat> 3> Project Stage:  Live Pony Testing
  65. [2013-01-30 15:10:52] <Kkat> 3> Project Classification: CCF Alpha.  (See file: Cyberfetishes)
  66. [2013-01-30 15:11:22] <Kkat> 3> Primary Researchers: Doctor Rose Bloom, Doctor Uguani.
  67. [2013-01-30 15:12:31] <Kkat> 3What follows is several images that make it easy to identify one of the showcased oddities as the described "Phoenix Implant".
  68. [2013-01-30 15:12:50] <Kkat> 3> End of File.
  69. [2013-01-30 15:13:34] * Bookwright >Private Messages
  70. [2013-01-30 15:13:40] * Shatara pokes his nose over Bookwright's shoulder. "Cyberfetishes?"
  71. [2013-01-30 15:14:43] <Kkat> 3> One (1)  Saved Message
  72. [2013-01-30 15:14:58] * Bookwright "I'm guessing they're mechanical versions of the shamanistic fetishes that the zebras used in the war."
  73. [2013-01-30 15:15:05] <Kkat> 3>From: Nurse Gentle Song
  74. [2013-01-30 15:15:16] <Kkat> 3>To: Doctor Rose Bloom
  75. [2013-01-30 15:15:43] <Kkat> 3> Doctor Rose:
  76. [2013-01-30 15:15:53] * Shatara blinks a bit. "Err, right..." He shiftyeyes and slinks back to...uhm...poke some cyberetic limb or something.
  77. [2013-01-30 15:16:41] * Noble_Heart tilted her head to one side as she lifted one of the cyberlegs, looking it over curiously, before setting it back down and returning to watch the terminal over Bookwright's shoulder. There was an as-yet un-inspected terminal as well, but she would wait until this one was dealt with.
  78. [2013-01-30 15:21:31] <Kkat> 3> I want to again voice concern over disquieting rumors about the work of Doctor Fine.  Ever since we lent his expertise to Equestrian Robotics, I can become increasingly disturbed by the research they have purportedly been conducting in that facility.  What exactly is the nature of Peace's arrangement with ER?
  79. [2013-01-30 15:22:48] <Kkat> 3> One (1) Send Message
  80. [2013-01-30 15:23:02] <Kkat> 3>From: Doctor Rose Bloom
  81. [2013-01-30 15:23:15] <Kkat> 3>To: Nurse Gentle Song
  82. [2013-01-30 15:26:13] <Kkat> 3> Equestrian Robotics is providing advanced crafted-to-order prosthetics and associated prototype designs to our labs in exchange for Doctor Fine Detail's expertise in duplication magic.  I assure you that the work Doctor Fine is doing for Equestrian Robotics is perfectly above the board, and you would do well not to pay attention to the rumor mill.  
  83. [2013-01-30 15:27:21] <Kkat> 3The coffins for Get_Lost and Kid open, almost simultaneously.
  84. [2013-01-30 15:28:06] * Noble_Heart frowns a few moments at that notice, glancing back towards the cybernetic bits. "This sounds most worrying. But it still tells us little of what is going on here now." She sighs quietly, turning to head to the other terminal to check it over.
  85. [2013-01-30 15:28:25] * CopyCat looks over and pays attention as her friends emerge.
  86. [2013-01-30 15:28:32] * Bookwright frowns, "Well, that's disquieting. I wonder what those rumors were...? In the context of what these researchers seem to think normal is, I dread to think what they would consider 'disturbing'."
  87. [2013-01-30 15:30:39] * Kid stumbles out of the coffin. Her breath is heavy, legs weak and unresponsive. Okay. Okay. Breathe. Breathe. Say something? "Grablegmrrphle." She mumbled out. Close enough.
  88. [2013-01-30 15:30:57] * Noble_Heart swished her tail in annoyance, frowning and looking back towards Bookwright. "Just because something seems dangerous does not make it so. Nor does it make the choice to attempt it a poor one. Of that We are sure." She turns her attention to the other terminal, attempting to access it.
  89. [2013-01-30 15:31:28] * Shatara shuffles through the room for anything that might look useful.
  90. [2013-01-30 15:32:05] * Bookwright >cat Cyberfetishes
  91. [2013-01-30 15:32:52] <Kkat> 3> File Not Found
  92. [2013-01-30 15:33:06] * Get_Lost groans as the coffin opens and she struggle to regain senses; the mare shakes her head and mutters "i... why is everything blurred?"
  93. [2013-01-30 15:33:20] * Bookwright "That's curious."
  94. [2013-01-30 15:33:51] <Bookwright> >General Notices
  95. [2013-01-30 15:34:21] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #1
  96. [2013-01-30 15:34:29] <Kkat> 3> Grand Opening!
  97. [2013-01-30 15:35:27] <Kkat> 3> Today marks the Grand Opening of the Ministry of Peace Hub and Equestrian Embassy in the sovereign city-state of the Crystal Empire.
  98. [2013-01-30 15:38:08] * Get_Lost prods her face, trying to rube her eyes, but finds something metallic on her way; tries to pull out the silly helmet from her head, but it seems to be stuck
  99. [2013-01-30 15:38:27] <Kkat> 3> Our purpose here is to serve the ponies of the Crystal Empire.  To see to their holistic well-being.  To serve as representatives of and ambassadors from the great nation of Equestria.
