Bookwright's RP Log

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  1. [2012-06-20 14:52:21] <Kkat> Bookwright is currently in Gaia Valley.  Gaia Valley is a small valley within a boxed canyon that is part of the larger Grimfire Canyon area.
  2. [2012-06-20 14:54:02] * Bookwright examines the general area, to get a sense of his immediate surroundings.
  3. [2012-06-20 14:54:35] <Kkat> Gaia Valley has a largely undocumented history. The tribes that lived here left symbols and pictograms all about the canyon, but there is little evidence of any more common language.  The Twisted Manes are the only tribe that still remains in the valley.  The others all either fled or have become extinct.
  4. [2012-06-20 14:54:55] <Kkat> And a lot of history died with those ponies, although there may be hits left to be found.
  5. [2012-06-20 14:56:03] * Bookwright has been sketching various pictograms and symbols in his notebooks, but he needs to find and record some real history now. Personal accounts are good.
  6. [2012-06-20 14:59:55] <Kkat> You are currently working within sight of the SOLARIS Research & Execution North facility.  It sits high on the ridge at one end of the valley, overlooking all of Gaia Valley like silent overseer.  Beyond it, the cliffs drop down into the Ponytomic.
  7. [2012-06-20 15:01:30] * Bookwright begins to make his way leisurely towards the SOLARIS building. He's heard little about the pre-war organization, but what little he has heard hasn't been very nice. He wants to find out more about the organization.
  8. [2012-06-20 15:02:48] <Kkat> There is a river flowing through Gaia valley.  It looks natural enough, but in your studies, you have come to realize that it is artifical.  A canal that redirects a small portion of the Ponytomic through the valley.  Both the entrance and exit points of the river in this valley are caverns that have been sealed off with pre-war gates.
  9. [2012-06-20 15:04:22] <Bookwright> Roughly, is the gate at the SOLARIS end of the canyon physically beneath the SOLARIS building?
  10. [2012-06-20 15:05:44] <Kkat> No, but it's within half a mile.
  11. [2012-06-20 15:06:35] * Bookwright makes his way to this gate and examines it closely.
  12. [2012-06-20 15:06:41] <Bookwright> (PER check?
  13. [2012-06-20 15:13:17] <Kkat> Go ahead.  ^.^
  14. [2012-06-20 15:13:55] <Bookwright> Done.
  15. [2012-06-20 15:16:55] <Bookwright> [15:13]      <Bookwright>    1d10 PER=9
  16. [2012-06-20 15:16:55] <Bookwright>      <Bones> Bookwright, PER=9: 5 [1d10=5]
  17. [2012-06-20 15:22:26] <Kkat> You get into the cave a few yards only to be stopped by a wrought-iron fence -- iron bars that allow the river to flow but bar access to ponies.  There is a gate in the fence, but the gate is chained and padlocked shut.  Both chain and padlock are more than four yards underwater.
  18. [2012-06-20 15:23:09] * Bookwright shrugs. "Never has to be easy, does it?"
  19. [2012-06-20 15:23:53] <Bookwright> Is there a walkable pathway inside?
  20. [2012-06-20 15:30:24] * Bookwright doesn't need to open the gate if he can just teleport to the other side.
  21. [2012-06-20 15:31:44] <Kkat> There is, at least for a little way.
  22. [2012-06-20 15:34:10] * Bookwright sighs, and focuses his magic.
  23. [2012-06-20 15:34:38] * Bookwright teleports to the other side of the gate, inside the Cool Cavern.
  24. [2012-06-20 15:35:26] * Bookwright looks around inside the cavern, searching for the reason there's a gate over the cave mouth.
  25. [2012-06-20 15:47:22] <Kkat> The path leads along the water, around a bend and stops at a door.  The door is locked, and there is a functional terminal in the wall nearby.  The terminal is password protected.  This is a moderately difficult terminal, requiring a Science of 50 to attempt to hack.  The door has a hard lock, requiring a Lockpick of 75 to open.
  26. [2012-06-20 15:47:47] * Bookwright lucked out then, his Science is exactly 50.
  27. [2012-06-20 15:48:41] * Bookwright sighs again. "It really is never easy, is it?
  28. [2012-06-20 15:49:17] * Bookwright approaches the terminal and tries to hack it, hoping his scientific aptitude is up to the task.
  29. [2012-06-20 15:50:37] <Bookwright> (Dang. Can I back out of hacking and try again if I don't fail critically?)
  30. [2012-06-20 15:51:44] <Kkat> Yes.  You may make three hacking attempts. If you fail all three, the terminal will lock down permanently.
