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  1. *What corps have you been in and what caused you to leave?
  2. feel free to be as brief or as lengthy as you like
  3. ________________________________________
  4. benjiToday at 5:39 PM
  5. You want a full account or just recent (past 2 or so years)?
  6. ________________________________________
  7. MeeksToday at 5:39 PM
  8. yeah just whatever would be relevant
  9. ________________________________________
  10. benjiToday at 5:39 PM
  11. Ok.
  12. ________________________________________
  13. benjiToday at 7:43 PM
  14. Commonwealth Mercenaries: Had been in "VMG" for a while. Mostly hunting Jump Freighters and Freighters , using BLOPS to cyno in behind them and get the kill on the highsec side of a lowsec gate. You'll see lots of short periods in random corps, and that's basically from dropping corp to appear neutral to a war target, then joining another corp that's in the alliance while in space so that you can stealthily get tackle on someone. Basically just highsec pvp things. Shekelsquad: I joined Shekelsquad because I was interested in the expensive fleet fights and the chance to be on field with capitals. Was a ton of fun, but I decided to move my stuff out when I noticed that something bad was going on within the upper ranks of the alliance which lead to that whole ball of drama. Holesale: I joined Holesale after leaving Shekelsquad because I was interested in continuing my development and experience within a C5/5 group. It was poor timing on my part because a few days after getting everything moved in I stepped away from Eve Online due to a combination of work, summer vacation, and family illness. I had been away for about 3 months when I happened to read about what was going on with Holesale's Keepstar. I logged back in to find that it was unanchored, players belongings were scooped... but most people were unlikely to get their stuff back. I left, and have been looking to find another C5/5 group. The Vendetta Mercenaries: Upon coming back after about 3 months and finding that basically 12b in assets wasn't likely to be returned to me from the Holesale Keepstar, I joined back up with some old friends from VMG to help with a structure defense op. I'm not looking for anything related to highsec, so I assisted them with that and have now left and am in search of a new wormhole group.
  15. - Other corps I've been in - Darkness Consumed: I believe we lived in a C4 if I can remember correctly.. was a long time ago. I was interested in wormhole pvp, but it seemed like most everyone was just interested in krabbing Honorable Third Party: I was looking for a change of pace from "highsec pvp" and one of my friends was a director / CEO. It's where I got to fly a dictor and hic for the first time. It was a ton of fun having access to the infamous Rekking Crew, Purple Helmeted Warrior, and Domain Research fleets dunking on capitals and other fun stuff. I did a good amount of blopsing with them. I ultimately left because everyone went inactive at the same time. A lot of my corp history of short duration random corps is highsec pvp stuff. We would jump back and forth between an in-alliance corp and an NPC corp in order to surprise specific wartargets that would otherwise be difficult to catch.
  16. ________________________________________
  17. MeeksToday at 7:49 PM
  18. *What is your character’s name and the name of any alts you may have?
  19. ________________________________________
  20. benjiToday at 7:49 PM
  21. Do you want inactive alts as well?
  22. ________________________________________
  23. MeeksToday at 7:49 PM
  24. na
  25. ________________________________________
  26. benjiToday at 7:49 PM
  27. ok
  28. Faylee Freir (Main) Pleasure Hub Escort (Logi 5 / Dictor / Boosher / Future FAX pilot) D0CT0R D00M (Perfect prober / scout / Cyno 5 / Caldari Cruiser V) Mr Hans (Neutral hauler / Market alt) Brutor Slave Master (Basic Carrier pilot - used to roll 5/5 connections / Tinkersnake / Will continue to train for a perfect Carrier pilot R-0-B-0-C-O-P (HIC pilot / Tinkersnake / Possible Dread pilot) Rude Rhonda (Tinkersnake / Not sure how I'll train her) Full Metal Jackie (Tinkersnake / DST pilot / Not sure how I'll train her) Syd Rayl (Tinkersnake / Not sure how I'll train him) STOP AND FRISK (Bump Machariel) Lacie LaFleur (Dueling alt I can explain this) I have a few various gank alts that are unsubbed right now, and am uncertain if I'll re-sub them again
  29. Hey, before you give me the next question do you mind if I ask a few?
  30. ________________________________________
  31. MeeksToday at 7:59 PM
  32. sure sounds good go for it
  33. ________________________________________
  34. benjiToday at 8:00 PM
  35. I work rotating shift work so my schedule changes constantly. Is this going to be a problem? I can typically play almost everyday and it'll either EU or US/Late US time zone.
  36. ________________________________________
  37. MeeksToday at 8:01 PM
  38. we play across all timezones US is our biggest TZ but it varies
  39. ________________________________________
  40. benjiToday at 8:01 PM
  41. ok cool
  42. Capital alts: Do you have a real use for them outside of a serious event like an eviction?
  43. Such as do you ever stage capital alts somewhere in kspace as a corp and use them from time to time
  44. ________________________________________
  45. MeeksToday at 8:03 PM
  46. not really, all our capitals are for home defense, we've talked about putting some dreads in lowsec for possible bait ganks but we have not acted on that
  47. ________________________________________
  48. benjiToday at 8:04 PM
  49. Ok cool. Capitals are something that I have no experience with outside rolling 5/5 holes. It is something that I think would be cool to experience though. Not a make or break for me as I'm not entirely ready for them yet.