  100. [2013-01-30 15:38:37] * CopyCat looks between the two groggy mares and decides that Kid needed a hoof the most. She stands beside the smaller pony. "If you need somepony to lean on then I don't mind at all. Just until your balance returns, of course." She remains ready to nudge Get_Lost upright with magic if necessary.
  101. [2013-01-30 15:39:31] <Kkat> 3> And to always strive to learn better how we might help the ponies here and at home.
  102. [2013-01-30 15:39:34] <Kkat> 3> We are honored that Princess Luna chose the Ministry of Peace to serve in this function.
  103. [2013-01-30 15:39:44] <Kkat> 3>
  104. [2013-01-30 15:40:00] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #7
  105. [2013-01-30 15:40:05] * Get_Lost "i... there must be something wrong... i don't feel my eyes..."
  106. [2013-01-30 15:40:59] <Kkat> 3> Every Friday will now be Bring Your Son, Daughter and/or Pet to Work Day.  We welcome all the little ones.
  107. [2013-01-30 15:41:47] <Kkat> 3> Please remember to take your child and/or pet home with you at the end of the day to avoid any further incidents with the sanitation robots.
  108. [2013-01-30 15:42:00] * Get_Lost has a round helmet where the upper part of her head should be, and a serie of short metal spikes run down her back, ut to the tail, where her spine should be; even her shoulders are different, encased in metal plates
  109. [2013-01-30 15:42:20] <Kkat> 3> Also: lemon cakes and tea will now be available daily in the break lounge.
  110. [2013-01-30 15:42:21] * Kid gulps down hard. The anesthetic was starting to feel uncomfortable. Her hooves felt off and unwieldy. "Ah'm... Ah feel sick." She managed to choke out, still looking at the ground.
  111. [2013-01-30 15:42:33] <Kkat> 3>
  112. [2013-01-30 15:42:43] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #24
  113. [2013-01-30 15:44:30] <Kkat> 3> We are establishing a new module for Autopsy and Anatomical Research.  Doctors working in this module will be tasked with researching the unique physiology of Crystal Ponies so that we might better understand how to serve their medical needs.
  114. [2013-01-30 15:44:35] <Kkat> 3>
  115. [2013-01-30 15:44:54] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #44
  116. [2013-01-30 15:45:44] * Get_Lost keeps trying to take off the helmet, but it doesnt' seem to be moving at all, th mare starts hiperventilating
  117. [2013-01-30 15:47:11] * CopyCat watches in horror as the compulsory science experiment fog dissapates around Get_Lost, revealing what has happened to her. She screams without sound, but inside their minds Noble_Heart, Bookwright and Shatara can hear it clear as day.
  118. [2013-01-30 15:47:25] <Kkat> 3> I know this has been a big month of changes, between the new management and the refocusing of purpose for the North Wing modules.  Please bear with us as the new administration gets settled in.  We will be relying on you who have been here for over a year now to help guide and assist us until we are fully on our hooves.
  119. [2013-01-30 15:47:46] <Kkat> 3>
  120. [2013-01-30 15:47:56] * Kid feels her head become rather uncomfortable. "C-Copuhca? Copaca. Hulp."
  121. [2013-01-30 15:48:02] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #131
  122. [2013-01-30 15:49:12] * Noble_Heart raises her head away from the terminal at the 'sound' of the scream. She wastes no time at all rushing through the door and back down the hall. Her hooves clattering against the ground as she slammed through the other door in a rush, her horn glowing menacingly and all thought of the terminal cast from her mind for now. "We are he-" she cuts herself off as she spots Get
  123. [2013-01-30 15:49:12] * Noble_Heart Lost. This was not a good thing. She calls back down the hall. "Bookwright! Your skills are needed, now!"
  124. [2013-01-30 15:49:30] <Kkat> 3> Please welcome the addition of Doctor Uguani.  Please greet him with warmth and smiles, and show him how pleasant Ministry of Peace hospitality can be.  
  125. [2013-01-30 15:49:39] * Get_Lost mutter to herself, still trying to free herself from th damn visor covering her eyes "no... no please not this... no..."
  126. [2013-01-30 15:49:50] * Shatara freezes at the silent scream, looking up from his random debris-poking and glancing urgently between his companions, rushing after Noble_Heart as she charges back to the others.
  127. [2013-01-30 15:50:24] <Kkat> 3> As many of you know, Doctor Uguani has recently been released from the re-adjustment center with a clean bill of health, and is eager to become a productive member of society.
  128. [2013-01-30 15:50:34] <Kkat> 3>
  129. [2013-01-30 15:50:51] <Kkat> 3Announcement #150
  130. [2013-01-30 15:51:15] * Bookwright nearly twists his head off by jerking it around involuntarily to face in the direction of CopyCat. Feeling the panic rise, he gallops back into the Autodock room, abandoning the terminal as it scrolls along. He'd have to come back later and read the messages then, this was more important.
  131. [2013-01-30 15:52:11] * CopyCat holds Kid close (for her own comfort more than anything) and stares in fear at the Lost-o-Tron.
  132. [2013-01-30 15:52:12] <Kkat> 3> The Prosthetics Lab module is being remodeled into a new lab for cybernetic research.
  133. [2013-01-30 15:52:43] <Kkat> 3> Thanks to the wonderful work of Doctor's Rose Bloom and Doctor Uguani for making this leap forward in medical care possible.
  134. [2013-01-30 15:53:29] <Kkat> 3> The South Wing beyond Patient Care will be shut down for two days during the remodeling.  