  31. [2012-06-20 15:51:52] * Bookwright tries again.
  32. [2012-06-20 15:52:49] * Bookwright grins as the terminal unlocks. "Excellent. Now let's just get this door unlocked..."
  33. [2012-06-20 16:01:40] <Bookwright> <Bookwright> 1d100 Science 50
  34. [2012-06-20 16:01:40] <Bookwright>      <Bones> Bookwright, Science 50: 17 [1d100=17]
  35. [2012-06-20 16:08:18] <Kkat> >Gaia River Filtration System
  36. [2012-06-20 16:10:10] <Kkat> >  1) Unlock Filtration System Maintenance Door.  2) Lock Filtration System Maintenance Door.  3) Withdraw Welcome Mat.  4) Reconfigure Welcome Mat.  5) Extend Welcome Mat.
  37. [2012-06-20 16:10:37] * Bookwright selects option 4
  38. [2012-06-20 16:11:10] * Bookwright has a healthy sense of irony, and that particular phrase registers on it, somewhere.
  39. [2012-06-20 16:21:51] <Kkat> > Welcome Mat Reconfiguration: In Process.  WARNING: no targeting data.  WARNING: proceed with caution!
  40. [2012-06-20 16:23:54] * Bookwright backs up to the main menu , selects option 3 and then option 1. "Whoever programmed this system has a healthy sense of irony and an excellent taste for euphemisms. Sheesh."
  41. [2012-06-20 16:27:46] <Kkat> > Welcome Mat WITHDRAWN.  You are NOT WELCOME.
  42. [2012-06-20 16:27:53] <Kkat> > Unlocked.
  43. [2012-06-20 16:28:18] * Bookwright scrabbles, and selects option 5.
  44. [2012-06-20 16:28:26] <Kkat> The door slides open.  Immediately, you are under fire.  Bratt-tatt-tatt-tatt-tatt/
  45. [2012-06-20 16:35:18] * Bookwright selects option 5 frantically. With haste! And speedyness!
  46. [2012-06-20 16:35:40] <Kkat> The support machine gun in the turret spits out a stream of bullets.  Meanwhile, the terminal responds:
  47. [2012-06-20 16:35:44] <Kkat> > You have hit "Extend Welcome Mat".  There is a non-welcoming in progress.  Do you wish to continue?  Y/N
  48. [2012-06-20 16:35:56] * Bookwright hits Y
  49. [2012-06-20 16:38:43] <Kkat> Bookwright: Initiative
  50. [2012-06-20 16:39:19] <Kkat> You have entered "Yes".  Extending Welcome Mat.  Current state of non-welcoming: paused.
  51. [2012-06-20 16:39:25] <Kkat> The turret stops firing.
  52. [2012-06-20 16:40:54] * Bookwright shudders and groans. "Okay... note to self... do not assume ANYTHING about these SOLARIS..." He swallows something unprintable. "People. Furthermore, avoid being shot anymore. That'd be good. Yeah."
  53. [2012-06-20 16:42:02] * Bookwright pulls out a fresh notebook and pencil, titles it "Notes on SOLARIS" and records a few observations. Namely, that they have employed programmers with a sick sense of humor and to apply a healthy dose of suspicion to any and all things created by SOLARIS in general.
  54. [2012-06-20 16:44:10] * Bookwright finishes writing and winces. "Okay... That really hurts. Hopefully there's some kind of first aid kit in here somewhere..."
  55. [2012-06-20 16:44:34] * Bookwright pokes his head into the doorway, and takes in the contents of the room beyond. Besides the obvious machinegun turret, of course.
  56. [2012-06-20 16:50:48] <Kkat> The room extends back into the cave another five yards.  There are machine consoles and mini-maneframes with columns of flashing lights.  A bank of monitors covers one wall, each tossing up streams of data for no one to see.  There is a support machine gun turret in the ceiling, a couple lockers along one wall, a toilet in the corner... and a medical box.
  57. [2012-06-20 16:51:49] * Bookwright trots gingerly to the medical box and tries the latch.
  58. [2012-06-20 16:52:27] <Kkat> The medical box is locked.  This is an easy lock, requiring only a Lockpick of 25 to attempt it.
  59. [2012-06-20 16:53:28] <Kkat> To attempt the lock, you need a screwdriver and a bobby pin.  If you fail, the bobby pin is lost.  You may continue to attempt to pick the lock until you succeed, you critically fail, or you run out of bobby pins.
  60. [2012-06-20 16:54:13] <Kkat> There is a beep from the terminal.
