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DartCraft Changelog 1.6.2

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Aug 27th, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.03
  2. - Updated to Minecraft version 1.6.2 and Forge version 819, as well as new APIs from IC2 Experimental, Buildcraft and Forestry. Do not expect Thermal Expansion support until sometime after it is released.
  3. - Bugfix: Forestry's Event Handlers no longer interfere with the intended funtionality of Item Cards.
  4. - Bugfix: Fixed a very specific Force Pack leak when a Crafting Card and Item Card are both set to particular settings for any identical item.
  5. - Bugfix: Force Engines now output the appropriate amount of Minecraft Joules per tick, no matter what throttle they are using.
  6. - Bugfix: Refactored the Ender Sword teleport algorithm to be less 'placing above bedrocky' in the nether. To be more precise the Ender Sword will no longer teleport you up when it would normally place you in a wall, and instead will move you back slightly.
  7. - Bugfix: Fixed broken particle graphics on Ender Sword teleportation.
  8. - Bugfix: Patched a potential dupe glitch with ItemInventories caused by Factorization's Bag of Holding.
  9. - Blacklisted Mystcraft TileEntities for Force Wrenching as they are not inherently in need of wrenching.
  10. - The Force Wrench now logs when players Force Wrench a TileEntity to the console. This should help server owners punish or ban players who break the rules. This feature must be enabled in the config.
  11. - Force Packs now use a bit less overhead to function with Item Cards. The frequency with which they restock is now also configurable.
  12. - InvincibleItems that drop from sources other than Strudy-imbued Force Packs/Belts or player-dropped TileBoxes will now time out in about 5 minutes to help prevent server overloading.
  13. - Force Punching Obsidian, Coblalt and Ardite ores, and most IC2 machines is no longer allowed.
  14. - Force Transmutations can now be shapelessly crafted in any crafting matrix, using durability of the Force Rod (or stored Liquid Force) as if the player had manually clicked on an item in the world. As an added bonus Force Transmutation recipes are now visible in NEI.
  15. - Obsidian can no longer be transmuted into a Force Infuser in the world and must be shapelessly crafted into a Force Infuser. (No more collecting obsidian with a stone pick, Dan.)
  16. - Force Rods now have a maximum durability of 75. (Up from 50.)
  17. - Force Bricks can no longer be crafted from Force Nuggets, use the new Force Rod recipes instead.
  18. - Spoils Bags will now only drop from monsters that are killed by EntityPlayers. The bonus chance of Spoils Bags dropping given by Looting has been halved. The bonus chance can also be changed in the config if previous values are desired.
  19. - Force Tools are no longer enchantable and will reset to their Force Infuser added enchants should they become altered by an external force. This feature can be disabled in the config.
  20. - Force Packs with Item Cards are now more strict with the items they take in, as was intended.
  21. - Force Sticks are now made from 2 Force Planks instead of 2 Force Logs and make 4 instead of 8. This replaces the ability to make vanilla sticks out of Force Planks and also circumvents a new Tinker's Construct recipe that completely broke DartCraft into hundreds of little overpowered chunks.
  22. - Area Mode Force Tools will now break all applicable blocks regardless of whether or not they can apply Grinding and Heat.
  23. - Area Mode now toggles with a right-click instead of only a sneak right-click, with the exception of the Force Shears.
  24. - Refactored DartCraft's API to be self-sufficient and added many well-commented, extensible functions for coders to use. The API is now public and can be found in the downloads section for eager modders.
  25. - Force Gems now only give 1/4 a bucket of raw Liquid Force in all DartCraft implements excepting the Infuser. The squeezing value for Force Gems remains unaffected. This value is configurable.
  26. - Empty Buckets may now be infused into a Bucket of Force in the Force Infuser, if enough Liquid Force is present in the infuser.
  27. - Force Infusers now hold up to 50 buckets of Liquid Force Internally.
  28. - Force Infusers now hold up to 50000 Minecraft Joules, instead of 25000 and their base operation cost has also been doubled.
