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  1. Chapter (Number still unknown)
  3. "Why weren't you there yesterday?", he asked me with hollow eyes, as he appeared in my room. However, I wasn't surprised at all of his sudden apparition, I still had to admit to myself that his presence made me unbelievable nervous and embarrassed. I knew exactly that my face was red like a tomato, but I tried my best to hide it with my cold attitude. I put down my book, which I read until he came by and looked at him like I absolutely had no idea of what he's talking about. "Your heart tells me you know it even though your words say the contrast", he continued and began to stare on the floor. Although he was enormously tall, had glowing red eyes and a glance that could kill every living being in one second, he never seemed so devastated like now. I couldn't pretend like I was not interested anymore. My empathy appeared and everything I felt just needed to be shown. "Reon... I didn't forget it! It's just..." I couldn't go on with my words. This time I was the one who started to stare on the ground. Reon, however, came up to me and pressed me against the wall. It was impossible to escape now. He was too strong for me. For one moment, nothing happened. Only pure silence prevailed in the room. He just stared at me, while I looked ashamed on the floor. After a time, the silence tortured me and I decided that our eyes should cross. His eyes weren't full of pain anymore. A certain animalistic glance appeared in his eyes. My body began to tremble and it became difficult for me to breathe. "P-please... I wanted to come yesterday, b-but I was unsure about my decision. I don't want you to protect me anymore. I can take care of myself", I stuttered, while my heart broke into thousand of pieces. I expected that he will be confused, heartbroken or anything else in every second but nothing of these scenarios happened. He just came closer to me until our noses got in touch. I tried to look away, but my body wasn't able to move. Even my eyes were completely hypnotized by his ones. I opened my mouth to say something, but he layed his cold finger on my lips and looked at them for quite a while. "Your lips are so soft", he whispered warmly and began to smile. "R- Reon, I have to go now", I hopelessly tried to excuse myself. As an answer, he just tuck my hair behind my ear. "Now I see your face better", he smiled again, but this time there was something different. It seemed like he tried everything in his power to control himself from doing something in the near future. I started to breathe more heavily and got confused with that situation. He realized it and pressed me even more against the wall. "Since I touched you accidentally on that day, my desire increased in a level that completely took the power to control myself", he explained slowly and averted his eyes. "I don't understand anything of what you say", I admitted. "When a demon touches his love of immortality, he loses every control of himself. Especially the sexual desire", above all he empathized specifically the last sentence and looked suddenly deeply into my eyes. I couldn't believe what he just said. He never talked with me about these things. Always only acted decent and romantic in my presence. In contrast to his brother, he used his brain instead of his... I really couldn't imagine how we will fulfill the act of love. "Reon, I...-" "I hided it long enough from you. Don't compare the desire of a demon with the human's desire. It's far more powerful than you could ever imagine. No demon could resist this yearning and now I finally understood why.", he stopped me. The Reon I knew once were completely gone. His new self now were covered by craziness and lustfulness. He began to look down from my neck until he reached my breasts. I tried to hide them with my arm and looked away with my red face. The problem was not that I didn't want it. The problem was I wanted it more than anything else, but I was too shy to show my hidden desire for him. He slowly put my arms away from my breasts and began to touch them. A soft moan escaped from me and when I realized it, I put my hand on my mouth. He grinned at me and touched them now in a more hardly way. I started to feel dizzy and hot at the same time. My vagina wanted him more and more by every touching. Then he suddenly stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. "I have to do it right away. I beg your pardon", he screamed uncontrollably. Before I could questioning his sentence, he pulled his hard cock out of his black pants. I turned my head away from him. The demon's dick couldn't even be compared to the human ones. It was in a different colour and the size and thickness was more enormously. He roughly pulled me closer to him again and began to fastly undress my slip under my dress. Before I could think, he already entered my body. At first he moved slowly and started to whispering my name. But after awhile he drove himself harder into me. I couldn't hold it back anymore. I was whining with pleasure and didn't care about how hard I was pushed against the wall everytime he pulled his hard cock inside me. My vagina felt like dissolving in fire, melting. I was never so much aroused as now. My whole pleasure was only for him. I looked at his face. He still had this furious look. His red eyes glowed even more. Maybe I just imagined that, but it seemed like there was an endless fire in his red eyes that could never be dying of the light. His eyes and his cock made me like my whole body was burning. I was about to lose my consciousness, losing my mind, nearly dying. I felt how my nipples got harder and my vagina got much more wet. Reon's strong hands only were on my shoulder all the time. He just wanted to get rid of his desire, which he hided for such a long time. There was no time for touching. He only wanted to be in me for now. He only thought of that. Everytime he pushed his cock harder inside me, I realized more and more how much he wanted me in the past and how much he tried to control it. But this time, even Reon, couldn't resist the Lust of Love.
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