  135. [2013-01-30 15:53:32] * Kid starts to feel her hooves. Okay. Okay. Lots of pins. Pins. Lots of not very painful but probably- oh wow suddenly everything got very soft, very tense, and very aqua-green. "Copahca. Wha's wron'?"
  136. [2013-01-30 15:54:46] <Kkat> 3> We will have a party next Tuesday to christen the new lab.  We hope you like chocolate!
  137. [2013-01-30 15:55:19] <Kkat> 3>
  138. [2013-01-30 15:55:23] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #172
  139. [2013-01-30 15:56:16] * Get_Lost a dim vlue light in a long horizontal visor in the helmet blinks a couple of times, as if it is trying to adjust, its brightness, th mare give one last desperate try to take that metal thing out, but she only succeeds in faling again inside the pod "EEEEP!"
  140. [2013-01-30 15:56:33] <Kkat> 3> From now on, management kindly asks that those of you bringing small children on Fridays keep a close enough eye on them to ensure they are not attempting to flush inappropriate objects down the toilets.  Thank you.
  141. [2013-01-30 15:56:42] <Kkat> 3>
  142. [2013-01-30 15:56:54] <Kkat> 3> Announcement #175
  143. [2013-01-30 15:57:52] * Noble_Heart reached out with her magic as quick as she could to try and stop Get Lost from falling into the device again. Whatever it had done to her was not right. And who knew what it might do if it were allowed to function a second time? This was most distressing indeed as she trotted nervously in place. "We are not sure what to do. We have never seen technology do this."
  144. [2013-01-30 15:58:13] <Kkat> 3> Doctor Fine Detail will be on sabbatical with Equestrian Robotics for the foreseeable future.  Please wish him luck in the work they are doing over there.  Intensive Care will miss his magical skills.
  145. [2013-01-30 15:58:17] <Kkat> 3>
  146. [2013-01-30 15:58:42] <Kkat> 3> AnnOuNE #)))
  147. [2013-01-30 15:58:55] <Kkat> 3> CoRRupted.
  148. [2013-01-30 15:59:22] * Kid pokes her head out of the Copycat fluff. "Copahca! Copahcaa! Wha' happen?" What's going on? Why's all this fluff here? Why is she so tense? What's with that weird feeling in her eye? What's wrong with ponies here? Where's Get_Lost?
  149. [2013-01-30 15:59:35] <Kkat> 3> End of General Notices  
  150. [2013-01-30 15:59:45] <Kkat> 3>All other notices are corrupted or deleted.
  151. [2013-01-30 16:00:03] * Bookwright has already galloped away from the terminal.
  152. [2013-01-30 16:00:37] * Get_Lost floats in the air, grabbed by noble's magic, it's impossible to read her eyes, sine she has no eyes at all, but the mare finally calms down a little, trying to smile weakly at whomever is in front of her
  153. [2013-01-30 16:01:47] * CopyCat swallows, shaking nervously. "G-Get_Lost has had... an accident."
  154. [2013-01-30 16:02:26] * Noble_Heart carefully sets Get Lost back down on the ground a safe distance from the pods, breathing a sigh of relief as the strangely cybernetic pony wasn't going for another 'ride'. "We are uncertain how to help. But We also do not think it would be wise to allow her to return to the pods without some information." She looks towards CopyCat. "Has Kid come through alright? Is she also
  155. [2013-01-30 16:02:26] * Noble_Heart in need of help? We will not abandon her to such a fate either."
  156. [2013-01-30 16:03:09] * Get_Lost seems to be trying to be smiling at all costa, and says the first thing that comes to her head "i... i can't blink..."
  157. [2013-01-30 16:04:02] * Kid gulps. "Ah'm faa. I'm fa', jus' ca' move right." She forces out. She hoped the message that she felt fine, if not very odd came through.
  158. [2013-01-30 16:04:53] * Bookwright arrives behind Noble_Heart and takes in Get_Lost's new appearance.
  159. [2013-01-30 16:05:07] * CopyCat nods, then remembers she's supposed to ask first. She relaxes her hold on Kid, at least letting the other pony breath properly.
  160. [2013-01-30 16:06:05] * Kid felt that pinned, needly, and pricky feeling all over now. But, hey. At least it was better than just hearing what went down.
  161. [2013-01-30 16:07:36] * Get_Lost has a metal helmet coveringthe upper part of her head, the eyesand the skull, has no mane and has some sort of metallic backbone poking out of her real back, from the skull down to the tail; she also has a shoulderpad on the left side
  162. [2013-01-30 16:08:11] * Noble_Heart frowns a few moments as she looks CopyCat over. "We do not believe this was the intended result of these machines. We suggest checking the rest of the terminal entries in the other room. CopyCat, do you feel comfortable carrying Kid? We will carry Get Lost. With luck there may be information pertaining to the ponies who created these machines and their purpose. We shall
  163. [2013-01-30 16:08:12] * Noble_Heart not allow Our companions or those We care about to be harmed in this way. It must be answered."
  164. [2013-01-30 16:09:13] * Bookwright comes to a faltering halt, "I... oh my. That can't be right. Get_Lost... do you think you even have eyes left?"
  165. [2013-01-30 16:09:22] * Shatara eeks softly, glancing around the room nervously, seeing Get_Lost's...interesting outcome.
  166. [2013-01-30 16:09:36] * Get_Lost tries shaking her head "no... i think i can trot, there's no need to move me with magic..."
  167. [2013-01-30 16:09:54] * Bookwright "Can you... uh... see?"