  29. - Upgrade Tomes must now use each unique upgrade material for their given tier at least once before the tome will be allowed to advance in tier. Existing tomes will likely be downgraded to tier 1 and possibly even glitch. It is advised to make a new Upgrade Tome for this reason.
  30. - An inquiry button has been added to the Force Infuser that shows a list of the possible upgrades that the Upgrade Tome can support. Upgrade materials are listed in a paged format, growing larger in number as the tome advances in tier. Unused upgrade materials only show their silhouette and a cryptic "????" in the gui, whereas materials previously used show both their name and the upgrade given. Players may then click on these items to view a short tip or hint about the upgrade material, which should serve to help them figure out what they need to advance their tome in tier.
  31. - Several basic descriptions of DartCraft Items have been added to the Force Infuser's Inquiry button, and are visible even without an Upgrade Tome present.
  32. - Upgrades requiring vanilla potions have been truncated to only use the basic version of that potion, as to prevent confusion and unnecessary repetition of potion infusing in the Force Infuser.
  33. - Pigs are now shearable with Force Shears, yielding Raw Bacon which may be smelted into Cooked Bacon. Cooked bacon has high saturation and restores only 1/10 of the total hunger bar. These pigs will, of course, eventually eat grass and magically regenerate their mangled flesh.
  34. - Added the Baconator, a device which when right-clicked will store bacon from your inventory into its internal storage, and when shift-right-clicked will return its stored bacon back into your inventory. The Baconator can store up to 256 pieces of bacon and, if on the player's hotbar, it will automatically feed a piece of bacon to the player when they are hungry, depleting the internal storage of bacon. The Baconator only works with bacon.
  35. - Baconators are crafted with a Bottled Pig (has to be a pig) and two Light Blue Mob Ingots (explained further down.)
  36. - Baconators can be placed inside Force Belts and they will attempt to feed the player, albeit at a slower rate than on the hotbar.
  37. - Several upgrades have changed in tier.
  38. - Soul is now a Tier 7 upgrade.
  39. - Camo and Sight are now Tier 5 upgrades.
  40. - Force is now Tier 1
  41. - Damage is now Tier 1
  42. - Heat is now Tier 4 and is only given by Golden Power Source. Heat may now be configured to only be given by Fire Resistance Potions in the config, however this is disabled by default.
  43. - Wing is now Tier 5 and is now only given by a new item, explained lower.
  44. - Ender is now Tier 6.
  45. - The Force, Craft and Forge upgrades no longer give points when used to upgrade items in the infuser.
  46. - Added the Roc's Feather, which is crafted from a feather, some glowstone and the newly-added Feather Powder, which is acquired when shearing a chicken with Grinding-imbued shears. The Roc's Feather is now the only source of the Wing upgrade, although feathers may be added back in as an upgrade material by changing a config option.
  47. - Implemented the IForceConsumer interface as a way of making certain tools require fuel to use.
  48. - A hotkey has been added called the "Force Key". Defaulting to F this key will open a gui when a valid IForceConsumer is held. This gui has a Liquid Tank for holding Liquid Force and an item slot for inserting and storing valid Fluid Containers of Liquid Force.
  49. - IForceConsumers will automatically restock their internal tanks with liquid they extract from the internal storage slot when this force is used, or while the gui is open. The amount of Liquid Force used per durability is somewhat configurable.
  50. - Repair is no longer a valid upgrade for Force Armor or Force Rods. Instead, the new IForceConsumer interface may be used to repair damage at the cost of Liquid Force.
  51. - Although present, the IForceConsumer interface will not repair Force Armor imbued with the Charge upgrade.
  52. - Force Tools also implement the IForceConsumer interface and can now repair themselves. This includes Force Swords, Force Bows, Force Pickaxes, Force Shovels, Force Axes and Force Shears.
