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  1. A young boy lives inside a high school building, working as a janitor. But he receives a visit from Shingu, his cousin, who comes to his home after going on a trip recently. Suddenly, a strange girl appears in front of them...[From ErogeShop]
  2. In the future there’s a war with Japan in a few years. One year ago the war ended and it is possible to return. That particular year there was a sudden revival of peace, only to find that a war ended. There were three young girls, who were sent back in order to do something in their world as commanders. A girl whose name is Masashi, who is in her twenties, and a boy that is named Tama, who is in his late 30s, are the soldiers who have saved the people.However, there was a rumor that one of them would get a job in the near future. A rumor which goes on for years...[Taken from Play-on-demand application website]
  3. The game follows the protagonist's days as a school teacher, as a boy and a high school student.[From official thread]
  4. Main character takes part in research club for the research club. He meets the main girl Yuki during summer vacation, but she fails to confess her feelings to him. At the same time a strange thing happens at her home.[From vndbreview]
  5. Summer breaks after school.... A boy meets two girls attending school. The story follows the protagonist as he goes on a date with one of them. From the date he meets her. On the next date he is attracted to the girl, who says that he is attracted to her. At first he can only tolerate this, but it becomes more and more complex because of time. [From vndbreview]
  6. Protagonist works as a teacher on summer vacation. However, he is ordered to train three female students and get rid of the old teacher. In a very short time frame, he gets to know the girls' feelings about him and then gets arrested.[From vndbreview]
  7. A fan game, based on the game series Aoi and Aoi: Aoi & Aoi-Chan.
  8. Main character is a transfer student working at a swimming club. One day a rumor is spread about a girl who is cursed. He meets with a representative of the group in a hotel, he starts to learn the secret. [From vndbreview]
  9. Hero dreams of being a prince. But one day his dreams are shattered when he meets with one of four girls.[From vndbreview]
  10. The protagonist (Makoto) lives with his older brother's wife, Sayoko. There's another married woman living next door. Sayoko and Makoto have lived happily with them since Sayoko moved away. There's an annoying neighbor by the neighbor's window. According to them, Makoto has a big secret to reveal, and is to get married to this girl in front of her husband...[From Himeya Shop]
  11. "Shinya no Yume" is an interactive story game. The player is introduced to the characters of the story and can choose one of his male companions as the new hero.[From mobygames]Created for NaNoRenO 2017.
  12. This is the fandisk for the original story with four short stories for each protagonist. The ending is the same as in the original game since there are no additional stories. Heroine's story consists of four short stories and is divided in different ways depending of hero's choice.[From Mobygames]
  13. Takahiro Shido is just a detective, living a life as a normal student, until one day he receives a letter from a mysterious man who happens to be an old friend of his. The invitation to a midnight meeting, which would be of great importance, is given. Shido travels alone in the countryside, and meets a mysterious girl. As he investigates the mystery, he gets closer to the real person who sent the invitation, whose name is Takashi, and the mysterious woman named Tama, who is living next door as well...[From Mobygames]
  14. Based on a Manga by Suiren Tsushima. A group of teenagers have gotten into a huge accident in an unfamiliar area and all of a sudden a girl appears and starts moving... In order to save himself, his friends decided to investigate the incident for their own adventure.[From vndbreview]
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