  50. That's all I had for now  We can continue if you wish.
  51. ________________________________________
  52. MeeksToday at 8:05 PM
  53. cool cool
  54. *How many Skill points do you have?
  55. ________________________________________
  56. benjiToday at 8:07 PM
  57. All together?
  58. or specifically on my main
  59. ________________________________________
  60. MeeksToday at 8:07 PM
  61. just your main is fine
  62. ________________________________________
  63. benjiToday at 8:08 PM
  64. 52,065,829
  65. ________________________________________
  66. MeeksToday at 8:08 PM
  67. *We do not have doctrines nor do we force members to fly any specific ships we are all about flying what you enjoy flying but we do expect members to have a variety of ships even if they are t1 battleships or whatever. Would that be possible for you?
  68. ________________________________________
  69. benjiToday at 8:09 PM
  70. Yes, of course.
  71. ________________________________________
  72. MeeksToday at 8:09 PM
  73. *What would you say are the 3 things you are best at in Eve?
  74. ________________________________________
  75. benjiToday at 8:24 PM
  76. 1. I put a lot of time and energy into hunting / stalking. I have no issues sitting at log-in screens for hours while I watch with alts or scout in other ways. I am very patient. I really like hunting / scouting (I once sat cloaked up at the spot where a target logged off at for 10 days. Everyday I would come online and run locates on him to make sure he hadn't moved) 2. I have a lot of experience killing freighters and jump freighters in various ways. I've bumped them off stations in lowsec among other interesting methods of killing them. To answer the question though, I'm a very skilled bumper. I've kept freighters bumped for hours at a time, bumped capitals off of stations, and even kept cruisers and battleships bumped away from gates / wormholes. I know it sounds like a silly thing to say I'm best at, but it really is a skill that takes some practice in order to do it well consistently for long periods of time. 3. I would have to say baiting / deceiving people. I have a lot of experience baiting large over-confident ships to shoot at me, only for them to find that they are losing their Kronos to a Frigate. This goes hand-in-hand, with baiting, but I also say setting traps around baiting. I'm very good at using my words to bait others into unfavorable situations as well. Reading this I know it sounds lame. I am aware that I haven't mentioned anything of just straight forward pvp, and while I do have experience and am comfortable doing so, I just don't particularly excel at anything like nano-gang or solo. I am totally interested and down to fly something fucky like a Lachesis or Arazu for your small-gang though!
  77. ________________________________________
  78. MeeksToday at 8:24 PM
  79. that is very inline with what we do here
  80. point 1 and 3 specifically
  81. ________________________________________
  82. benjiToday at 8:25 PM
  83. Well I dunno if you looked at me at all, but I'm mostly a highsec boi.
  84. I have lots of experience doing lots of different amazing things
  85. such as solo blopsing, or even hunting for a small blops group.
  86. but if you were to ask me what I'm best known for or what is the one thing I've been the best at it would be tricking freighters into dueling me.
  87. I've done a lot of ganking
  88. a lot of scamming
  89. and a lot of not honoring ransoms. I recently read a story about you guys where you poked at a guys Citadel and then honored a ransom. I'm totally cool to honor ransoms. It's just that typically in highsec when I'm dealing with mega whales like 12b freighters or jump freighters... they are likely only to make the mistake of getting caught once, so I milk them.
  90. Just wanted to get that out there.
  91. ________________________________________
  92. MeeksToday at 8:28 PM
  93. ah yeah as long as you honored them while you fly with us the past is the past
  94. ________________________________________
  95. benjiToday at 8:28 PM
  96. and if done on neutral alts?
  97. ________________________________________
  98. MeeksToday at 8:29 PM
  99. as long as its not associated with the repo name you do what you wanna do
  100. ________________________________________
  101. benjiToday at 8:29 PM
  102. Alright. It's how I've made my isk recently, but if it is a problem I can set myself up in a farmhole with alts and be on the straight and narrow.
  103. ________________________________________
  104. MeeksToday at 8:30 PM
  105. cool cool
  106. ________________________________________
  107. benjiToday at 8:30 PM
  108. but yes, hunting and baiting are things I'm passionate about.
  109. ________________________________________
  110. MeeksToday at 8:30 PM
  111. *What PvP ships do you like to fly? And would you like to fly in the future?
  112. ________________________________________
  113. benjiToday at 8:34 PM
  114. I typically enjoy hard tackle, mostly because I have way more experience with and am more comfortable with brawling. So something like a Proteus is a lot of fun to me. I also REALLY REALLY enjoy flying a sabre. I want to get more experience flying ewar and combat recons. I also need more experience with command destroyers. Super interested in HICS. Really to sum it up I don't necessarily care about being the highest DPS, but would rather enjoy fucking up someones day with something they hate such as ewar.
  115. ________________________________________
  116. MeeksToday at 8:35 PM
  117. Final question, If you are to be accepted you would be put on a one month trial period. After that month your progress will be evaluated, based on the evaluation you will either become a full member or be kindly asked to leave. This evaluation is mostly based off of activity, attitude and general ability to meld well with the corp. If accepted would you agree to being placed on this trial period?
  118. ________________________________________
  119. benjiToday at 8:35 PM
  120. Of course.
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