  53. - IForceConsumers may be re-infused with Liquid Force inside the infuser, which is more efficient than giving the item a Force Gem as the Force Infuser extracts a full bucket of Liquid Force from a Force Gem. If the item is also an IForceUpgradable it must first be upgraded before it can be infused with Liquid Force, with the exception of Force Rods.
  54. - The Rod of Return will now function cross-dimensionally. It will also now take damage if used to teleport more than 10 blocks. (Down from 250)
  55. - Holding is no longer a valid upgrade on Force Rods, existing Rods of Holding will become normal Force Rods that are not upgradable.
  56. - Force Flasks are now crafted with a Force Ingot instead of a nugget and only make one per craft.
  57. - Force Flasks no longer stack, but can now be used to left click an entity to bottle it. These bottled entities are released in front of the player when they right-click the bottle again, and the empty Force Flask is returned.
  58. - Hostile entities must be weakened to less than 1/10 of their health before they can be bottled. Attempting to bottle a non-baned creeper is not recommended for the faint of heart, but may result in a unique item.
  59. - Force Flasks now have a custom model to make them look more realistic, and as an added bonus Bottled Entities actually render their held entity as well.
  60. - Bottled Entities will now slowly recover while in their tiny glass prison, at a rate of one health per 2 seconds.
  61. - Bottled Entities may now be safely dropped without escaping and can be placed on any surface or object as a decorative item without having to worry about the bottle despawning or being destroyed by damage sources. To reclaim the bottle you must left-click it to return it to item form.
  62. - Added the False upgrade. With False imbued on it, a Force Sword will become unable to deal a finishing blow to an enemy, and instead leave it with a single hit point remaining. False is recommended for catching hostiles in bottles.
  63. - The only source of the False upgrade is a new item called Glass Powder, although how one acquires this broken glass is a secret known only to the bravest, or most foolish, flask-waving adventurers.
  64. - Added the Force Grinding system, which supercedes other mod recipes on Grinding-imbued tools when manually breaking blocks with them.
  65. - Iron Ore and Gold Ore grind into two of their respective Powders, which can each be smelted into one ingot. Diamonds grind into one Diamond Dust as well. You can now effectively double your manual ore gathering now even without Thermal Expansion or IC2 installed.
  66. - Grinding recipes have been added for other ores as well, including Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead, Nickel and Platinum. These dusts will only show up in NEI or creative mode if these types of ores are present.
  67. - Many of these grinding recipes have bonus outputs, much like Thermal Expansion's pulverizer recipes, and Fortune increases the chances of receiving the bonus dust.
  68. - Four of any Ore Dust can be combined into a Chunk of that type, excepting Diamond Dust which yields diamonds on a 1-1 ratio. These chunks may be smelted into 5 ingots, increasing theoretical manual ore yield by another 25%.
  69. - These dusts are not on the OreDictionary for obvious reasons and may only be acquired by manually breaking the ore with a Gridning pick.
  70. - Diamonds may now be Force Grinded into one Diamond Dust each. These are now the only source of the Sturdy upgrade by default, however Bricks and Obsidian can be enabled in the config if you so choose.
  71. - Grinding recipes have been added for all colors of wool that yields two string apiece.
  72. - Grinding is now a valid upgrade for the Force Sword. Fun.
  73. - Some entities will occasionally drop "Mob Chunks" when they are killed with a grinding-imbued Force Sword. These chunks can be smelted into colored "Mob Ingots" which can be used to create Force Ingots and a few other things. Looting will increase the drop rate of these chunks, but each entity will drop, at maximum, one per customer.
  74. - If you look up a particular colored mob chunk in NEI it will have a tooltip listing which entities drop these color of chunks. This is useful as particular colors of mob ingots are needed for certain recipes.
  75. - Inert Cores are no longer craftable out of claws and tears and must now be crafted out of an Upgrade Core surrounded by Black and Light Gray Mob Ingots. The chunks for these ingots are received only from Wither Skeletons and Ghasts respectively.
