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Oct 31st, 2015
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  1. Version 1.0.7 Update
  3. General:
  5. * Support for Logitech ARX Control for smartphones and tablets has been added.
  6. * The game now also supports Logitech LED Illumination.
  7. * Players can now right-click items in the inventory to sell non-favorited items.
  8. * Client players can now join a host’s game via Steam invitation while set to “invite only”.
  9. * Claptrap will no longer drop his buzzaxe when pressing the “drop weapon” key.
  10. * The Mission “Rose Tinting” is now able to be completed after saving and quitting during dialog while killing minions.
  11. * The Boss Nova assault rifle will now correctly appear as blue rarity, rather than green and its stats will receive a slight boost.
  12. * Players will no longer become permanently slowed when exiting a vehicle while under the slowing effect of a Cryovine.
  13. * A notification to inform players that they must agree to the Terms of Service and PP to access SHiFT will now appear prior to displaying them in the main menu.
  14. * DLC customizations should no longer be unlocked when certain base game customizations are unlocked.
  15. * The boss “EOS” will now have its nameplate display correctly for clients in a multiplayer game.
  16. * Objective waypoints for the side mission “EG0-TP” will now appear correctly when playing the mission in True Vault Hunter Mode and above.
  17. * The waypoint in the mission “Follow Your Heart” will now appear correctly when Janey Springs has moved back to Concordia.
  18. * The mission “Sub-Level 13” will now display the correct level transition waypoint.
  19. * The weapon aim toggle will now work correctly when using Nisha’s “One for Each of Ya” skill.
  20. * Clients will no longer see placeholder graphics when joining into a 3 or 4 player game.
  21. * A New-U station in “Veins of Helios” now has an appropriately sized ‘use’ distance.
  22. * The explosive element of Claptrap’s elemental subroutine is now capable of setting off a nova when triggered.
  23. * Player inspect menu should now provide accurate data.
  24. * Rocket launchers will no longer spawn with critical hit bonuses. Players with rocket launchers with a critical hit bonus will find that a random bonus has replaced the critical hit bonus.
  25. * Players will no longer fail the Holodome Onslaught missions and become stuck when getting too close to the New-U station.
  26. * The formerly non-functional New-U station in the map “Motherlessboard” in the Claptastic Voyage DLC will now function.
  27. * Aurelia’s “Excellent Shot, Madam” skill DoT will now do the correct amount of damage.
  28. * X-STLK-23 can now drop Eridian Vanquisher class mods for the Doppelganger and Baroness.
  29. * Frostfire weapon effects will now become inactive when switching to a different weapon.
  30. * Claptrap can now only digistruct one copy of himself when using the skill “Second Wind (by Tediore)”.
  31. * The platform and travel station to Deck 13 ½ from the final boss area will no longer be hidden when the mission “System Shutdown” is ready to be Turned In.
  32. * Moxxi’s toy chest can now only be opened once.
  33. * Aurelia’s “Excellent Shot, Madam” skill will no longer be triggered when the player is inside a vehicle.
  34. * Inventory cards with long titles will now display the second line of the title in all languages.
  35. * Oz Kits will now show comparison arrows on their item cards if the element types do not match.
  36. * The Fragnum 88’s critical hit bonus will now be applied correctly.
  37. * Clients playing as Nisha will no longer keep a copy of a dropped pistol in their left hand when using the “One for Each of Ya” skill.
  38. * Players can now receive loyalty rewards for DLC characters.
  39. * Athena players will no longer receive a message and experience when using the “Clear!” skill on a co-op partner who has already bled out in “Fight for Your Life” mode.
  40. * Waypoints will no longer be displayed on a disabled level transition in Tycho’s Ribs.
  41. * Purple rarity rocket launchers will now use the appropriate material.
  42. * The waypoint for the objective “Find last colleague” in the mission “Science and Violence” will now display correctly after saving and quitting during the mission.
  43. * Nisha’s left-hand weapon will no longer fire when aiming down the sight.
  44. * Both guns should now always be present when dual wielding as Nisha.
  45. * There will no longer be waypoints on a travel station from Concordia to Crisis Scar before it is accessible.
  46. * The waypoint for the mission “Find Pickle” will now display correctly.
