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  1. set myReply to "Thanks, I've received your email. If I have any questions about it I will contact you directly"
  3. tell application "Mail"
  4.     set theSelection to selection
  5.     if theSelection is {} then return
  6.     activate
  7.     repeat with thisMessage in theSelection
  8.         set theOutgoingMessage to reply thisMessage with opening window
  9.         repeat until exists (window 1 whose name = "Re: " & subject of thisMessage)
  10.         end repeat
  11.         delay 0.1
  13.         -- send gui scripting to handler to get it out of Mail tell block
  14.         my guiScriptMail(myReply)
  15.         send theOutgoingMessage -- This automatically sends the message!
  16.     end repeat
  17. end tell
  19. on guiScriptMail(myReply)
  20.     tell application "System Events"
  21.         tell process "Mail"
  22.             set frontmost to true
  23.             -- keystroke "a" using {command down} -- ⌘A to select all
  24.             keystroke myReply
  25.         end tell
  26.     end tell
  27. end guiScriptMail
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