  76. - Upgrade Cores can now be crafted into Mob cores for any mob that drops a mob chunk by using a new custom crafting recipe that requires one upgrade core, four identical Mob Chunks and 4 of their respectively colored Mob Ingots. These Mob Cores can then be crafted into vanilla spawners for that variety of creature using 4 cores and 4 more ingots around a Block of Iron. These recipes are all visible in NEI.
  77. - Vanilla spawners have had their blast resistance bumped up to that of obsidian to prevent certain volatile creatures from destroying their own spawners. Hardness of Mob Spawners has not been changed.
  78. - Saddles are now craftable from string, leather and a Force Ingot, and now stack up to 16.
  79. - All three varieties of Horse Armor are now craftable from 6 of the armor's material and a piece of leather. Undamaged horse armor may also be transmuted back into 4 of these materials.
  80. - Name Tags are now craftable out of string, leather and a sign.
  81. - Force Ingots may now be crafted with Steel.
  82. - Liquid Force has been changed to a Block instead of an Item. This was done in tandem with Forge Liquids becoming Fluids, since this will screw up most mods anyway.
  83. - Empty Buckets may be used to retrieve Liquid Force and also place it into the world.
  84. - Liquid Force flows like water, but is finite and gives off light like lava.
  85. - Entities inside Liquid Force blocks will not drown and will also have some of their health restored at a fairly normal rate. The regen effect is reversed for undead creatures.
  86. - Liquid Force is somewhat gelatin-like and will slow entities that are caught in it. Entities will also become visible if they were not previously. Liquid Force will also remove the wither effect from entities.
  87. - At this time there is no natural source of Liquid Force.
  88. - The speed effect on Force Armor has been slightly redesigned. Although it is now a bit slower, the old speed may be achieved by sprinting.
  89. - The Wing effect on Force Armor has been slightly tweaked. Players are now allowed to make a second midair jump after letting go of the jump key by pressing it again. To prevent unintended double-jumps when slow-falling, fall damage has been completely disabled while wearing Wing armor.
  90. - Flying in the Force Armor now damages the armor at a fairly constant rate. Sturdy now uses twice as much durability as before when preventing damage.
  91. - Using the Wing Sword to fly now damages the sword slightly per use.
  92. - Luck, Bleed and Bane are no longer valid upgrades for Force Armor, nor will exisiting Force Armor retain these upgrades. If you want Luck, Bleed or Bane you'll have to put it on your sword.
  93. - The Sturdy effect on Force Armor now causes some hunger loss when hit. This option can be turned off in the config.
  94. - Force Armor is no longer Force Transmuted from leather armor. Instead, it is now crafted out of Force Ingots. This may be reverted in the config.
  95. - Force Armor may now only be Force Transmuted if Charge or Charge2 is present on the armor, however the armor itself is no longer returned and all batteries or crystals returned will lose their charge.
  96. - Force Rods may no longer be hotkeyed to the same key and activated in unision. They will now refuse to activate if even one key is the same as another Force Belt Slot's hotkey. This feature can be reverted in the config.
  97. - Heat on Force Armor now reduces fire damage taken by a small amount. With at least 3 pieces of Heat-imbued Force Armor players will not take any fire damage. (Although they will still appear to visually.)
  98. - Force Belts are now recolorable to all 16 minecraft standard colors, and are now also upgradable with Sturdy, with the same effect as Force Packs.
  99. - Force Wrenches are now IForceConsumers. They operate at about 1/10 of a bucket of Force per TileBox created, and will refuse to function in this way if there is insufficient Force stored. The rotation function of the Force Wrench does not consume Force.
  100. - The Force Wrench will no longer retrieve Chests or other IIventories with certain items like Force Packs or other TileBoxes inside them by default. This can be changed in the config.
  101. - Force Wrenched TileBoxes that store an IInventory will now list their occupied slots much like Force Packs do.
  102. - Updated the cheat command /ineedatrunkfullofdartcraftjunk to contain more useful and up to date items, including bluedart's patented "Utility Belt".