  61. [2012-06-20 16:54:13] * Bookwright groans in frustration. "What's the damn point of /locking/ a first aid kit!?" He abandons it for now and approaches the bank of monitors, attempting to discern their purpose... or at least, decipher what's being thrown up on screen.
  62. [2012-06-20 16:54:30] <Kkat> Science roll
  63. [2012-06-20 16:54:54] <Bookwright> [16:54]      <Bookwright>    1d100 science 50
  64. [2012-06-20 16:54:54] <Bookwright>      <Bones> Bookwright, science 50: 27 [1d100=27]
  65. [2012-06-20 17:00:56] <Kkat> Everything in the room seems purposed towards monitoring the river and straining the water though a very rigorous set of filters, both mundane and magical.  It is interesting to note that this station is on the end of the river.  Solaris was (and still is) filtering the water leaving the valley.
  66. [2012-06-20 17:01:13] <Kkat> There is another beep from the terminal.
  67. [2012-06-20 17:01:56] * Bookwright rolls his eyes and turns to the beeping terminal. "One beep means nothing, two means something's happening... *sigh*"
  68. [2012-06-20 17:02:15] * Bookwright hates being distracted from his studies.
  69. [2012-06-20 17:07:29] <Kkat> > Non-Welcoming (Paused).  Non-Welcoming will commence in [timing data lost].  Cancel or continue? Y/N
  70. [2012-06-20 17:10:18] * Bookwright is really tired of this nonsense. "Oh great. I wish I had a 'discern creator's intent' spell... Oh well." He bites his lip, and selects "Y".
  71. [2012-06-20 17:11:41] * Bookwright pulls out his laser pistol and aims it at the turret pre-emptively. If it moves, he's going to shoot it until it melts.
  72. [2012-06-20 17:12:01] <Kkat> > Non-Welcoming Cancelled.  Welcome is in progress.  Have a happy day.
  73. [2012-06-20 17:12:34] <Kkat> There is a little click, and the turret goes dead.
  74. [2012-06-20 17:12:37] * Bookwright exhales loudly in relief, and puts away his pistol.
  75. [2012-06-20 17:14:22] * Bookwright makes another note in his SOLARIS notebook, certain that it is but one more of many to come. "Remember to check the wording on all SOLARIS stuff _carefully_ to prevent dangerous and/or fatal mistakes." He underlines "carefully" several times with ink.
  76. [2012-06-20 17:15:16] * Bookwright also notes down that SOLARIS seems to be filtering the water in this river, but for what reason and to what ends he does not know.
  77. [2012-06-20 17:15:48] * Bookwright moves on to the lockers and starts trying them. "Maybe there's some bandages in here..."
  78. [2012-06-20 17:21:25] <Kkat> Both of the lockers are locked.  One is an easy lock, requiring Lockpicking 25.  The other is a very easy lock, which anyone may attempt to pick.
  79. [2012-06-20 17:22:20] <Kkat> If you attempt to pick the very easy lock, you gain a lockpicking bonus of +30.  Because it's just that easy.  Same rules for how often you may try apply.
  80. [2012-06-20 17:22:49] <Bookwright> (I don't have a screwdriver or bobby pins...)
  81. [2012-06-20 17:24:11] * Bookwright grunts in frustration and makes a note in his personal diary to get hold of a screwdriver and some bobby pins.
  82. [2012-06-20 17:26:02] <Bookwright> (There's no other door out of this room? It's a dead end?)
  83. [2012-06-20 17:34:15] * Bookwright sighs in disappointment. "What a useless mess I've got myself into... Oh well. Maybe I can figure out /what/ they're filtering out, or maybe /why/ they're filtering this artificial river. Only reason to filter at the /end/ of a river is to take something out that you put /in/ at the start of it..."
  84. [2012-06-20 17:37:05] * Bookwright returns to the bank of monitors to try and discern to what end the river is being filtered. Or what's being filtered out. Or anything, really.
  85. [2012-06-20 17:40:01] <Kkat> Dead end.  So much so that the pony stationed in this room had a toilet built into the room.
  86. [2012-06-20 17:40:18] <Kkat> Science roll, please
  87. [2012-06-20 17:43:41] <Kkat> The best you can tell, it's supposed to filter out radiation, pollutants, and "classified biological detritus".
  88. [2012-06-20 17:44:36] * Bookwright resigns himself to disappointment and records as much in his notebook.
  89. [2012-06-20 17:45:16] * Bookwright gives the small room one last going over before turning tail and trotting back to the cavern entrance.
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