  168. [2013-01-30 16:10:12] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "If you are confident you can, We will provide help if necessary." She moved towards Get Lost's side and looked over in CopyCat and Kid's direction worriedly.
  169. [2013-01-30 16:10:15] * Get_Lost turns her head towards bookie "i.... hope so?"
  170. [2013-01-30 16:10:42] * Kid looked almost the same, if not for the fact that she was covered in surgical scars where there weren't already. But one difference she noticed right then was... Well. She could see. One of her eyes that had been previously bandaged over had an odd glassy look to it, like it had been replaced by a glass eye with an oddly octagonal iris, yellow in color as if it was inlaid with a light shade...
  171. [2013-01-30 16:10:44] * Kid ...of Topaz. All Kid really saw out of it right now was this... Odd white light. "I'm... Fine." She said, breath normalizing slightly.
  172. [2013-01-30 16:10:48] * Get_Lost "yes i can see, it's a buit blurry and... you know... full of pixels... the image sometimes blurs and jumps but i can see"
  173. [2013-01-30 16:11:56] * Get_Lost "and the colors are weird... and... i dont' think i can close my eyes and..." starts hyperventilating again
  174. [2013-01-30 16:13:07] * Noble_Heart reached out a wing to carefully wrap it around Get Lost, comforting the stressed pony. "We shall try to find a way to fix this. Of that you have Our word." She looks back down towards Kid again, tilting her head to one side. "Are you sure you are feeling alright? One of your eyes is different. Perhaps it has been replaced as well..?"
  175. [2013-01-30 16:13:14] * Shatara leans towards Bookwright. "Err, there wasn't anything in there about.../un/cybering a pony, was there?"
  176. [2013-01-30 16:13:45] * Bookwright "Not that I saw, unfortunately. There may be more. I certainly didn't expect this..."
  177. [2013-01-30 16:14:51] * Bookwright "I think that... I think that the bits of yourselves that were severely damaged by magical energy couldn't be salvaged by these coffin-doctors. I think they instead replaced the bits they couldn't heal."
  178. [2013-01-30 16:15:20] * CopyCat holds a hoof out to Kid, wincing as Get starts to panic. "Can you move on your own? You can lean on me if your legs are wobbly, like... like I said before."
  179. [2013-01-30 16:15:33] * Get_Lost closes herself in a thoughtful silence, leting the words of her companions slide away, while her head works on her own
  180. [2013-01-30 16:17:34] * Kid blinks. "Ah think ya'll're..." She blunk, and then all of a sudden, she could see. The fur around her new eye was slightly discolored, synthetic grey, along with some of the fur on her belly. But... She could see. "Ah c'n see." She stood on her own four legs, excitement kind of running up her spine. "Ah cn' see!" She was starting to feel a little manic before falling back into Copycat. "Hey,...
  181. [2013-01-30 16:17:35] * Kid ...Get, look't this lil..." Oh.
  182. [2013-01-30 16:19:40] * CopyCat "Thats... thats wonderful, Kid."
  183. [2013-01-30 16:20:51] * Get_Lost get up, shuffling away from the alicorn's wing mbrace and moving next to kid "are you feeling alright? anything wrong? legs, head, everything feels fine?"
  184. [2013-01-30 16:21:52] * Noble_Heart frowns, gently pulling away from Get Lost and lowering her head to get a better look at Kid. She gave a smile to the filly. "That is wonderful news. Perhaps there are some things these machines do which are not so bad..." she looks up at the devices then back to Get Lost. "In moderation." She turns back to the door. "We recommend looking over the rest of the terminal
  185. [2013-01-30 16:21:52] * Noble_Heart information. There may be some help there. With luck."
  186. [2013-01-30 16:22:07] * Kid just takes in Get_Lost for a little while. "Um. Shit. Um." That could've happened to you. "Naw. I mean, shee-it. Ya'll are in more-" Language. She looked away in shame. "Uh. Yeah. Jus' a lil' prickly in places."
  187. [2013-01-30 16:23:52] * Get_Lost tries smiling, here eyes now unreadable "good. don't poke at that new eye, it could be tricky to fix, okay?"
  188. [2013-01-30 16:24:45] * Get_Lost takes a long breath "now... please... have you seen a bathroom around... i need, ah... a moment for myself"
  189. [2013-01-30 16:24:54] * CopyCat has to face the reality smiling in front of her. "Get... are you okay?"
  190. [2013-01-30 16:26:07] * Noble_Heart frowns at that prospect, looking up to Get Lost. "Someone should go with you if you do. It may be shocking." She sighs and lowers her head again sadly. "We believe there may be some bathrooms around. But We did not pay much attention."
  191. [2013-01-30 16:26:29] * Bookwright looks around, "No, actually I haven't seen a bathroom... Uh." He speaks loudly, "Um, Fluttershy? Where is the nearest restroom?"
  192. [2013-01-30 16:28:03] * Get_Lost "ah, no thanks i don't need company, really, i... i want  just a few minutes to stay on my own and... i don't know what, just... hide... please..."
  193. [2013-01-30 16:29:21] * Shatara blinks in concern towards Get_Lost.
  194. [2013-01-30 16:31:07] * Kid looked away in shame of Get_Lost. And all of a sudden, she felt as if she had a world of guilt on her shoulders. Irrational, she knew, but... She could've ended up like that. "... Noble. I have words t' speak with you. Copycat in a bit." Screw Bookie, though.
  195. [2013-01-30 16:33:16] * Bookwright needs to know precisely what these auto-docs are programmed to do. With a faraway look on his face, he canters quickly back to the Cybersurgery module and examines the terminal Noble_Heart hacked for clues.
