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  1. War System:
  3. Each map is treated as a territory, and each territory generate a certain amount of Ryo for the village daily.
  5. Once villages are at war, they're free to attack and try to conquer these territories. One may only declare a attack to a territory adjacent to the one they own.
  7. Daily a village may declare an attack up to two different territories, in a battle of either 4x4 or 6x6.
  11. Proxy War:
  13. Sometimes, villages simple don't want to go into open hostilities, but they're still interested in dealing damage to other village economy.
  15. As such, we have the option of proxy wars: Villages are able to hire and train mercenary squadds, and have these squads attack and steal from other villages.
  17. There are multiple levels of military Squad. Higher level Squad have a better chance of success in their mission, but they're also more expensive.
  19. D-Rank Squad:
  20. C-Rank Squad:
  21. B-Rank Squad:
  22. A-Rank Squad:
  24. Alternatively, one may also train a force. Training them takes longer, but it's also cheaper than hiring a hiring a stronger squad from the get-go.
  26. D > C: X Ryo, 3 Days.
  27. C > B: Y Ryo, 5 Days.
  28. B > A: Z Ryo, 7 days
  30. Once you hire a squad, you may assign it to a function: Defense or Attack.
  32. When you set a squad for defense, you must asign a territory for it to be stationed. Effectively speaking, the defense of that territory is equal to the number of squads stationed there and their rank.
  34. As for a attacking squad, you instead select a territory for that squad to attack. Attacking territories close to your border are effectively easier, since speaking from a technical perspective it's way easier to get info from the borders than deep inside your enemy territory... And also to retreat. One may also assign multiple squads to attack a single territory, and depending on the strength of all the squads working together the defending side may not even notice the act of the attacking side before it's too late.
  36. Attacking side may operate to steal resources from enemy faction, or to destroy them. Destroying resources is way more punishing than stealing.
  39. Village Infrastructure:
  41. Not all villages are equal, and not all villages develop equally. Each may have their own focus, and as such, we will give the Kage of each village the option of developing the village as they see fit.
  43. Academy: Each level in the academy increase the amount of PP for new players on that village by 10%. Caps at level 5.
  45. Hospital: Each level in Hospital deduce the amount of days someone has to spend injured by 1. Caps at 3.
  47. Mining Outpost: Each Level in Mining Outpost makes the village generate 1.000 Minerals. Caps at X
  49. Wood Outpost: Each Level in Wood Outpost makes the village generate 1.000 Wood. Caps at X
  51. Barracks: Each level in barracks increase the number of Mercenary Squads that a village can hire by X. Caps at Y.
  53. Village Mansion: Each level in village Mansion makes the village generate X Ryo. Caps at X
  55. All of those start on 0. Meaning, initially there everyone start off with no benefit at all. To upgrade a building you must pay out money, minerals and wood.
  60. Black Market:
  62. We're in a ninja world, and as such, there is a Black Market aswell. While new and different things may appear on the Black Market from time to time, they mainly deal a certain thing: Jutsu.
  64. Each week, it will appear on the Black Market a set of jutsus. Those interested are able to buy the jutsu scroll. Once a jutsu is bought it will never appear on the market again and will be owned by the village that bought it.
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