Kalos Crystal FAQ

May 3rd, 2019
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  1. Pokémon Kalos Crystal FAQ
  2. [Updated 9 May 2019]
  4. Q: What game is this?
  6. A: Pokémon Kalos Crystal, a ROM hack of the original Crystal Version by Azure_Keys.
  8. Q: What's a ROM hack?
  10. A: I don't know much about them myself, but it's when someone changes elements of an existing game, or assembles a variety of elements of existing game(s), to create something new. The line between a hack and a pure "fan-game" is a bit blurry sometimes, but this game falls firmly in the former camp.
  12. Q: What's different about it?
  14. A: Kalos Crystal was conceived of as a "sequel" to Azure_Keys's Pokémon Red ROM hack, "Unova Red", in which all original 151 Pokémon, and all in-game references to them, were replaced with gen 5 Pokémon. They were given contemporary-looking gen 1-esque sprites, their base stats were programmed in, and their movepools were fitted to the simpler gen 1 system. Kalos Crystal does the same thing with gen 2, except it includes all gen 5 and gen 6 pokes (hence "Kalos"--the region is still referred to as "Johto" in-game though).
  16. Q: Why would you want to speedrun it?
  18. A: It provides a unique routing challenge, as everything has to be done from scratch, but within the gen 2 system that I am familiar with. In my opinion, something like this is perfectly suited to speedrunning, since it's not likely there would ever be much interest in "gen 2 style" competitive unova/kalos pokes, and you can't trade or battle with your friends, since it's played on emulator. It's made specifically with the single-player story mode in mind.
  20. Q: What makes it different from the original Crystal?
  22. A: Besides the PokéDex, some gen 5/6 moves were added, in some cases as TMs. Fairy type was added, and though there is still no physical/special split, Dark and Ghost are swapped, so Dark is physical, Ghost is special (and Fairy is special). I think it also uses the gen 6 type chart, as I noticed Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash are weak to Dark and Ghost (so Steel doesn't resist them).
  24. Q: What Pokémon do you use?
  26. A: As you choose from the Kalos starters, I go with Fennekin, because the other two get destroyed way harder. Fennekin has problems too, but actually sweeps quite cleanly through the late-mid to late-game.
  28. Q: Why did you reset?
  30. A: As I am playing the game without RNG manipulation, I reset for good Fennekin stats. Luckily, attack doesn't matter at all (which is good, because a female would help for Whitney), but defense needs to be good to survive the first split. I also need top special to complete the game. At minimum, I want 10 DEF/12 SPA/12 SPD at L5, with 11/14/13 at L6 (14/14 would be nice).
  32. Q: What are the hardest fights?
  34. A: Whitney, Chuck, and Morty are all rough. Chuck is the worst because as far as I can tell, the best strat is to just spam Fire Punch and hope he misses DynamicPunch (which he spams, and gets 3 turns to hit). Unfortunately, Braixen can't learn Dazzlingleam until it evolves.
  36. Q: What's the world record?
  38. A: 3:46:13 by me.
  40. Q: What's your goal time?
  42. A: Approximately 3:34:xx right now, but I think eventually 3:29:xx is possible.
  44. Q: Do you have notes?
  46. A: Very messy ones here: https://pastebin.com/HcVjXVwd
  48. Q: Where can I find the game?
  50. A: Here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=416208
  52. Lots of fun, I highly recommend it!
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