  196. [2013-01-30 16:33:28] * Get_Lost trots outside the room, trying to find a place whe to sit a moment alone and think
  197. [2013-01-30 16:34:32] * Noble_Heart blinks in confusion at that. "Words with Us?" She smiled to Kid, offering a forehoof to rub the filly on the head. "Well. If you insist, We might spare some time from Our busy schedule to listen." She gave a little bit of a smirk then relaxed a bit. "We will listen to whatever it is you have to say. Of that we promise."
  198. [2013-01-30 16:36:11] * CopyCat trots after Get_Lost. Wanting to be alone didn't include her of course.
  199. [2013-01-30 16:36:28] <Kkat> 3A soft, Fluttershy-like voice pipes up.  "Restrooms are at the beginning of the East Hall.  Go out the door, turn left, go to the mane lobby, turn right."
  200. [2013-01-30 16:36:57] * Kid could still convey annoyance, it appears. She offers to go to the corner of the hallway, and rubs her leg. Pride was always the hardest thing for her to put down. And judging by her expression, she looked like she wasn't about to like what she was going to say.
  201. [2013-01-30 16:37:31] * Get_Lost follows the onstruction and when she finds the restrooms, she simply sits in one of them, trying to suffocate the sobbing
  202. [2013-01-30 16:38:30] * Noble_Heart followed along after Kid. Leaving Bookwright to look at the terminal for now. She would inspect it later, or puruse his information. One of the two. She sat patiently when Kid stopped moving, looking down at the smaller pony with a surprisingly warm and patient smile.
  203. [2013-01-30 16:40:50] * Kid clenched her eyes shut. "Look. Ah'm... Ah'm... Look, whenever folks do this... I mean..." Words, Kid. You have them for a reason. "Ah mean, look. I'm sorry, alright? I don't hate you or anythin'. Don' get me wrong, I don' like a lot about you, but, well. Maybe I've been a lil' too abrasive considerin' th' circumstances, n' I'd like t' mend fences." That felt like she was trying to speak out...
  204. [2013-01-30 16:40:51] * CopyCat enters the restroom and sits quietly beside Get_Lost.
  205. [2013-01-30 16:40:52] * Kid ...her own diaphragm, but at least it was out there now.
  206. [2013-01-30 16:43:40] * Noble_Heart reaches out a forehoof to gently rub Kid's head. "We understand." She smiled a bit more. "We accept your apology. We would not expect a little pony to know such things when they are so young, after all." She couldn't help but let out a little bit of a snicker at that before sighing and sinking her head. "Do not feel bad on Our account. You are Our companion and Our friend,
  207. [2013-01-30 16:43:40] * Noble_Heart and we will accept whatever there is of you." Gently wrapping a forehoof around the little pony. "We are still proud of you for saying this."
  208. [2013-01-30 16:43:59] * Get_Lost doesn't even protest to CopyCat's intrusion, but tries hard to put herself together "i... i'm fine, really..."
  209. [2013-01-30 16:45:16] * Get_Lost taps at her brand new visor "see? i'm not even crying, no tears, see?" the voice is breakinf again "i will never cry again, see? there, al my wishes became true!"
  210. [2013-01-30 16:46:57] * Shatara slumps outside Get_Lost's restroom.
  211. [2013-01-30 16:48:36] * CopyCat leans her back against the other mare. "You don't have to pretend. It's just that I... I don't like to be alone. So I didn't want you to be alone."
  212. [2013-01-30 16:48:45] * Bookwright snatches up the item that resembles a Phoenix Implant and sticks it in his pack as he walks past it to the terminal that Noble_Heart hacked. Arriving at the terminal, he starts poking at it for clues as to what happened to Get_Lost and Kid.
  213. [2013-01-30 16:48:54] * Kid immediately looks rather cross, then very tense. She stomps her hoof, and the pins reacted quite painfully to that. She winced in pain. "Ya'll know that ya'll're the only fuckin' pony that can piss me off n'..." She calms down with a heavy sigh as she hugged her. "... I dunno. Make me feel like there's still some reason I'm doin' all this other than shitty luck n' stubborn pride."
  214. [2013-01-30 16:49:34] <Kkat> 3A voice from the bathroom speaker begs, "Please don't cry.  It will be all right.  We have counselors here to help you though this transition."
  215. [2013-01-30 16:51:22] <Kkat> 3The East Hall has several modules of its own, including ones labeled "Gift Shop", "Physical Therapy", "Counseling" and "Employee Lounge"
  216. [2013-01-30 16:51:25] * Get_Lost suddenly turns towards the speakers do't worry, i won't cry, because, you know, I HAVE NO EYES!" the scream is somewhat helpful for the mare, than hugs copycat tight "i... i... sorry..."
  217. [2013-01-30 16:51:57] * Kid doesn't look happy. "Look. I get it. Yer doin' this because you're a big damn hero and you wanna go home n' have Velvet fuckin' Remedy give you a damn medal or whatever. But me? I'm here 'cause Miss Crimson asked m' to. An' I have no fuckin' idea why th' hell I'm still doin' this, when..." She shuddered a little. "Look, this whole deal? I'm af-fucking-fraid, alright? You n' everyone else...
  218. [2013-01-30 16:51:58] <Get_Lost> *that
  219. [2013-01-30 16:51:59] * Kid ...seem t' wanna go out wi' a big bravado an'... Well, I jus' wanna go back home wi' m' brother."
