cortado cold brew tower

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  1. cold brew tower instructions
  2. ---
  3. - 420g Kenya or whatever light roast we have.
  4. - ground on the bunn on the black line between regular and coarse.
  5. - trace cupping cup on a bunn filter and cut it out.
  6. - rinse ceramic filter & place in coffee chamber. add coffee. add filter.
  7. - put coffee chamber in place on tower.
  8. - make sure spigot is closed. fill ice chamber with ice to 2500ml. then top up with cold water until water reaches 3000ml mark (about 1.5L).
  9. - with ~40°C water in a gooseneck kettle, wet coffee gently until no dry spots are left.
  10. - open spigot slightly. adjust so that drops are 2 seconds apart.
  11. - wait 18hrs or until done.
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