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  1. Leftover Crack - Rock The 40oz
  2. Rock the 40oz
  3. Rock the 40oz
  4. Shoot the kids at school
  5. All in a bloody pool
  6. I'll show the teachers, too
  7. 'Cause they can't tell me what to do
  9. Kinslayer - Nightwish
  10. Time to die poor mates
  11. Fifteen candles
  12. Redeemers of this world
  13. Dwell in hypocrisy:
  14. "How were we supposed to know?"
  15. Four pink ones
  16. Nine blue ones
  17. Two black ones
  19. KMFDM - Me & My Gun
  20. Now listen up kid, It ain't cool to shoot up your school
  22. Michale Graves - Nobody Thinks About Me
  23. Good morning columbine I'll get to my agenda
  24. I'm too tired and it's too late
  25. To have this conversation Zone into destruction
  26. The whole world ignores me
  27. So I'll stand nor wait
  28. I'm born of all your hate 'Cause in the hallways..
  29. Nobody thinks about me
  31. Ressurrector - Columbine Killing Machine
  32. Kill em all leave no survivors
  33. Your an expert to your boss and rivals
  34. They run fast but you run faster
  35. Listen to the words now serve your master
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