  220. [2013-01-30 16:53:48] <Kkat> 3The Phoenix Implant feels pleasantly warm and leaves a tingle across Bookwright's hoof.
  221. [2013-01-30 16:55:03] <Kkat> 3The terminal greets Bookwright just as it did before:
  222. [2013-01-30 16:55:06] <Kkat> 3> Good Morning, Doctor Rose Bloom.  Isn't it a beautiful day?
  223. [2013-01-30 16:55:16] <Kkat> 3> You may choose from the following menu items: 1) General Notices, 2) Current Projects, 3) Personnel Records and 4) Private Messages.  Which would you prefer?
  224. [2013-01-30 16:55:32] * Noble_Heart split into a grin at those words before returning to more seriousness as Kid bares her fears and worrieds. The large pony gently held Kid with a forehoof. "We have little doubt that you would leave if you truly wanted to. You are a strong pony, more so than you give yourself credit for. And We understand the pain which comes with losing those yo u care about, or being
  225. [2013-01-30 16:55:33] * Noble_Heart convinced that you are not good enough. Do not deserve what you have." She shook her head and gave a reassuring smile. "But there is no shame in fear. We are afraid to let Our companions be hurt. We are afraid to lose that which We have found in these past years." she trailed off and lowered her voice very softly, enough so she was perhaps hoping Kid wouldn't hear, but still loud
  226. [2013-01-30 16:55:33] * Noble_Heart enough to let the filly hear the words anyway. "... I'm afraid of the past..." Before looking up more sternly. "So do not think yourself alone. Everypony knows fear, only the mad or stupid do not."
  227. [2013-01-30 16:56:45] * Get_Lost keeps hugging copycat and doesn't say another word
  228. [2013-01-30 17:00:14] * Shatara searches for a device suitable for flumping upon.
  229. [2013-01-30 17:02:29] * CopyCat doesn't speak for a while, but she can't help herself from asking: "Does it hurt?"
  230. [2013-01-30 17:02:52] <Kkat> 3Both the mane lobby and the employee lounge offer nice, flumpable surfaces.  Plush couches and (in the latter) bean bags.
  231. [2013-01-30 17:03:51] * Get_Lost "not really, probably it will in a couple of days... i'm not sure, i never really had the chance to study cybernetics, you know... not that i didn't try.."
  232. [2013-01-30 17:04:27] * Kid didn't hear those words, but it didn't stop her from knowing how it felt to have something to look back on that shows you what kind of monster you could be. "... Look. Yer... I don' really care for yer kind. I don't, but. Well. Ya'll seem to know what's up, an', really. This sounds really kinda pathetic, but, well. Yer th' only folk that understands me as much as y' seem to. So, I'd like t'...
  233. [2013-01-30 17:04:29] * Kid ...be friends if we could. Alright?"
  234. [2013-01-30 17:04:43] * Bookwright gives up in frustration. Nothing useful to be found out in here.
  235. [2013-01-30 17:05:26] * Bookwright returns, hanging his head, "I'm sorry. I would never have suggested using these machines if I'd known what they'd do."
  236. [2013-01-30 17:07:29] * CopyCat "What... what do you see?"
  237. [2013-01-30 17:07:42] * Noble_Heart brightened up considerably, letting out a little snicker and raising her forehoof to ruffle Kid's mane. "We're already friends, you silly filly. You didn't really thing We would treat a stranger like that did you?" She snorted and again returned a comforting hoof around Kid. "But We are happy to accept your friendship. And We shall do Our best to strengthen it and ensure
  238. [2013-01-30 17:07:42] * Noble_Heart that you are safe and happy." She lowered her head a little to look Kid eyes-to-eyes, "Of this you have Our word. We would never turn Our back on someone We cared about."
  239. [2013-01-30 17:09:05] * Get_Lost sighs "same as before, only... as if i was watching a TV screen, it fizzles sometimes and the colors aren't always right... i still dont' know how to turn it off, though... i'm not sure i can... well that could solve the problem easy and fast: i'll die of slee deprivation in a couple of days"
  240. [2013-01-30 17:09:40] *Global* [Network Notice] Colgate - Celestia.canternet.org appears to have dropped from the face of the Internet completely. Working with the host to figure out what is going on.
  241. [2013-01-30 17:10:49] * Kid tears up a little, and then nuzzles her cheek. "Alright. So, friend. I gotta go talk t' Copycat n' her an' see what th' hells goin' on and see how I c'n set stuff right." She trots on wobbly hooves to the bathroom, pausing for a moment. "... 'Fore I leave, I got one more question. Why are ya'll here?"
  242. [2013-01-30 17:12:26] * Get_Lost "no wait, i think... htere is some sort of menu i can activate from here... waaait... now it's black and white... woah, now everything is 8-bit!... just a moment... ah... here! done!" the mare moves a hoof in front of herself "yeah, i'm blind now"
  243. [2013-01-30 17:14:14] * CopyCat listens to Get_Lost curiously. "Um... would you mind if I took a look too?"
  244. [2013-01-30 17:15:00] * Noble_Heart pulls back as Kid moves to pull away, having stayed to comfort her as long as possible. She paused at that question, pondering how to explain before giving a quiet sigh. "We suppose We can explain. But We must ask that you not tell anyone else. We were sent by Velvet Remedy. For what reason We do not know. When she learned of your group's excursion, she sent Us immediately
  245. [2013-01-30 17:15:01] * Noble_Heart to find you, join you and report to her what you were doing." She stood to walk with Kid towards the bathroom, wanting to check on Get Lost and CopyCat as well. "That was why We needed the griffins in Darkness Falls. We could not send a letter safely through conventional means. We required that it reach her." She looked down to kid and sighed. "We are uncertain We should tell anyone
  246. [2013-01-30 17:15:01] * Noble_Heart of this. But We would not wish to refuse you either."
