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  1. NORMAL:
  3. Cheerilee: The human body is fairly unique in a variety of ways, from our brains to our hands to even our bipedal posture. Humans are also known for having some of the best endurance of anything in the animal kingdom. Even so, there are competitions and events for those that push their physical limits.
  5. [Player], what three events comprise a triathalon?
  7.     Climbing, diving, swimming (false)
  8.         [Player], you shouldn't just guess at answers you don't know. Moving on...
  9.     Running, skiing, target shooting (false)
  10.         Skiing and shooting are parts of a biathalon. That's a very different event.
  11.     Running, swimming, biking (True) +0.1 int
  12.         Those are all right! A triathalon is very different from a regular event, since a competitor has to think about each leg separately, as well as altogether!
  15. Cheerilee: *sigh* From the amount of earbuds I see out there, I bet all of you are big fans of music. Big enough fans that you'd rather listen to it than learn about it.
  17. Well, [Player]! Do you know what time signature is referred to as "common time"?
  19.     6/4 (false)
  20.         No... at least read through the textbook if you're going to use classtime like this.
  21.     4/4 (true) +0.1 int
  22.         That's correct, although I don't know if you knew that before you were ignoring the lesson or not.
  23.     2/2 (false)
  24.         Mathematically they're the same; musically they're not. That's "cut time". Please pay attention.
  27. Cheerilee: Climate and natural resources have huge impacts on how a culture and civilization develops. Crop fields, pastures, lumber forests, and freshwater aquifers are all essential to many different ways of life. Deserts however, have little to none of these.
  29. So what would be the largest desert in the world, [Player]?
  31.     Antarctic (true) +0.1 int
  32.         That's correct! Despite not having sand and heat, the low precipitation and basis on solid land keep the Antartic continent firmly in "desert" status.
  33.     Gobi (false)
  34.         While large, it's not quite the largest by any measure.
  35.     Sahara (false)
  36.         So close! The Sahara is the largest subtropical hot desert in the world, but it's beaten out by another...
  38. BIMBO:
  40. Cheerilee: Hey class! We're gonna talk about the body today but I lost the lesson planner so it's time to wing it!
  42. All/class: *excited murmurs*
  44. Cheerilee: So I've been noticing that a lot of boys around school seem to get real "excited" before sex, but that just makes them cum faster than ever! It's so frustrating to have happen, but maybe we can do a little something to fix that. Eeny, meeny, miny...
  46. [Player], what is the duration of regular sexual intercourse?
  48.     2-3 minutes (false)
  49.         That's just for guys. They cum faster than us girls a whole lot, which is why you've gotta really get us worked up. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, or it's more fun to hang out with our toys than boys!
  50.     5-6 minutes (True) +0.1 int
  51.         Yeah, when everything goes right it's about five minutes! Of course, five minutes ten times a day is, uh, a lot of time. So you guys better start training!
  52.     9-12 minutes (false) +0.2 S-Link with Cheerilee (remove this bonus if it's inappropriate)
  53.         Uh, whoa. That's not exactly the right answer, but if you can really last that long I think I need to see so for myself! Got detention later, stud? *wink*
  56. Cheerilee: Urgh. I just can't think straight today. I've got this nasty little earworm going on. Buh dum buh dahhh buhdada... and then something else comes in. I can't even search for it because I can't remember where the words go...
  58. What's the words between the verses called, that they say a bunch of times...
  60.     Chorus (true) +0.1 int
  61.         Yeah, the chorus! Thanks [Player]! I wish I could remember what the chorus was though...
  62.     Reverb (false)
  63.         Don't think so. That's when a note lasts a long time. Just like this dumb song!
  64.     (Say nothing) (false)
  65.         I'm going to have this stuck in my head all night too. Maybe actually teaching something will help out?
  68. Cheerilee: I've been looking through the geography books and there's a lot of stuff about land. Crazy, isn't it? Anyways they've got a whole chapter on weather, and some of it is really cool! Like, disasters and water cycles.
  70. [Player], what weather formation do you think has the highest wind speed?
  72.     Firestorm (false)
  73.         Whoa, I didn't think about those! But those usually aren't faster than a regular windstorm, even though they're on FIRE.
  74.     Hurricane (false)
  75.         You might think so, but they tend to make up for speed with size. Personally I like both, but they'd better make a lot of mess at the end.
  76.     Tornado (true) +0.1 int
  77.         Yeah! Tornadoes are insanely fast! Like, 250 miles per hour fast, and maybe more!
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