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  1. EC’s, Rares, and Ranks:
  2. Legendary Super Saiyan - 90% Saiyan, 10% Other (Part of Other being Sentient Alien Planet.)
  3. Super Slug - Created by taking in all the Evil of the Previous Slugs.
  4. Demis of LR - One faction is made up of Demonic Aliens who will one day seek to destroy anything made by Gods.  The other faction made of God Aliens demands to destroy all traces of Demonic Entities. EC’s only.
  5. King/Queen of Vegeta - Depending on which race is dominate it could go to anyone.  As of Arc 2’s end the top dogs were Tuffles with Aliens as their allies.  However, with how Saiyans love to fight and are effective at combat this might change often.  A back and forth effect.
  6. Namekian Elder - Passed down to one of the Elder’s offspring of their choosing.  The people of Namek can influence this choice.  They usually keep this position for hundreds of years.
  7. Lord of Hell - A powerful Arch Demon in control of hell.  There can be up to Four at a time, but usually only 2.  Similar to being a King/Queen.  The First one suggested to be played as an EC or by an Admin.
  8. Arch Demon - Older Demons who’ve either earned their power or were created directly from The Gods of Life and Death.  Either available as an EC or earned Rank.
  9. Gods - Created by the Gods of Life and Death.  They are ONLY available as EC’s.
  10. Supreme Kaioshin - The very first Kaio created by the Gods as well as the only Kaio having their full knowledge.  Suggested to be played by as EC or by an Admin.
  11. Kaioshin - The next ranking of Heaven and one of the older Kaios.  Can be many.  Counterpart to the Arch Demons who are not of the Lord Rank.
  12. Cardinals - North, South, East, and West Kaios help watch over the various Mortal Worlds.
  13. Pillars of Hell - The polar opposite of the Cardinals.  The Demons watch over the Mortal Worlds for their Arch Demons.  One way to prove worthy and evolve into an Arch Demon.
  14. President of Earth - Eventually voting in a Democratic Leader for Earth.  Chosen every twenty years.  Previous Presidents can run as many times as they want.  If a President becomes unworthy to stay as the leader then a vote takes place to choose another.
  15. Makyo Emperor/Empress - The Leader of the Makyos.
  16. Changeling Lord - Leader of the Changelings.
  17. Judge of Checkpoint - The High Ranked Oni that judges souls.
  18. Jury - Onis and Demis appointed by the Judge to help Judge souls when the Judge can not.  They also help the Judge make unbiased choices.
  19. Pirate King/Queen - The Leader of the Herans.
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