  247. [2013-01-30 17:15:24] * Get_Lost "a what?" the visor turns on again, with it's bluis dim light "i don't think i understand... not that it would be something new or astounding..."
  248. [2013-01-30 17:17:21] * Shatara is flumped on a couch in the lobby. At least he's comfortable while being useless.
  249. [2013-01-30 17:18:34] <Kkat> 3A little robot rolls up and offers Shatara a glass of pink lemonade.
  250. [2013-01-30 17:18:51] * Kid shakes her head, then smirks. "Well, ah'm guessin' we know why now. But, you gotta think. Why you exactly? N' why would ya'll leave yer home t' do that?" She bumbled to the bathroom, going towards the little filly's room. "'Ey! You two! How ya'll doin?"
  251. [2013-01-30 17:19:40] * CopyCat continues. "I'd like to see what you see. It's a spell. Sometimes it happens on its own but I might also be able to do it if I concentrate."
  252. [2013-01-30 17:20:27] * Shatara takes the glass, sniffs at it a bit, and checks his PipBuck inventory to identify it and check for unexpected side effects.
  253. [2013-01-30 17:20:36] * Get_Lost sighs and replies "be my guest.... but i'm not sure of what will happen..."
  254. [2013-01-30 17:21:21] * Get_Lost yells back at kid "oh c'mon, can't a mare have a damn moment to pity herself here around? we're coming!"
  255. [2013-01-30 17:22:10] * Noble_Heart followed along after Kid, frowning a little bit. "We are not certain why We were chosen. But We would not dream of denying such a request, it is Our duty and Our honor to live up to such requests." She strode down the hall stoically. Or at least followed Kid like she owned the place as haughty as you might expect.
  256. [2013-01-30 17:22:26] * Bookwright enters the lounge and takes in Shatara looking curiously at the little servant robot, "Well? Aren't you going to accept it? Be a good houseguest."
  257. [2013-01-30 17:23:11] * Get_Lost shrugs and moves towards the door "sorry copycat, maybe next time, okay?" trots outside the bathroom muttering again that song she was singing before, you can't hurry love
  258. [2013-01-30 17:23:45] * Shatara sighs towards Bookwright as he examines the beverage. "With our luck, it'll probably make my feathers fall out or something..."
  259. [2013-01-30 17:24:24] * CopyCat nods and steps out of the bathroom after Get_Lost. "Oh, that's okay. I was just curious."
  260. [2013-01-30 17:24:37] * Bookwright "I hope not. Why would I want to look at your plucked rooster?"
  261. [2013-01-30 17:24:59] * Get_Lost joins bookie and shatara, trying to smile naturally "oh don't worry, i'm almost sure that we ended our budget of bad luck for today"
  262. [2013-01-30 17:25:25] * Get_Lost "you can safey drink, it's solaris guarantee"
  263. [2013-01-30 17:27:05] * Kid rolled her eye. Eyes? Still not used to that. It felt kind of weird in there. Like everything was sharper and like edges were somehow more noticable. Plus, you know. Depth perception kind of screwed with her head a little. "Well, maybe she sent ya'll out here t' deflate yer damn ego a little." She knocked on the door right when Get got out. She put on her best salespony smile as she followed...
  264. [2013-01-30 17:27:06] * Kid ...her. "Hey, you! How ya'll doin'? Ya'll look like ya'll can eat raw pig iron and spit out nails. So stop pityin' yerself, y' hear?" Pot. Kettle. "Yer awesome, and you'll get this shit sorted. Y'hear?"
  265. [2013-01-30 17:28:11] <Kkat> 3The pink lemonade seems harmless, slightly sour, and pink.
  266. [2013-01-30 17:28:38] * Shatara shrugs and downs the beverage, smaking his beak-lips a bit.
  267. [2013-01-30 17:29:02] <Kkat> 3The pink lemonade if quite refreshing.
  268. [2013-01-30 17:29:24] * Get_Lost smiles at kid, looking at the filly with that souless visor "yeah don't worry, i just need aa little time to accept the idea... no bigdeal, you are okay with your new eye?"
  269. [2013-01-30 17:29:31] * CopyCat smiles pleasantly at Shatara. "It's nice isn't it. I had some earlier."
  270. [2013-01-30 17:31:30] * Noble_Heart follows along with the others, glancing down the hallway. She broke off from the group, though. instead heading towards the room marked 'Counseling'. She'd check the others later, but right now that seemed pertinent. Or possibly so, at least.
  271. [2013-01-30 17:33:04] * Shatara nods a bit to CopyCat, managaing to smile back.
  272. [2013-01-30 17:33:12] * Get_Lost mutters "i could use a large hat and a scarf, though... and maybe a pair o very large sunglasses..."
  273. [2013-01-30 17:33:56] * Kid pff's. "Yeah, yeah. I'm made o' concentrated gumption. Ya'll can't take me down!" Unless you're a horrible nightmare cannon. "Look. Ya'll look different now. But trust me, I've seen th' ugliest fuckin' ponies in Equestria down by home, an' trust me when ah say, you ain't that ugly wi' those new shiny bits. Like, I used t' play checkers wi' this ghoul, and Celestia's golden teat, that fucker...
