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  1. [22:28:02] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Enabling CoreProtect v2.17.5
  2. [22:28:03] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Database locked. Waiting up to 15 seconds...
  3. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Database is already in use. Please try again.
  4. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: * To disable database locking, set "database-lock: false".
  5. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: * Disabling database locking can result in data corruption.
  6. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] CoreProtect was unable to start.
  7. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Disabling CoreProtect v2.17.5
  8. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Finishing up data logging. Please wait...
  9. [22:28:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [CoreProtect] Success! Disabled CoreProtect v2.17.5
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