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Jul 12th, 2017
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  1. Bitcoin.SE is a site to collect questions and answers about cryptocurrencies. Some other projects in the space have felt that their use cases and user bases are sufficiently different to create their own sites and have successfully done so.
  3. If you want to establish a new cryptocurrency as a topic on Bitcoin.SE, I would suggest that you ask and answer a few questions about it here. Content on Bitcoin.SE is organized by tags such as ion. If we don't have a tag for it yet and you don't have enough reputation to create one yet, feel free to request one to be created by flagging for "moderator attention". Once there is a tag for your topic, you should subscribe to receive email notifications when new questions are asked about the topic. Whenever you see interesting questions about the topic that are on-topic here, feel free to post them as your own question here and answer them. You could then link them to get people here, or might get some people searching the web to find them, this may attract more activity for the tag.
  5. @murch Thanks. I guess you missunderstood me in some way. I am not looking to promote new coin. The same approach which you suggest has been done by them on bitcointalk. For me, your suggest is not different from what is currently being done on bitcointalk. I can not be sure
  7. 1. If interests of your user base cross
  8. 2. Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies could influence markets. Bitcointalk is again great example.
  10. The approach is to about very specific questions, mostly technicall with a lot of other dependencies like marketing and in general crypto adapation. Communiteis and coins discussing who clone what instead of what exactly does it it, it leads to nowhere.
  12. Beside that all, I am member on Ion is not new coin. Do you see now what the result is if influence of another community (not your from the perspective) is used in some bad agenda, then it could impact many holders and their savings.
  15. Lets rewind the history. I have been told about bitcoin project in late 2008. A lot of questions which existed in 2008 are still open. Since then, you can agree/disagree with me, but it was again bitcoin community which created all altcoins, especially because they all are based on bitcoin. Now, I do disagree with some expressions like blockchain defintion. They are wrong. And exactly such disagreements did lead mainly to ideas of changing something. Litecoin came up with a very simple change. Very soon the rest followed. And again, most was done on bitcointalk. Where it seems like the same people brought their arguments. Should I call them by name as they are publicly known people to bring them into this discussion, I will not, but hope they read this post, maybe we will get more views on my questions.
  17. Back to the idea of centralizing everything is again strraight against the whole idea of blockchain. Whoever calls himself expert, I call you now with that out. Please explain me in rhetorical way why should everything be centralized to bitcoin, no matter if we speak about stackexchange or and keep in mind the basic idea of bitcoins decentralization concepts.
  19. My only intention is to talk, not to promote anything on, not to beg people to do something because I have not enough reputation or any of other non ion related things which would cost me time for probably nothing bust most important, I would not to see what I saw on bitcointalk, full incompetence by MM and other other who run it. I honestly do not want to take such path, if users on stackexchange cant work out qustions, why should be able?
  21. @Nick ODell
  22. I really disagree on many points which you brought up. As first, disagreement is the best basis for good conversation.
  24. Before I reply to your views, I would like you to prove yourself that you are wrong in several points and that can be done if you simply reply to me questions 1-7 you mean they are on topic here. I would say that some are even not blockchain relevant.
  26. Your definition of blockchain, I would call either extremly inconsistent or simply wrong. But I would like you to reply me, if bitcoin is blockchain and ethereum is bitcoin, how is it possible that both of them exist. Do you imply that both are the same, both are definition of blockchain? If so, I would like to continue this topic, mainly by taking bitcoin's whitepaper and talking about what the main dev of bitcoin did define. Blockchain and chaining exists for much longer than bitcoin and with that your explanation is fully incomplete, I would even call it totaly wrong as it implies that such a mix of technologies including blockchain is called simply as blockchain. I would insist that you bring consensus and other definitions before you define bitcoin as simply "blockchain".
  28. Regarding you know knowing it, I agree, if you do not know it then you can't help. But speaking about ethics and your assumption that moderators and staff of of the spoken platform are to be defined as competent only if they are nice to you. This is btw something that people say about ion, just nice people. I would say, that if it is trolled on bitcoin's forum and moderators as well as users do know it, then it can't be simply true that bitcoin community was not aware of this. At the same time, speaking about you as bitcoin developer, there are plenty of coins which did not implement fix some specific attacks which bitcoin was also exposed to until they were closed. Knowing that there is a ton of coins having the same issue, you can say that if nobody calls you, you will not know about it. But you can not say that nobody knew about, we can say that nobody helped and bitcoin's community was clearly the only one unhappy of cutting off the thief.
  30. We speak currently about crime which no authorities would like to look into as they mostly do not even understand the issue or what is done where, just look at how long exchanges which clearly commit crime are still online, I point in this particular case to yobit and some europeans countries which do not feel a need at all to investigate, as this does not happen in their country.. I see suggestions to go and lose time on creating some (mostly) useless community discussion about the same that has been mostly 10 times discussed already, but no suggestions of how to adapt better crypto in this world, as that should be as well part of the same goal of everybody contributing to any projects.
  32. On hyperledger event in Amsterdam, MIT professor ignored my questions which would seriously put Hyperledger and Ethereum concepts under question. This question was ignored, 2 times. Some developer teams however understood the point I was pointing to and came to discuss about it. The same happens also with bitcoin community so many times. People claim something or simply ignore it. With that, pleae reply to 1-7 as you said it is on-topic, I say most of it has nothing to do with crypto ans with that, no, it is fully offtopic.
  34. Lets work it out how it comes to this disagreement, what do you say?
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