  274. [2013-01-30 17:33:57] * Kid ...had half his face rottin' off an' he was as nuts as a hatter. Still beat me at checkers, though. Now come on! Yer gon' be fine!" She said, giving Get a friendly swat on the back. Hopefully avoiding the sharp bits.
  275. [2013-01-30 17:34:41] * Bookwright addresses Kid and Get_Lost: "I'm sorry that this happened to you. I would never have suggested using those surgery-coffins if I'd known they'd do this to you both. Unfortunately, I haven't turned up any information about your implants, though there was a Phoenix implant in the Cybersurgery module. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but it's supposed to '...allow medical ponies in the field...
  276. [2013-01-30 17:34:41] * Bookwright ...to properly care for patients suffering egregious harm from magical energies and weaponry'. I'm not sure what that means though."
  277. [2013-01-30 17:36:18] * Kid then moves up to CopyCat. "You!" She blunk. Oh, right. She gestured toward her head. "I'm fine, Bookie. Ya'll know how long it's been since I saw out of this eye? Twelve years. Ah was jus' a foal when I got this burnt th' hell off while gettin' too close t' th' stove."
  278. [2013-01-30 17:36:36] * Bookwright ...
  279. [2013-01-30 17:36:59] * Bookwright "...You lost your eye in a /cooking accident!?/"
  280. [2013-01-30 17:37:07] * Shatara blinkblinks.
  281. [2013-01-30 17:40:20] * CopyCat peers closely at Kid's head, trying to see what she was pointing out.
  282. [2013-01-30 17:40:22] * Kid blinks. "Well, yeah. I was tiny, an' I thought it was th' best idea in th' world t' put my face right in th' stovetop. 'Cause that's how I figured I'd know when th' fire'd come." She seemed to have a humor about her less-than-intelligent youth, at least. "Whut? Ya'll'd prefer if ah tol' you a zebra ghost come n' stole th' sight outta my eye fer some sorta unfaustian deal?"
  283. [2013-01-30 17:40:46] * Kid then stares at CopyCat. "... Ya'll can go back in now." She finally said bluntly.
  284. [2013-01-30 17:43:09] <Kkat> 3The module marked Counseling is an intimate room with light wood paneling.  There is a desk, a couch and several chairs, as well as a few shelves holding toys and books.  A terminal glows softly on the desk.
  285. [2013-01-30 17:43:33] * CopyCat "Ohh... well that just sort of happens by itself. Um, I'll pay closer attention if you want."
  286. [2013-01-30 17:44:19] <Kkat> 3> Good morning, Gentle Song.  It is a beautiful day, is it not?
  287. [2013-01-30 17:44:34] * Kid blinks. Really? I thought it was kind of a thing you could control or whatnot. Weird.
  288. [2013-01-30 17:45:03] <Kkat> 3> You have two (2) new patients.  Would you like to view their files?
  289. [2013-01-30 17:45:04] <Kkat> 3>   Celestia be with you.
  290. [2013-01-30 17:45:22] * Noble_Heart heads over to the terminal to take a look at it curiously. That's... An interesting opening statement. A password screen well disguised? Or a genuine question from the... Possible AI here? She took a moment to nod and typed in 'Yes'. That should work, right?
  291. [2013-01-30 17:46:05] <Kkat> 3> New Patient File #1: Jane Doe
  292. [2013-01-30 17:46:16] <Kkat> 3> New Patient File #2: Jane Doe (no relation)
  293. [2013-01-30 17:49:06] * Noble_Heart hrms quietly at that. She selected New Patient File #1 first. Might as well read them one by one. She could only assume they were the information on Kid and Get Lost. Probably automatically collected by the intelligence here in the building.
  294. [2013-01-30 17:51:03] <Kkat> 3Perusing the files makes it quickly clear that the patients are indeed Get_Lost and Kid.  The files include extensive lists of their injuries and the repairs and replacements that were made to bring them back to full health.  In the case of Kid, the system seemed to fail to differentiate old injuries from new, citing "No medical history" errors.
  295. [2013-01-30 17:53:31] * Noble_Heart frowns, reading over both files steadily. Curious about what had been done to her friends. "We wonder what would be normal for these circumstances..." She spoke to herself aloud as she read over the files for anything pertinent to helping them.
  296. [2013-01-30 17:54:52] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost's file reads similar but much worse.  Not only did the machine attempt to replace what it could not fix in an attempt to make her whole again, but it the surgical document is full of inventory errors.
  297. [2013-01-30 17:55:48] <Kkat> 3 Apparently, failing to find the most ideal implants in it's retinue, the machine worked its way down until it found a cybernetic suite that would replace all the irreparably damaged parts of her body... even though it meant also removing perfectly working tissue and organs to install.
  298. [2013-01-30 17:57:44] * Noble_Heart let out a quiet sigh, finishing reading over the two and hanging her head slightly. It didn't seem there was much help here at all. But it did explain a few things. She frowned slightly, maybe they could find better options in the cybernetics lab and provide the machines for a superior rebuild..? No, that sounded like a bad idea.
  299. [2013-01-30 17:57:49] * Bookwright has quietly walked in behind Noble_Heart, and is reading over her shoulder. Speaking up, "Interesting. So that's why... goddesses, I regret this so much." He flips open a notebook and copies down the information on the screen.
  300. [2013-01-30 18:10:29] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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