  103. - The Repair upgrade is now imbued by Thaumcraft's Crystal Clusters instead of a single crystal. This change is revertable in the config.
  104. - The Repair upgrade on Force Tools will now attempt to fabricate a small amount of Liquid Force from the nearby aura. Although convenient, this new ability comes at the cost of some nasty flux and some additional vis.
  105. - Healing is now a valid upgrade on Force Swords. Hitting an entity with this sword will not do damage and instead heal them a bit. Of course, if the entity is undead then it will end up doing the opposite.
  106. - Healing is now also a valid upgrade on the Force Bow, having the same effect as it would on a Force Sword.
  107. - DartCraft healing effects now have their own unique particle effects and sound.
  108. - Arrows shot by Force Bows now have custom particle effects based on what properties they possess.
  109. - Ender Arrows are now allowed to be used against other players, but only if PVP is enabled. Ender Arrows do only one heart of base damage, unaffected by damage boosting properties of the Force Bow, and in addition to this they will randomly teleport its victim within a short area. This feature can be disabled altogether for players in the server's config.
  110. - If both Ender and Healing are on a Force Bow, Ender will be applied to the entity first, then Healing will also be applied.
  111. - The Magnet Glove is now an IForceConsumer, but does not require Liquid Force to draw in items. Instead, when it is Active and you right-click on the solid face of a block it will scan straight in the direction you are looking up to 10 blocks in an attempt to find ore. If successful it will use a variable amount of Liquid Force based on the ores found, and in exchange it will pull those ores closer for easy mining.
  112. - Unique sounds and particle effects have been added for the Magnet Glove's ore finding feature.
  113. - Added the Freezing upgrade, given by a block of snow. This upgrade is valid for both Force Bows and Force Swords.
  114. - Upgrading a Force Bow with Freezing imbues its arrows with magical ice and some nifty visuals and sound effects to boot.
  115. - Ice arrows are capable of freezing certain blocks like water or lava, turning them into ice or cobblestone respectively in a 3x3 area. Try them out on various things.
  116. - Ice Arrows will also freeze any entity they hit for about 5 seconds. While frozen the entity will be unable to move, but may still attack if you get too close. Players will only be frozen for half as long, and only if PVP is enabled.
  117. - Heat no longer gives Fire Aspect on the Force Bow. Heat is now its own upgrade which not only sets the entity it hits on fire, but also sets any solid top-facing surface it hits ablaze.
  118. - The Force Bow's mode is now changeable by shift-right clicking with the bow in your hands. In normal mode the bow will attempt to apply many effects at once, although if both Freezing and Heat are present it will randomly choose an element to imbue onto the arrow when fired. In Heat mode all arrows will be imbued with Heat forgoing other effects; similar modes are availabe for Freezing, Ender and Healing upgrades, however the bow will only switch to these modes if the appropriate upgrade is found on the bow. The final mode, Torch Mode, is available for all iterations of the Force Bow. In Torch Mode the Force Bow requires and uses both a Force Arrow and a Torch from the user's inventory to fire, and a torch will be placed where the arrow lands, destroying the arrow in the process. If a torch cannot be placed at this location the torch will instead drop as an item.
  119. - Force Arrows can no longer be reclaimed by walking over them and they will now also despawn after about 5 seconds of being stuck in a surface.
  120. - Added the Treasure and Impervious upgrades. These upgrades must be enabled under the "insane" portion of the config in order to be present in DartCraft. These upgrades are both tier 7 and require a Nether Star and some other expensive materials to craft.
  121. - The Treasure upgrade is valid for the Force Sword and Force Bow, and will always extract a Spoils Bag from a monster that you slay if it has the potential to drop one.
  122. - The Impervious upgrade is valid for all Force Tools, and any Force Tool with Impervious will not be able to take damage at all.
  123. - These two upgrades were added for a very specific modpack that is designed to be unbalanced, as such they are disabled by default. If you end up enabling these upgrades they will again go dormant if the config option is later disabled.
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