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Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. Storium is a website that allows a group of people to write a story together. One person is the narrator, and the rest are players. As the narrator, I will be "in control" of the story. I will generally control the flow of the story and any other characters, and the players will control their own individual characters. However, Storium is a fairly flexible system, and it allows players to be very influential in the story and the outcome of events. While I will have ideas about how the story should proceed, I'm going to try to be as open to changes as possible. So if you have ideas of your own, please feel free to be creative.
  3. This story will be based on the world of a story I starting writing years ago. I don't believe the story was particularly amazing, but I did quite a bit of world building for it, so I figure I may as well use that world for something fun.
  5. Now I will give a brief overview of the world, especially the parts that will be important for character creation for players. There are two (known) races in this world: humans and elves. Please note that I'm using "elves" simply because it's a common term, it doesn't mean they are necessarily similar to elves of other stories. It's just a convenient term so I don't have to confuse things by making up something on my own. Humans have a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors, however, their eyes are always blue. The color can vary widely, from bright blue, to almost gray, to almost green. But they are always primarily blue. Elf eyes range from bright golden yellow to dark brown.
  7. Magic plays an important role in the story. I've had random ideas for how magic should work in this world, but I don't really want to force that kind of complexity onto this story. However, I do want to mention a few important things about magic. Human magic and elven magic are very different. Humans use magic to actually make changes to the world. Elven magic, by contrast, affects the mind.
  9. Human magic is something that many people can do, but only a select few are actually good enough at it to be able to use it in any useful way. Powerful mages can use special white gemstones to make their magic even more powerful. These gemstones are commonly embedded in jewelry or weapons. Human magic uses a standard elemental system of magic.
  11. Elven magic, rather than affecting the world, instead affects the minds of other people. While a human might be able to create a fire, an elf can only make someone believe there is a fire there. Especially powerful elven magic can cause someone to believe something has changed without them being aware that a change has occurred (for example, they could make a wall appear, and you wouldn't realize that the wall had just appeared, you would believe it was there all along).
  13. The story will begin in the Deyen kingdom, which until recently was ruled by the late King Rendol Athnere. The king was well-liked by most of the kingdom. He was not perfect (nobody is), but he was generally fair and just. The kingdom of Deyen is ruled first by the king, and second by the Council of Nobles. The members of the council govern parts of the kingdom, and the council itself also acts as a kind of legislative branch for the kingdom.
  15. All player characters are citizens of the Deyen kingdom, and all are human. Also, they are all in some way important and capable. This is an important point to remember. The story is about these characters because they are capable and important. So please always remember that your character is not just some random nobody off the street, but is actually somebody awesome.
  17. Being important people, all of the player characters have been invited to the burial service for the king.
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