  47. * The Bosun will now have higher shield regeneration, particularly in True Vault Hunter Mode.
  48. * Players now have an option to turn off the Oxygen V/O Warning Messages through the pause menu during gameplay. Client players on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 may have to restart the game after changing the option for the change to take effect.
  49. * Moonstones will no longer be refunded to the player after buying a Moxxtail from Moxxi’s Bar in Concordia and then looting another moonstone drop.
  50. * The V/O for starting the mission “Quarantine: Infestation” will now more reliably play when accepting the mission.
  51. * V/O will now play correctly regardless of the order in which the books are picked up in the mission “Voice Over”.
  52. * The “damage resist” effect will now display correctly when playing in non-English languages.
  53. * The “Data Scrubber” grenade mod will now use a more appropriate material.
  54. * The “Meganade” grenade mod will now use a more appropriate material.
  55. * The “Shield of Ages” will now use a more appropriate material.
  56. * The “Rerouter” shield will now use a more appropriate material.
  57. * Juggernaut Oz Kits will now use a more appropriate material.
  58. * Disrepair and Self-Loathing will no longer get into an infinite teleporting loop.
  59. * Aurelia now has a callout for when her oxygen is low.
  60. * The turrets in the mission “Rose Tinting” will now spawn at the appropriate time.
  61. * Credits now include composition sections.
  62. * The Fast Travel station at the entrance of Outlands Spur now activates when the player enters the map.
  63. * Aurelia’s “Save the Queen” skill now has appropriate status effect damage.
  64. * Various stability improvements.
  67. Permanent Hot-Fixes:
  69. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix a progression blocker that occurred when saving and quitting before uploading the H-Source during the mission “System Shutdown” in Deck 13 ½.
  70. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix kickoff dialog not playing for "Eradicate!".
  71. * Permanent Hot-Fix to prevent Belly from being killed when Red dies.
  72. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix Cult of the Vault Symbol not displaying correctly for clients in Concordia.
  73. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix Cult of the Vault Symbols not displaying correctly for clients in Crisis Scar.
  74. * Permanent Hot-Fix to add footstep audio to Janey in Serenity's Waste.
  75. * Permanent Hot-Fix to change collision on some scav components to prevent erratic ragdolling.
  76. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to set emitters to replicate on DAHL teleport spawn styles.
  77. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent the grinder from becoming non-functional if it is used immediately after closing it.
  78. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent the trash compactor from having its kill target changed.
  79. * Permanent Hot-Fix to adjust the location of the socket used by "Compound Interest" on Shuggurath enemies.
  80. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent DAHL combat training missions from being marked as plot missions.
  81. * Permanent Hot-Fix to prevent Roland from emoting while running during "Home Sweet Home".
  82. * Permanent Hot-Fix to ensure that mission critical Kraggons spawn during "Lost Legion Invasion".
  83. * Permanent Hot-Fix particle effect optimization.
  84. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to fix mission dependency on Lunar Lunching Station fast travel station.
  85. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to fix Cult of the Vault symbols not displaying correctly for clients.
  86. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent portrait from displaying for Customs Trap when non-ECHO dialog plays.
  87. * Permanent Hot-Fix to ensure "Space Slam"’ rocket launcher reward is always available.
  88. * Permanent Hot-Fix to apply performance optimization for a particle used by the Storm Front grenade.
  89. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix ECHO log Merciless Killing Machine Part 4 dialog not playing as an ECHO.
  90. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix clients not seeing the shipping container after failing "To The Moon".
  91. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix Hyperventilator Ozkits showing incorrect comparison arrows.
  92. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to fix Vladof sniper rifles reload sound not being attenuated.
  93. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix the UI rotation of the Lawbringer's Chronicler of Elpis class mod.
  94. * Permanent Hot-Fix to fix skill Bottled Courage so that it works correctly with class mods that modify consumption rate.
  95. * Permanent Hot-Fix to prevent Epicenter skill from throwing around boss Kraggons.
  96. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent Athena skills from ceasing to function after entering and then exiting a vehicle.
  97. * Permanent Hot-Fixes to prevent client Jacks from being refunded more than 100% of cooldown duration when recalling Expendable Assets.
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