Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet


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  1. Jun 17, 12:24 PM on app version 14
  2. Samsung Galaxy J7 V (j7popltevzw), Android 8.1
  3. Report 1 of 2
  5. java.lang.NullPointerException:
  6.   at com.unity3d.ads.device.StorageManager.hasStorage (StorageManager.java:81)
  7.   at com.unity3d.ads.device.StorageManager.setupStorage (StorageManager.java:54)
  8.   at com.unity3d.ads.device.StorageManager.init (StorageManager.java:32)
  9.   at com.unity3d.ads.configuration.InitializeThread$InitializeStateReset.execute (InitializeThread.java:132)
  10.   at com.unity3d.ads.configuration.InitializeThread.run (InitializeThread.java:46)
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