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  3. April to mid-May - Had some fun doing some casual races lately, and finishing up AA4 tonight (hopefully). Then gonna be quiet on stream for a bit. Working on some other projects (music & programming), and hit the halfway point thru a evening class I'm taking (adult class after work is a rough life, but it's a good class). Will be done mid-May then go to RPGLB.
  5. mid-May to mid-June - I'll stream AAI2 (I'll play AAI1 on my own quickly) somewhere in here, and get ready for the Rockman 8 race at GDQ
  7. late-June - Going to GDQ for prob ~2 days to do my run, then leaving there and doing a solo trip to Japan. Been putting it off too long, and although I def considered going with some others, I want the flexibility to go whenever I want, wherever I want, at least the first trip there. Excited =D
  9. mid-July - Month+ of PERSONA 5. After I get back from my trip and settle in, planning on very actively streaming P5. I gave it a long time to wait and it'll be the best time to go in, summer is lax on my radar.
  11. Late summer/early fall will be AA5 and AA6.
  13. ::SPEED UPDATE::
  15. For RTA, throughout all of this after GDQ, in varying degrees planning on playing SMO and DQIII. Foreseeably those are all I really want to do in speedgaming into the future, with maybe some minor exceptions. And those two are beasts that'll keep on giving for a long time. My desire to play in marathons has waned over time for sure, maybe with an occasional exception, and I feel like I hit most of what I wanted to do in my other speedruns without beating my head against the wall too much or succumbing to The Grind, especially with Rockman series.
  18. Thanks For Reading
  19. CT
  21. :: END UPDATE::
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